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  1. Just because someone selling on EBay has nearly 100% positive rating doesn’t mean they’re genuine signatures. Case in point: Tonfulle84. A known con artist who produces an unlimited supply of signatures on dollar bin books with 100% positive rating because the people buying don’t know any better. This may or may not align with the signatures you found, but why risk it when there are THOUSANDS of genuine verified Stan Lee autographs in CGC SS cases?
  2. I have met Stan Lee a dozen times and had a lot of books signed by him in person and the signatures you posted look fake to me. CGC Yellow label signatures were witnessed and are always genuine. I’ve seen countless people buy fake Stan Lee autographs online because they’re trying to “save money.” Keep in mind that Stan Lee was charging about $150 per autograph in his later years, so anyone wanting to sell his autograph for $25, for example, is guaranteed to be fake.
  3. That IH3 is my former copy. It used to be a 6.0, but looks like someone pressed it and it’s now a 7.5. I sold it along with my other 1-6 Hulk CGC SS books 2 years ago so that’s cool that it ended up with another collector who had the same goal!
  4. Is Erik Larsen even attending Comic Cons this year? I haven’t seen his name on any guest lists.
  5. That’s an obvious fake.
  6. NY Comics hasn’t updated their website in almost a year. Has anyone been able to reach them regarding a Terry Austin signature opportunity?
  7. Ugh.... the good news is at least all of the new listings don’t have “CGC it” in the title anymore. Bad news is, how do we prove to an ignorant EBay that these are obviously fakes?
  8. Thank you all for group reporting! Apparently on EBay, teamwork is the dreamwork for stopping crooks!
  9. I appreciate your efforts! It truly makes me sick that unsuspecting people are spending tens of thousands of dollars on this one seller's forgeries.
  10. Slow process is an understatement. Apparently this seller has been doing this for over a year! Thanks for pointing this out, JJJ. Obvious forgeries aside, I don’t understand how this garbage seller continues to abuse “search manipulation” and “misusing a brand name” by adding ‘CGC it!’ to every listing....
  11. My advice is that if the signature is unverified and on a low grade $1 bin book, it’s almost certainly a fake!
  12. When it comes to reporting fraudulent sellers, I have run into a roadblock with Ebay and as a CGC SS comic collector, this frustrates me to no avail. I tried calling their number to report this seller and they wouldn't help me. I asked to speak with a manager and was put on hold for half an hour. I eventually just hung up. I am hoping to gather some help from you guys to combat a fake seller. If you all could "Report" turtlecrazygirl1999 by clicking on a fake signed comic for sale and clicking "Report Item" maybe Ebay will take us serious when multiple complaints come in about the same seller. I have been reporting turtlecrazygirl1999 to Ebay for MONTHS due to fake signatures and misuse of the CGC brand name and no action has been taken. This seller has an "unlimited" supply of low grade $1 bin comics with obvious fake Stan Lee signatures that are listed weekly with 24 hour listing times, which results in this scammer pocketing about $500/week. This frustrates me because it's cheating, lying and people who aren't experts in signatures like we are are getting scammed thinking they're getting a real signature for their kid or whatever the case may be. I find it disgusting. Perhaps if we do the right thing and report these fakes, we can collectively help stop many more scammers in the future.
  13. 45/100. Out of the ones I don’t have, only 3 books stood out to me as ones I would like to pick up eventually. The other half of the list doesn’t interest me.