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  1. Wow, the centering on this thing is unreal! Great looking book Mike! Good luck with the sale!
  2. Tough book and one you never see! Great book Ryan. Good luck with finding it a new home!
  3. So much amazingness to keep us all chomping at the bit. Exciting books!
  4. 1st off sorry if this has been talked about before....I have no doubt it has. But I was wondering if these have any real value. I don't really see or have seen them sold. And secondly, has anyone considered trying to de-slab a green 9.8 and reattach one? Or is that taboo talk and how dare I even bring it up? Thanks ya'll, Andrew
  5. Looking for a copy of Plastic Man #33 (quality comics). Hit me up if you have what I seek. Best, Andrew