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  1. What happened to pre-duction or whatever his old ID was?
  2. If covid kills the movie industry and forces all films to be smaller budget less effects and location heavy, the super hero hype that has brought many buyers into the game will die out. We will see Entertainment become more stratified as pop culture becomes more niche and specialized as opposed to oversized and widely shared. We will switch out Avengers style cultural event shared entertainment that unites people across multiple bands, classes, and cultures for unique limited focus entertainment that won’t have the same engaging and unifying effects we are used to from big tent poll productions. The effects will be devastating for our global conversation as we lose the shared language of entertainment (a core aspect of traditional 1st world culture). The effects of this shift on collectibles like comic books and comic art will be gradual but eventually devastating. Losing the readers of new material would be an insignificant loss in comparison. As movie theaters (and by extension big budget location driven films) go so goes our shared cultural touch stones, and with it the much of the desire to own these unique objects and pieces of history we all collect. We lose them the clock ticks faster, we keep them the pace is slowed.
  3. I don’t think that’s attempted at that point. Bought under market and found a buyer. Mission accomplished.
  4. I would assume temperature change would effect the relative humidity near the art and could cause expansion and contraction of the fibers in the paper. That adjustment could in theory lead to discoloration/integrity loss as components are broken down on a mechanical and chemical level. This would only be an issue If the degree change was pretty great, but an exterior wall by a window might experience that. I found this on the subject. https://cool.culturalheritage.org/byauth/maravilla/deterioration-causes.html
  5. Maybe UV coat any windows in the room.
  6. Marvel used layouts and breakdowns both. I would like to know what the exact editors definition of each was.
  7. Quesada went for a lower than I expected price. I also took a stab at the doom splash but came up short. Some strong prices I felt today.
  8. What always got me was “breakdowns” versus “layouts”. What’s exactly the difference there?
  9. A perfect daily with all three in normal garb, brick, and at least one SW background element is still on my list. They exist I just never seem to win them.
  10. This is the type of discussion of "The Average" ARTSOC approves of. Any discussion about how overpriced or downwardly trending his values are will be enthusiastically approved of by the committee. Remember: Friends don't let friends buy art we havent approved of....DO YOUR PART!!!
  11. I threw a bid in at the end on the Howard the Duck splash with Strange on it. That strikes me still as a steal.
  12. The Intro to the movie "Gentleman Broncos" is a collection of well known pulp and sci-fi magazine art, the actors and creators names replacing the original cover logos. My favorite is the Freas Analog cover (I think many of them are Analog covers the more I think about it). Heres a link if you want to watch it for yourself.
  13. I can see 38 of them off Albert's facebook page.
  14. You think? I actually rewrote the section going from art to comics. It still feels clunky. You get the idea but it doesn’t have a nice flow to it. I always struggle with wanting my writing to sound informative and authoritative without being artificially ornate and “wordy”.