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  1. Crazy to see how low this show has fallen. Remember the really good lineups back in the day? I remember the artist lineup with tons of Batman artists in 2013. Now, this show is kinda sad. And I guarantee you I am not the only one that feels this way. Many of the old fans of this show really regret what happened to this shows since Fan Expo. The summer one is good, yeah, but February and October used to be really good too and now are a half-assed afterthought. Oh well, I don't con anymore due to what the industry has become so I guess I'm happy I got to live the years of Ben and Mark. I'll be at the F1 next weekend.
  2. CGC SS Richard Dreyfuss from 2014 signed MAD cover JAWS 5.0 I have it for $250. I can let it go for $200 here.
  3. Spoiler alert: They won't be able to handle him.
  4. have my MAD $180 SS 5.0 signed by Richard Dreyfuss. 3 on the census, this is the middle child. I can do $550 to avoid eBay fees and the shipping is on me. The 4.5 sold for $500 on eBay. Also posted this on a FB slabbed comics group.
  6. Isn't it owned by Informa? How are we both sure that they can't pull the trigger on a show like Wizard does with some of the ones they have bought? As for Fan Expo owning Dallas, what have they done? The only show that benefitted from that is the "big" show, which is the smallest big show I have ever been to, not that is a bad show because I did like it last year, but it's not huge at all. Can confirm Alamo and CP are bigger. Fan Expo promised in 2014 that Dallas was going to be a destination event. Not sure there since Dallas lost its #1 spot two years ago and Alamo is now the biggest show in the state. October used to be incredible. 2012 and 2013 were both better than May 2012-2013, and now October is like the show no one goes to. Same artist lists with maybe 4-5 different guys. It's fair to say those numbers are also down as almost everyone I know that went to last year (as attendees and maybe 2-3 vendors) said the show was down from 2015. Also, whoever runs their social media sucks (I guess it's still brandie?). I don't post on their FB wall because I feel it's a waste of time, but some guy really just asked if there were more names coming because he felt worried about the show or something like that and his post was deleted for no reason.
  7. Not blaming anyone, just Fan Expo. Those guys seem to not care about Dallas and just focus on Orlando since that's their US gold mine.
  8. I know you're being sarcastic because you see my post as impatience over the guest announcements. In reality I am much less concerned with the guest list per se than I am with how FE is going to attract the congoers they need to attract to make this a successful comic show with two fewer months to do it. The vendors that do your show need buyers to show up, including the comic vendors. If you don't accomplish this you'll see your comic vendors spend booth fees elsewhere. FE may be perfectly happy to sell those booths to skin care vendors or local insurance agents, but it isn't going to help your shows attract buyers who spend serious money with vendors. I know none of this is your fault specifically, but for comic vendors I know and spoke to 2016 was a down year for sales. If that trend is not reversed in 2017, and this radical date change has me worried, then I suspect a lot of folks will find something else to do in 2018. That would be a shame, as I look forward to this show. I heard 2016 was down and they need 7% growth every year to keep the financial backing. With the way they do the announcements, no mess their numbers go down. What happened to the Dallas I used to know...
  9. Maybe they will do that horror show they did last year in october? I know they did one in January but no clue on how well it did, but now we have no big show in Texas in October, considering the October Fan Days show keeps getting lower numbers every year.
  10. I heard he is doing another show in Texas this year anyway
  11. Terrible date imho. Texas Frightmare a month before, Comicpalooza 2 weeks I'm glad Fan Expo Dallas moved out to March. They moved it because they wanted the whole convention center so they better fill it up or something.
  12. Con was a financial fiasco...anyone actually surprised? I called it since July.
  13. I hope combining the two events was a good idea, but so far it's a for me. Ian and Paul have done Dallas for years as part of the Creation show, and this is like the 5th time John Barrowman will be here. Last year was good and I know this is just the beginning but I sure hope to see new names and not the same old mess.