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  1. Mia Farrow at her first show ever, Dallas Fan Expo. Signed with her character's name, "Alura". I may get it pressed for a higher grade. Hopefully, I'll have a news feature done on her - if Pioneer can recover the audio files their recorder corrupted.
  2. Graded comics signed by a sitting congressman would be a bit unusual I guess. The grade would be higher but it has the store stamp for the Red Pegasus local shop on the back.
  3. He and Wolfman cancelled Terrifficon. I have some unsigned comics coming back. Apparently DragonCon will be the last show they both will be at if there are no cancellations. And I need a Larry Elmore sig!
  4. Those prices are crazy! Decades ago, before the comic book/movie explosion, when she was kind of at the end of her career, I was able to get a signed 8&10 for free through the mail when I sent the photo and a SASE. Ditto a Tank Girl trading card from Lori Petty, and a few others. Cons are a great way to meet celebs in person; the huge negative is the cost to do so.
  5. But what a fantastic book! I wasn’t able to get a signed Cooke comic in my collection when he was siging & now I’m trying to find the budegt rationale to get one, even though I’d still love one. I’ve had my eye on a few of his Spirit books.
  6. Then I will have to go for a triple sig. I refuse to be bested!
  7. Stan’s son Jim didn’t do much better when sigining this Metal #1 Gal Gadot had already autographed.
  8. I was also able to get in touch with Stguchi1 about Silicon Valley. All is good - he was just busy - and I’ll get to add some Peach Momoko OA to my collection now!
  9. I have a different issue. I got a #300 signed by Stan & Michilene through a facilitator at a con. When I got the slab back I waited for a McFarlane signing and sent this same comic back in. By the time it came back to me, it had Stan’s sig, David’s sig, Todd’s sig. - and a SECOND Stan sig, where the book got passed from Todd to Stan, assembly line-style! I’m not complaining; I didn’t have to pay for it, he didn’t write over any other names, and I probably own the only ASM #300 CGC 9.4 double-signed by Lee. I’ve honestly considered going ahead and getting David & Todd to sign it again, too!
  10. “Omaha television personality John Jones, who played Dr. San Guinary on KMTV's "Creature Feature" program, died Thursday night (Oct. 20, 1988) of cancer at his Ralston home. Jones, 46, worked at KMTV from 1965 until the time of his death. He began at the station as a floor manager and went on to become a producer - director and, in recent years, an account executive.”
  11. Kevlar and I have both done some checking. This was (apparently) the Dallas Comic Con October show - I believe 2015 but would have to check my old programs - and he and I both have no record of our correspondence in our PM box. I know he was out of town the week before and was going to get back to me, but I don’t think he dropped the ball; at the time there were some problems with private messages being missed or not going through - DorkBuzz & I had this problem, too - because the old site was slowly switching over to the new site. Therefore I don’t think the issue was with Kevlar but the website itself; I know DorkBuzz and I were repeatedly asking each other questions that had already been answered but the messages either didn’t turn up for days, or sometimes even at all!
  12. I think as long as it is said, that is what is important. If someone just “choses” to not buy then that could be taken as disinterest in the talent rather than principal or protest. Taking (or not taking) an action while explaining why would be more informing.
  13. We have the right to not pay the fee, but we also have the right - as the consumers holding the money - to voice our concerns over the rising costs of signature collecting. It isn’t just a buy/don’t buy conundrum. We are an active part of this system.