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  1. Sold a large book to Chris through the boards, very responsive and he sent immediate payment once the terms were agreed upon. Nice guy to boot! Sell to Chris with confidence. Alex
  2. Hello everybody, What's For Sale: Recently bought a Copper/Modern collection containing multiples of many keys/semi-keys, and have ended up with a surplus of ASM #365's, hence the reason I'm offering them in bulk. These are going to be 9.0-9.4 copies, and I will post some scans that are representative of the books you will receive. Please note, I don't think any of these will hit 9.8, so don't buy with that intention in mind, I don't want you to be disappointed. However, they are solid NM copies and might be nice to have for your next show. As stated in the title, I will be selling in sets of five for $50, plus USPS Priority Shipping ($10 US/$30 Canada/$50 Worldwide for unlimited number of sets). Books will be sent out 1 business day after payment. I have enough for at least 5 sets to start, but probably have more depending on interest. I will keep this thread open until 5PM EST 02/25/19. Rules: -No HoS -PayPal is fine, if you would like to pay another way PM me and I can probably make it work -Payment due two days after the close of the thread (payment before then is of course acceptable) -14 day return available from date of receipt of the books if you don't like them for whatever reason Alright, that should be it! Scans representative of books incoming.
  3. Thanks for coming by to see us, I’m glad we could make it happen and that picture is awesome haha! Thanks to everyone else who bought, sold, or traded books with us this year, or just stopped by to say hi, we had a great time. Always a fun start to the new year!
  4. Can't wait! Easily one of my favorite parts of the Rosemont show, looking forward to seeing everyone on the courts.
  5. Love my job, honestly couldn't think of a better one if I tried! Lol, now Bob, I'm the one running all the shows that fall during the colder months!
  6. 27, but happy I look that young to some haha! And to reiterate my report, I said that I believed the book was leveling off rather than continuing its meteoric rise, while other books (I called out FF #1 in particular) have skyrocketed since the time of writing in December. I think this has been borne out over the past 6 months, but it's all really just a "best guess" in any case. The market is more powerful than any one indicator, so we're all going off of imperfect knowledge, but all the market reports do foster good discussion, and that's what it's really about!
  7. Great board member! Derek contacted me through the boards about a 4-figure book on our website, and was very easy to deal with. Once everything was agreed upon, Derek sent immediate payment. Thanks again!
  8. Austin and I had a solid show there, we had good sales from high end slabs to low end raw books, and we also bought a large Silver collection, so it was definitely a good show all around. I talked with Dale and Bob who seemed pretty happy with their sales for the weekend as well. It seems like Wizard definitely listened to dealer feedback from last year, as the show only went until 9 Friday night, and though they did have a main stage, the speakers were facing away from all of the actual booths so it didn't impact sales. We will definitely be back next year.
  9. The Cap on our site is a 3.5, just for the sake of accuracy haha.
  10. Hey all, As it stays hot outside, Reece's Rare Comics wants to help you relax in the AC with some deals on some raw comic book material! To that end, from 5 PM ET today (8/7), running through 11:59 PM ET Friday night (8/11), we are offering 25% off and free shipping on ALL of our raw book inventory listed on eBay. We have 2300+ raw listings on eBay, from Amazing Spider-Man to X-Men, Good to Near Mint, so there should be something for everybody. We have plenty of run fillers, but also plenty of great deals on key issues as well (we have an IM 55 (x2), GL 76, ASM 5, FF 48/49 to name a few). No raw comic book is off limits. We run exactly TWO sales per calendar year, and with the other one months away, this is a great chance for us to make room for new material, and for you to get some great reading material to enjoy in the great indoors! Here is the link to the sale: *Please Note* This sale applies only to our raw book selection on eBay, and as such we cannot honor this pricing through our website/Amazon. Use those eBay bucks you've been saving up! Contact me, Greg, or Austin with any questions! Best, Alex Reece 240-367-3662
  11. We definitely appreciate the support Jim! I know Dave and Adam's promoted the show well, and they did have some bodies through the door on Saturday (a lot of people were saying they had to wait in line as opposed to last year), but all in all it just wasn't much of a collecting crowd. It definitely happens as smaller shows are being built up, so whether or not they get more comic dealers in the room over the next 3-4 years is going to be telling for what direction the show is going to ultimately head. I could see it potentially becoming a good comic show, or another in a long line of pop culture shows. But we were definitely happy to meet some new customers and sell a couple of books, thanks to everyone who stopped in to hang out with us over the weekend! Alex
  12. Not even close, but I'll make sure to give you a repeat performance Looking forward to it as always.
  13. Hi all, Alex Reece from GRRC here. As noted in our previous e-mail, we secured the rights to all of Frank Miller’s DK III personal file copies. You can pre-order DK III (Frank Miller file copies denoted as such by CGC on the label) guaranteed CGC 9.8's quad signed for $550 each so long as they are paid in full by February 13th. Price will be $700 on February 14th. We are offering free shipping as a part of this promotion. The only books that will not be part of this promotion are sketches (TBD), Dark Knight III Regular Edition ($750), 1:100 Miller variants($1,000) and 1:500 Lee variants($1,500) variants. We are entering one ticket per book purchased into a raffle for a Frank Miller original sketch to be drawn on 2/15/16. Many of the books will only have 2-3 9.8's (some may have none), but we will create a list and it will be prioritized 1st come,1st served in order of payment received. In the event the book(s) you pre-ordered isn't available, you'd either get a full refund or another book on your list (assuming you listed 2nd/3rd/4th etc. choices) We will have these books, graded and in our possession by February 25th. Here’s a list of the variants available (there may be a few more to come. We are still awaiting final counts from CGC). Please email either or with any questions/pre-orders. Link to view covers: AOD Collectables Edition Beyond Comics Edition Beyond Comics Sketch Edition Borderlands/SC Sketch Edition Bulletproof Comics Edition Bulletproof Comics Sketch Edit Edition Campbell Sketch Cover Campbell Variant Cover Cards, Comics & Collectibles B Version Cards, Comics & Collectibles E Version CBLDF Edition Chiang Variant Cover ComicXposure Edition Comicon Box Edition Comicon Box Sketch Edition Comic Pop Collectibles Edition Comic Pop Sketch Edition Convention Edition DCBS Edition Disposable Heroes Comics Edition Dragon's Lair Edition Dragon's Lair Sketch Edition Dynamic Forces Edition Dynamic Forces Timm Edition Edition B&W Edition Fried Pie Edition Fried Pie Sketch Edition Gibbons Variant Cover Graham Crackers Comics Edition Graham Crackers Sketch Edition Heroes & Fantasies Edition Hastings Edition Hastings Sketch Edition Heroes Edition Heroes Sketch Edition Hypno Comics Edition Hypno Comics Sketch Edition Instock Trades Edition Janson Variant Cover Jock Sketch Cover Lange's Sports Edition Lange's Sports Sketch Edition Legacy Edition Legacy Sketch Edition Local Comic Shop Day Edition Lone Star Comics Edition M&M Comics Edition M&M Comics Sketch Edition Madness Comics Sketch Edition Midtown Comics Edition Midtown Comics Sketch Edition Midtown Murphy Edition Midtown Silvestri Edition Newbury Comics Edition Newbury Comics Sketch Edition Past Present Future Comics Edition Past Present Future Sketch Edition Phantom Sketch Cover Phantom Variant Cover Pop Culture Company Edition Previews UK Edition Rebel Base Comics Edition Silver Snail Edition Risso Variant Cover Scott's Collectables Edition Ssalefish Comics Edition Ssalefish Sketch Edition Tate's Comics Edition Tate's Comics Sketch Edition Third Eye Comics Edition Third Eye Comics Sketch Edition Thompson Convention Edition Thompson Variant Cover Vault Collectibles Edition Vault Collectibles Sketch Edit Yancy Street Comics Edition Yesteryear Comics Edition Yesteryear Comics Sketch Edition Zapp! Comics Edition Zapp! Comics Sketch Edition We have also listed 100 slabs to the site in the last few days. Please click here to view them all: