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  1. I would advise against it, but I'm biased since I personally only collect comics with autographs by the people who worked on that particular title.
  2. This topic is kind of a double edged sword. Buyers tend to benefit when bidding on books starting at $0.99 because they usually end up selling for well below GPA due to a lack of bidders and/or knowledge buyers. As a seller, you want at least GPA, so starting at $0.99 won’t benefit the seller. However, I’ve also noticed that no matter what price I list my comics at for BIN, potential buyers ALWAYS message me with an “offer.” Even when “send an offer” isn’t an option. Some offers are laughable (50% or more off BIN/way below GPA), while others are within reason. Ebay has become
  3. Fake. I’ve owned hundreds of CGC witnessed Stan Lee sigs (most of which he signed right in front of me) and this one doesn’t match. It looks like one of the cheap forgeries Turtlegirl is churning out on a weekly basis on $1 bin books. Even with Stan Lee’s inconsistencies this one has obvious issues.
  4. Was Brent Anderson still signing at comic cons prior to COVID? I'm looking to get a couple books signed by him but hadn't seen his name on the comic con circuit in recent years.
  5. Millie the Model #107 (March 1962) is the first appearance of a Marvel Bullpen creator (Jack Kirby) appearing as a comic book character after they changed from Atlas to Marvel Comics (June 1961).
  6. 101 by Stan Lee. At the height of my collection I had 203 Stan Lee SS CGC books. I met Stan about a dozen times and got every first appearance/key book from the early 1960s signed by him. I sold half of them over the years as I started to consolidate my collection.
  7. Joe Quesada Scott Lobdell Mike Friedrich Mike Ploog John Byrne Barry Windsor-Smith Paul Smith Brent Anderson
  8. Very interesting. I haven't heard this before, so it was a fun read! Personally, I would never buy a book signed by someone who is not credited on the CGC label. My GSXM1 is signed by Len Wein and my XM94 is signed by Len Wein, Chris Claremont & Bob McLeod.
  9. Great find and I hope David agrees to sign for CGC in the future!
  10. Just because someone selling on EBay has nearly 100% positive rating doesn’t mean they’re genuine signatures. Case in point: Tonfulle84. A known con artist who produces an unlimited supply of signatures on dollar bin books with 100% positive rating because the people buying don’t know any better. This may or may not align with the signatures you found, but why risk it when there are THOUSANDS of genuine verified Stan Lee autographs in CGC SS cases?
  11. I have met Stan Lee a dozen times and had a lot of books signed by him in person and the signatures you posted look fake to me. CGC Yellow label signatures were witnessed and are always genuine. I’ve seen countless people buy fake Stan Lee autographs online because they’re trying to “save money.” Keep in mind that Stan Lee was charging about $150 per autograph in his later years, so anyone wanting to sell his autograph for $25, for example, is guaranteed to be fake.
  12. That IH3 is my former copy. It used to be a 6.0, but looks like someone pressed it and it’s now a 7.5. I sold it along with my other 1-6 Hulk CGC SS books 2 years ago so that’s cool that it ended up with another collector who had the same goal!
  13. Is Erik Larsen even attending Comic Cons this year? I haven’t seen his name on any guest lists.