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  1. Just watched episode one, it felt cheap and predictable like the last few years of Dr Who. Oh well.
  2. Yeah it happens. I’ve had a few good wins over the years from garage sales and local auctions. My biggest buy ever the guy won a storage locker for less than 500 bucks and tucked away in it was 6 figures of original comic art. I ended up buying it all, was my best financial move ever.
  3. My favorite book growing up. Really hoping this doesn’t hurt to watch.
  4. What’s sick is that she already is a top 5 actress already...what exactly is she gonna get better at?
  5. What’s odd is I remember seeing ditko art at shows in the 80s and it was over 1000. So little movement in the 10 years afterwards.
  6. It’s just a major departure theme wise and story wise. It definitely picked up as the season went along.
  7. Must be seeing something different on his Twitter. Looks mostly supportive and sorta funny.
  8. A really nice Dragon cover would be high on my want list. Great stuff thanks for sharing.
  9. Usually have no time for Media awards shows, but it’s nice to see an actually great movie get a little respect shown. Favorite film of the year by far.
  10. Wow have you seen some of the “Reylo” fan outrage? I saw the video of the women screaming at the ending that was shared, but apparently they are freaking insane. I don’t normally agree with the idea of “Toxic Fandom”, but these folks are off the wall.
  11. Exactly, the world rewards toxicity with attention. Happens on both sides of the equation with her.
  12. I think it’s because of the “disapproval and distaste” she has shown in public put a lot of fans off. Plus she is rather over rated as actors go, she makes Marisa Tomei (sp?) look like Glenn Close. Again, she is making millions playing pretend so It’s still a pretty good deal all around for her.