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  1. Looks 6.5-7.0 as is, definitely look into pressing it. Great find!
  2. Issues 2-5 feature some very early Grant Morrison work as well, I believe his first published mainstream work. It's a Gideon Stargrave series which also ties in with The Invisibles. Been looking for higher grade copies, I'll grab nice looking copies when I see them available.
  3. Looking for this book to replace a copy I had that was lost/stolen in a move. Mostly interested in the regular cover, but if you have a copy of the variant I may be interested in upgrading from my 9.6 SS as well. Signed by Kubert is a plus but not necessary. Also interested in high grade newsstand copies. PM to discuss pricing please, willing to pay a very fair price for the right copy. Thanks!
  4. I've been thinking a lot about this lately because prices keep getting crazier, much like the housing market. I would add disposable income from not going to restaurants/bars/vacations is burning holes in pockets and inflating prices as well. Probably falls under the covid money umbrella. I'm heading to Buckeye ComicCon in Columbus, OH this weekend for my first show in over a year and am very interested to see attendance numbers, dealer prices, etc.