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  1. Power Comicon Bringing all the very best in comics and collectibles to the Florence area! We will have comic artists, writers, and great comic related guests! GUEST UPDATE!!! Frank Brunner, Gregbo Watson, Jamie Biggs, Chuck Brown, Donnie Osborne, Andy Smith, Chris McJunkin, Buddy Prince, Ernie Suggs, Little Spider Creations, Gwendolyn Tennille, Lyle Pollard, Karl Moline, Alex Smith, Alex Smith, Kevin Sharpe, Loren Bobbitt, Deanna Anderson, "Papa" Stro Maestro, Chris "Cabbie" Bradberry, Matt “Splatter Geek” Brooks, Alterna Comics, and MORE!!! There will be a plethora of comics, toys, costume apparel, and all sorts of pop culture memorabilia. Also, there will be a costume contest for all you cosplayers out there. 1951 Pisgah Rd, Florence, South Carolina 29501, United States (843) 347-3477