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  1. Bump for the last day of the sale, all orders placed before 11:59 PM EST qualify for the discounts listed above.
  2. In case you are not on our email list, please check out our Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale going on at Reece's Rare Comics! The email is copied in full below, and if you are not on our email list please consider signing up so you don't miss future updates! Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sale Happy Thanksgiving to all! As we gear up for our 4th annual Black Friday sale, we first want you take time on Thursday to enjoy friends, family, food, and some rest. But come Friday morning, we hope you are able to make some time to visit our website as we begin our annual sale! We have added nearly 1,000 new books since returning home from our last show in Baltimore this past October including many key graded books and new raw collections. Please take some time to peruse our Recently Added books as well as our different categories via the "View By" dropdown on our main menu. If you still don't find something you're looking for, our Advanced Search will help find the right book for you. Beginning on Friday, November 29th at 9:30 a.m. EST and lasting through Monday, December 2nd at 11:59 p.m. EST we will be offering these discounts exclusively on our website- : 10% off list pricing of ALL CGC or CBCS graded books 30% off list pricing of ALL raw books FREE USPS priority shipping anywhere in the U.S. with purchase of $250 or more after coupon is applied FREE USPS international priority shipping worldwide with purchase of $500 or more after coupon is applied Due to the nature of our website, we can not currently accept more than one coupon code, so we ask that they are used on the appropriate orders. If any order has the wrong coupon code applied, there will be a delay in getting your order processed. Upon checkout of graded books, please use coupon code: SLAB10 Upon checkout of raw books, please use coupon code: RAW30 If you wish to checkout with both raw books and graded books, please separate them into two distinct orders and we will refund your shipping cost if you meet the requirements. *Please note that PayPal has recently changed their refund policy so that they do not credit us the original sellers fees. Due to this, if there is a mistake unrelated to Reece's Rare Comics, we will be refunding 97% of the refund total. If the mistake is on the part of Reece's Rare Comics, 100% of the refund will be given. To ensure that this doesn't happen, please follow the steps provided above. Please also note, no time payments are available on this sale and coupons are for list price only. We also ask for your patience as we ship orders out. While we will be working diligently over the weekend to process orders, it may take us 2-3 days longer than our normal turnaround time to ship all orders out. With the rules out of the way, we are excited to say that we did not hold back a single book for the sale meaning every book is eligible for the discount including all of the books on our featured page. We hope you all enjoy your weekend and find some books that have been on your lists. If you are new to our website, know that this is the one sale we have a year. If you have any questions throughout the weekend, please contact Austin or Alex as we will be working diligently to make sure every order goes smoothly. Happy Holidays! Austin: 240-405-2751 / Alex: 240-367-3662 / Greg + Ginger
  3. Alain sent immediate payment of the agreed upon price, have no fear when dealing with him. Flawless transaction. Alex
  4. Reed definitely did a good job bumping up attendance for the show this year. I was very happy with all the interactions I had with attendees, whether they were buying or selling. It certainly has room to grow, but with another year of promotion and, as my brother mentioned, being off the same weekend as Wizard Chicago, I think it can be a very good show in 2020. Most dealers were saying the same thing, pretty much that while the show wasn't a record breaker, it was much better than 2018 across the board. Thanks again to all who came to buy, sell, or just meet me and my wife! See you all at the next one. Alex
  5. George purchased a large lot of ASM's from me, paid promptly, and let me know when they arrived safely. Awesome boardie, a pleasure to do business with! Alex
  6. Sorry to miss it. Have a blast guys, and let's keep the no injury streak going, even if it's only been one year!
  7. Sold a large book to Chris through the boards, very responsive and he sent immediate payment once the terms were agreed upon. Nice guy to boot! Sell to Chris with confidence. Alex
  8. Hello everybody, What's For Sale: Recently bought a Copper/Modern collection containing multiples of many keys/semi-keys, and have ended up with a surplus of ASM #365's, hence the reason I'm offering them in bulk. These are going to be 9.0-9.4 copies, and I will post some scans that are representative of the books you will receive. Please note, I don't think any of these will hit 9.8, so don't buy with that intention in mind, I don't want you to be disappointed. However, they are solid NM copies and might be nice to have for your next show. As stated in the title, I will be selling in sets of five for $50, plus USPS Priority Shipping ($10 US/$30 Canada/$50 Worldwide for unlimited number of sets). Books will be sent out 1 business day after payment. I have enough for at least 5 sets to start, but probably have more depending on interest. I will keep this thread open until 5PM EST 02/25/19. Rules: -No HoS -PayPal is fine, if you would like to pay another way PM me and I can probably make it work -Payment due two days after the close of the thread (payment before then is of course acceptable) -14 day return available from date of receipt of the books if you don't like them for whatever reason Alright, that should be it! Scans representative of books incoming.
  9. Thanks for coming by to see us, I’m glad we could make it happen and that picture is awesome haha! Thanks to everyone else who bought, sold, or traded books with us this year, or just stopped by to say hi, we had a great time. Always a fun start to the new year!
  10. Can't wait! Easily one of my favorite parts of the Rosemont show, looking forward to seeing everyone on the courts.
  11. Love my job, honestly couldn't think of a better one if I tried! Lol, now Bob, I'm the one running all the shows that fall during the colder months!