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  1. zhamlau

    Prop Store Auction

    4 grand for a Punisher panel page by Zeck? That seems really high, is that a super competitive market?
  2. zhamlau

    Keeping your collection private

    If I may ask, why not? I ask out of ignorance. From my perspective, this cuts right to the heart of the matter. Why do some collectors have such an aversion to such enquiries? Is it really that painful/irritating? Is it such a volume as to be a real time-waster? Is it worth not interacting with the rest of the hobby? I'm the first to cop to the possibility that I'm probably in a quieter corner of the hobby. When it comes to having to field FS requests, Micronauts is never going to generate the interest of Ditko Spidey, or a zillion other comic properties or creators that I could mention. I've fielded more enquiries for my modest Doctor Doom collection than any of my Micros, ROM, or Galactica - probably combined! Just like everyone else, I get the occasional CAF email, but I often don't even respond, especially if there isn't a gallery on the other end of the email to glance over, or if I feel like it's part of some sort of CAF email blitz (little better than SPAM in my opinion). I kinda respond if I feel like it. But it isn't painful to field such requests. Honestly ive wondered this too. I mean, you owe random email guy nothing. Whats the harm in listening? If its boring or worthless talk, ignore it/delete it after reading.
  3. zhamlau

    Nostalgia vs. Craft in Original Art

    Well, Superhero movies have been dominating box office for 20 years now and are one of the more popular genres on TV, and looks to hold much of that ground over the next decade. Hard to think of one broadcast genre that held utter cultural/financial dominance for that long. The world is enthralled with our comic book product. Westerns and Musicals while somewhat popular overseas never enjoyed, as far as i can see, the mass global acceptance and demand this genre has. Basically, its sorta silly to compare it to any other style/genre in my opinion cause nothing seems to come close.
  4. I broke down before why the ANH and ESB comparison I believe is often applied incorrectly, Ill try and give a high level here. ESB had a run in the theaters of about 3 months primary distribution (which you can find on BoxOfficeMojo). After its 12th week it had a domestic gross of 141,000,000.00 ANH had a Run in the theaters of 12 months primary distribution (also reported in BoxOfficeMojo) which gave it a domestic gross of 214,000,000.00 There was a gap it seems as the movie was pulled for a while (still showing however in smaller theaters) for ANH but it was re-released the next year for a few weeks. In reality its primary release was 29 weeks for ANH and 12 for ESB. If you compare ANH's first 12 weeks run (Which is ESB entire primary run) the numbers are as follows ANH: 107,000,000.00 ESB: 141,000,000.00 If you want to , just for "funzies" (or however its spelled) look at ROTJ's First 12 week domestic gross... ROTJ: 219,000,000.00 ROTJ murders ANH and ESB over the same period of time. Each of the 3 movies over its first 12 week run gets stronger as the series goes on (based on US domestic numbers). You can dive in the numbers further, but if we are just talking US box office alone, ESB outperforms ANH over the same periods in the theater. Where you start getting some muddied info is when you try and factor in re-release numbers into the equation. I like to keep it clean, US box office over like for like periods of time. I've always found this topic fascinating anyway.
  5. zhamlau

    Who all is going to the NJ show tomorrow?

    Im here now, heard back from a few others. Should be a good show so far. Im tempted to go that comedy club they are setting up right now in the room we normally use.
  6. zhamlau

    Who all is going to the NJ show tomorrow?

    Ouch, sorry man what happened?
  7. zhamlau

    Who all is going to the NJ show tomorrow?

    Haha, well I hate leafs fans so as long it’s not one of their caps we will be good
  8. Hey just wondering who else is heading in tomorrow.
  9. zhamlau

    Comiclink sale has started

    What do people think of the price the Starlin Warlock page got? I feel anything that cosmic Starlin bronze is going to of course be high, but without Thanos it has a potential to sell sorta flat in an auction format.
  10. zhamlau

    Comiclink sale has started

    The Sal page. In terms of execution, flow, emotion, collect-ability , and long term value/growth...its the winner of those two. 1. Right Era 2. Right Artists 3. Right Characters 4. Great execution 5. Great Eye Appeal 6. Established market 7. Greater numbers of collectors looking for pages like it 8. Main line not annual On every measurable level, that first page is better. The AJ page doesnt suck, dont get me wrong. Its fine and well done. But the Sal page just feels cleaner and is more gripping. The fight is more personal and less about having a big splash panel like some mini cover.It feels like two people who truly hate each other just going to blows. Also having Nick Fury being tortured by the Skull in the top just adds Bronze age drama. Cleaner winner for Sal IMO.
  11. Over time I grew to not like it very much, for those first few seasons were awesome! Creative show at the very least.
  12. zhamlau

    Comiclink sale has started

    I kinda wonder how that will effect this sale.
  13. zhamlau

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    God, what a time capsule to a different Era. The style and look of it appears as modern as any Image or indie published book today. But when you look at the content, it couldn't scream anymore of a bygone era. Someone smoking, siting in the back seat of a stationwagon style vehicle with blankets. Boombox present, people actually engaging each other with no cellphones in view, and people looking somewhat disheveled without spending hours and hundreds to design the look. I never gave a cr@% about love and rockets before, but i look at this cover and i see something beyond nostalgia. This appears almost like a work of fine art. It just captures a time perfectly. Great pick up.
  14. zhamlau

    SPidey 60 Cover OA in heritage Nov 2018 auction!

    The spider-man figure appears to be hand drawn paste up, cant see where it ends though. I assume this is another cover with elements pasted together? This look like a 280-300k cover?