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  1. Nothing too crazy, just some books I'm planning to have signed by Morrison and stuff. Yeah still in Ohio unfortunately and I do have the IH181, really glad I got that when I did all these older keys are getting out of hand price wise
  2. Haha, took a little time off and been creeping making some PM purchases
  3. So I just called and spoke with a customer service rep who checked with a grader and said they do grade them, as long as they will fit in a holder... He said the largest dimension holder is 12.93 top to bottom and 8.18 wide. He said the thickness, but I'm at work and didn't have a pen to write it down. I don't think the thickness will be an issue though as these are thinner than magazines. Now I just have to get out the old measuring tape and double check, unless someone know the dimensions for the DC advance readers
  4. That was my main concern other than the size. The one I have is for The Invisibles 1, which is pretty much the same size as Love and Rockets 1 (which can be graded), and all the DC ones shown above. It would be difficult to prove authenticity I think. Obviously they have copyright/trademarks on them, but other than that nothing that couldn't be replicated. I've also never seen one in a slab, but I'm by no means an expert on the topic.
  5. Does anyone know if CGC will grade these? I have one I'm thinking about getting signed/graded but don't want to send it off before knowing.
  6. Looking for the books in the title. There is only 1 graded 9.8 on the census of each, would purchase those if they're available but while that is unlikely I'm looking for a potential 9.8 to sub. PM me if you have one to sell. Thanks!!
  7. Giovanni is very easy to deal with, fantastic communication and quick payment. Great buyer, I would not hesitate to sell to again and neither should you!!
  8. Well played with the pressing, congrats!!!
  9. I have a raw 33 2nd print, have to check on grade and get you scans if interested. PM me if interested.
  10. Thanks for the feedback everyone, might go ahead and press/clean sub and see what happens. I appreciate the help
  11. Thanks for the feedback everyone, I purchased it as a VG and thought it looked a bit better than that.
  12. Same as my other thread, just looking to get a little feedback about the grade. Thinking about a press/clean and subbing. Thanks!!
  13. I have a copy of Swamp Thing 1 I bought a couple years ago, looking to get feedback on the grade. The cover staining on the front and back cover only goes to the first page, front and back, not the whole book. Also, wondering if a press and clean would be worth it. Scans/pics attached. Thanks