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  1. Yeah I’m thinking about that one too. Anyone with one drop me a line if looking for a cash sale .
  2. The committee has approved this average cover by this throughly non-special and non-influential “artist” only @ 30k. All bids over that will be meet with scorn and derision by our party loyalists. :::takes off ARTSOC hat::: Its nice but the content isn’t really hitting me. I would be surprised at 75.
  3. Coming dangerously close to heresy there, Jr committee member. Don’t attempt to “raise the average” even in jest.
  4. Pete has been struggling this year. I think next year will be much better. I think he needs a crowd and a long season because he is hyper emotional and feeds of it...but because of that he can get super hot or go super cold. His cards have held in price though. The guys holding 4 and 5 figure Zion cards are what shock me. I never open basketball but I’ve seen his stats and highlights, he doesn’t look like a transcendent player from those. Luka does though, god his stuff is pure fire right now. Im not gonna hit anything like I did Alonso (cause he was a common at the time) but I love Kyle Lewis stuff. He is already known and he isn’t cheap but compared to Luis Robert prices it’s a bargain. Only knock is he is old for a rookie, but he could have 10 great years ahead of him. Plus he seems to be a great guy and that’s the special sauce when it comes to hobby love IMO. You want a cheap buy and hold compared to Luis it’s him. LOL it’s turned into the Blowout Cards Forum in this thread. Sorry about that.
  5. I have been doing a lot with cards for years, but I’m starting to get nervous especially with basketball and baseball modern. These box prices on 4 year old or less material is not sustainable.
  6. The unspeakable one of no discernible talent or importance would NEVER be allowed to touch an ARTSOC high value authorized investment grade artist such as Jim!!! Your file grows with each passing day, take heed!
  7. Eh...not so sure about that. But it is a nice effort by Jim inking and it would look great on my wall.
  8. Why would you waste good duct tape on...(shudders)...”him”...I swear the committee’s work will never be done at this rate.
  9. They look like gods atop Mt. Olympus watching over the world. Its heroic, it’s iconic, and it’s done at the artistic peak during a memorable run of one of the premier books of all time. When you buy something like this, you are buying a perfect moment in comics history. I would be shocked if this wasn’t at least 300k.
  10. Main run, decent condition page. Doesn’t have to be one or the bigs like Jones, Kieth, etc. Just want a page. Looking in 4-5 figure range. PM if selling.
  11. Here’s what the room looked like after the folks left. Was a very open setup, I appreciated that.
  12. I tried that and I got a message saying it wasn’t working. This is the email I used johnbeattyart@gmail.com
  13. I thought 100k seemed right. Being a cover helps, some technical flaws hurt, but overall 100k still feels like a high but reasonable price for an interior splash of this caliber.