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  1. Monday's arrivals. I'm really liking these Richard Powers covers. And another Phantom!
  2. Valar Dohaeris https://www.comicconnect.com/item/888997
  3. What a sweet set of digests that is!! My first Quarter Book was Leg Art Virgin and I was just looking at my copy the other day. Still holds up. But Tempted is my favorite of that bunch!
  4. Mr. Evans is a strong conversationalist. I agree with your choice. Eerie 23 in high grade is tough but that Haunted Thrills is one of those books you may not see again for a long time.
  5. I have a buddy who's a mail carrier and he says it's a complete joke what's happening internally. None of the reorg changes make any sense given the current volume and his view was "if you were trying to gum up the works, I can't imagine a more effective way to do it". Posted this in the paperback thread in the Gold forum but I'll say it again here. I ordered a book for my brother who lives in LA. It was sent out from Culver City (approximately 5 miles from my brother's place) and I even paid extra for overnight delivery. It took 8 days to finally get there last week. Unbelievable.
  6. It already has. Anything you do to it from here is going the other way. I've owned many of the Raboy Masters and I can tell you that if I was interested in this one, I would pay more for it now, in it's current state, than I would after you get done putting it through the ringer. Once you've smashed it and whatever else you have in mind, I would pay considerably less, if I would pay anything at all. I don't like books that have been messed with. And I'm far from alone in this. I'm telling you, actual experienced collectors buy the book, not the label. Last, this isn't that rare of a book. If you're patient and resourceful, you can find a legitimate 6.0 or whatever grade you have in mind. It may take you a year or so, but it will be much better to invest your money into the upgrade rather than paying others to tinker with this copy.
  7. If you're planning on selling it right away, then maybe. But I'm not a fan at all of scraping covers and leaving white scars where there was color touch. Otherwise, if you're going to keep it, why mess with it?
  8. I absolutely would do nothing to this book. I don't know why you'd want to shake the dice on popping a staple or centerfold just to raise the grade to maybe, maybe a 4.5. It's a great book. Not everything should be smashed.
  9. This topic can't be discussed here on the boards. And yes, it's a train wreck. I had a book sent from Culver City, CA to my brother in LA. It had to travel a massive 5 miles and I paid for overnight delivery. It took 8 days to get there...
  10. Agreed. I'm always amazed at the number of people that have never had another person in their sites with a gun (let alone actually pulled the trigger), who bandy about their Dirty Harry fantasies saying "I would've been like Arnold, Sly Stallone, and Chuck Norris all rolled up in one if this happened to me." In reality, they have no idea how they actually would have acted but sure, keep on living the fantasy. The truth is, there are very few legitimate reasons for taking another person's life. And a few comic books aren't one of them.
  11. Another week, another trip to the Haven of Dreams... The first bunch, I'm calling "3 Rainbows, a Carnival, and a Croydon! The Croydon is new to me and very sweet for obvious reasons! Next is a nice pretty copy of an Ace D-series with a provocative title: And last, a couple of sweet, sweet Avons for which I have a very soft spot! And that's it. Thanks for looking!
  12. Nice rediscoveries, SA! As I get older, that seems to happen to me more often. I've found stacks of comics in closets that I completely forgot about. More than once... I got a small sampling of fun in today. First is a couple of Maguire covers with a similar theme. Next a couple of Avons. With this version of House of Fury, there's only one left that I don't have. It's going to cost an arm and a leg but hopefully soon... And last, a very sharp copy of a Belarski Pop Library. Great stuff all around!
  13. I've always enjoyed Voltaire! He was a fierce critic of the church and supposedly, on his death bed, when asked by a priest if he would renounce Satan before he died, Voltaire replied "This is no time to be making enemies."
  14. Beautiful books! I've always thought this last part was the greatest determining factor in page preservation. The quality of newsprint varied so much depending on time period, particular mill, and methods of production. I have hardcover books from the 1880s that the interior pages look fresh and new. And I have others from the 1920s that look browned and borderline fragile.
  15. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you look at the cover artwork and the amazing quality of Warrens (and other magazines), these books are so undervalued compared to other silver and bronze age books. Grab 'em now while they're relatively cheap. The Frazetta covers in particular are due.
  16. And it's Saturday. The first few showed up in the mail. All classics in my opinion. However, the rest all came from the Man from D.R.E.A.M.H.A.V.E.N. A bunch of digests including another Phantom. Man those things are tough! And I'm officially in the throws of an addiction to Ace Doubles so these had to come home with me. And last, a sweet pair of additions to the collection in the form of the classic Avon and my first Harlequin! What a week! I'm officially out of storage for these and need to slow down until I get some semblance of order established.
  17. I'm impressed with how hard this scam is getting pushed on the boards. I don't know why people assume the board members are all rubes when we know more about graded assets than most. It's starting to feel like an Amway pitch...
  18. No, there are a thousand people that each want 1700 copies of Spawn 1. And then telling everyone else that it's valuable and rare.
  19. TGIF, Gentlepeople! Today is pretty light for arrivals but still pretty fun. A very minty Dell western showed itself to me and I grabbed just because it's so nice! And then, a lusty blonde appeared in the form of Peggy Gaddis' Temptation, a Venus book classic with a George Gross cover. Enjoy!
  20. Recent acquisition (cross posted from the paperback thread)