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  1. Yeah...enough with the silly meaningless social media petitions...We are all talking about it on all platforms and have done so for weeks all while they get record ratings going up each week.
  2. She hasnt been a "liberator" since the start. She murders those who stand in the way of her building armies. It was all a guise to build power, a useful catchphrase to sell the years of wholesale slaughter and acquisition.
  3. On 2nd viewing I like this episode a little more. I didn’t like the small council at first being jovial and a little lost, these are dark times of death. But you know once a war is over you would hope to be happy again even if for brief times with friends. That doesn’t bother me now, having a moment when the suffering lifts. I also like that people now have to win the support of all the kingdoms leaders to hold the overall throne, no bloodlines. Now only smarter more capable leaders who can convince others to follow them will lead. I’d like to see a spinoff about Arya to the west, Jon to the North, and Sansa being the head of the independent kingdom. Call it “House Stark” (Jon basically still is).
  4. Good ending, little clarity and honesty at the end. Monsters got reveled, heroes suffer as needed, and the world is still a crappy place, just with less chance of dying for Targaryen wish fulfillment. Im fine with the choices made this season (The night king getting scooby-dooed not so much but Arya needed a signature kill to help launch her series so no biggie). I just wish they had it at least be a normal length season so it would have felt less breakneck. I bet if you make all these same decisions but spread out over a normal season you get a lot less blowback. Make it two seasons and most would walk with you happily. I loved the touch of filling in Jaimes page. It was the joke his had very little entered. It was fitting to add that scene.
  5. Again though, this wasnt "all the sudden" heel turn. I think she has been becoming unhinged, albeit slowly, since season one. Is there a single season she doesn't engage in getting someone melted down with fire while she looks on coldly (or happily for that matter)? These are not the acts of a stable collected would be leader. I think just everything came to a head over the weeks leading up to Kings Landing. She lost her children, her friends, he father figure, her would be husband, and every advisor she trusted from the ending point of the Battle of Winterfell. Every good deed she tried to do she felt was rebuffed or drowned out. As we came to the head of the entire journey every person of value in her life was either murdered, tried to murder her, or out right rejected her and her lifes work. Add that to an established unstable sociopath who is already a charter member of "The burning inconvenient people to screaming crying cinders" social club...you get wholesale slaughter.
  6. Yeah, its all the same show on some level...but if it aint broke dont fix it. They have a very specific audience that wants to be told similar stories over and over and over again. Nothing wrong with giving the folks what they want. Who knows, might be the best version of this show yet.
  7. Fair enough, I tend to agree with you actually. Just wanted to throw it out there as "food for thought".
  8. https://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=1550122&GSub=145535 End title splash to Amazing Spider-man 275 By Ron Frenz. Just acquired, not my wheelhouse normally but very very pretty. It just looks right.
  9. Fans and critics were sorta mixed/negative on it so "great" I think is stretching it. skewering. All you see now on the thread in its defense is its box office numbers. It seems to be the fall back position for a lot of things here.
  10. Why would viewership be "all that matter" ? Unless I am a stockholder, stakeholder, investor, or actor paid on ratings/viewings then viewership might be the last thing I'd look at as something that "matters", much less all that matters. Lots and lots of people gawk and pay attention to a fiery crash in Nascar....that doesn't also mean that the driver of the crashed car was THE BEST. I guess after all these "look how great Captain Marvel is, you haters" posts ive seen based solely on the fact that it did good box office...I sorta figured that was the standard (or at least one of them).
  11. The last episode will be what matters. If more people watch it then the record setting amount last week...no issues....if less...issues.
  12. Also Cersei to that point had reached the top because she was always 2 or 3 steps ahead of everyone else. She was willing to destroy the city rather than lose it, remember how callous she was about making wildfire and distributing it throughout the city before. So yes she would have had an out, and would not have been so passive when she saw she was losing. She would have been the one to issue the order to burn it all down, and get me the out of here. She would have been screaming orders, cursing left and right, and pacing around that balcony. Well, she did destroy the city. She felt either her ballista would end Dany/the war, or she would be forced to kill all the civilians inside it and in essence end any chance Dany had to replace her. There were no orders to swear, there were no back up plans for being surrounded on all sides. This was either total victory or pyrrhic victory/defeat for her enemies.