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  2. 1. Robert Dennis can remove that for you, he did it for me on a Frenz ASM page last year. 2. Before you sell the art to someone who PM'd you from your post, make sure to do research for comps.
  3. Him, Dom, and McNeil kinda been F'ng us so far this season but they appear to be turning it around.
  4. It’s like a 6.5 outta 10. Had this been anything other than issue 1 page 1 it’s like a 10-14k page. a boring page from same issue sold a few months back for 2k with juice. On a cheapy garbage site like fleabay this price makes a lot of sense.
  5. I sold the title splash to this book to Burkey a few years back. It just sat on his site for a long time before finally being taken down, not sure if it eventually sold or got traded. I remember thinking at the time I was surprised someone didn't snatch it up after i sold it to him, he had a reasonable mark up on it from what I sold it for and I would imagine if you collected Hulk that was a prime era for you. But it just stayed there for the longest time.
  6. I think this page was listed in a poor forum for a piece of that type. It was good but not great as a work of art and went for a price that just 4 years ago would have been thought obscene IMO. I think Ironman #1 in general isn't treated with the same respect other Marvel 1 keys are, this page is an example of that lack of respect. Having said that yeah participation is down a little overall probably but not massively. We just keep having event auction after event auction with multiple blue chip pieces selling and that tends to suck the air out of the room. A one-off gem (semi-precious bu
  7. My issue is with all of that. I consider all of what you mentioned part of the surveillance state we are creating, @Garf. I fear giving the ruling class in this country complete control of not only all personal information but also all aspects of commerce (both public and private which is where this road will lead IMO). I find the idea of centralized registering and tracking all aspects of public and private life abhorrent. Sorry if this is wildly off topic, but we touched on these concepts and I find it so dangerous that I wanted to say something. I try to avoid discussions like this bec
  8. Imagine the future where not only is everything you do in the real world tracked by mass camera surveillance and all your online activity monitored and recorded, but now also all your possessions are logged via blockchain and cash has been made “obsolete” as all financial transactions are now digital only. It’s got all the makings of some early 20th century dystopian novel...only now we look towards that future smiling and with open arms.
  9. So basically the creator of this NFT just followed a rather easy to replicate process to create a trackable/semi-unique Jpeg showcasing IP they have no creation rights to...and the end result is that some rando will hand them hundreds if not thousands of dollars for this unlicensed low effort fad cashin? On every level this is the most perfect thing that could exist at this point right now in our planets history. If this last year has taught me anything its that we are a non-serious species at this point. I hope to god people make millions of these worthless digital pet-rocks and s
  10. I think in my DB i have a couple of examples, this is the only one i can find with a 1 minute look
  11. I just snapped that one like 20 mins after i bought it, didnt even stop to take a proper still photo. But yeah its better to see the page. Its not that dark actually, but the photo darkened a bit.
  12. Posted this in the NJ art con thread but i guess it more belongs here. Got this page from Thor 426 over the weekend at the big art con. It was sold on HA 6 years ago so ill just use their pic cause mine sucks lol. Frenz and Sinnott doing their best Kirby impression...and killing it in the process. I love the blob-y Kirby shadows all over it like on the floor, Thor's Helmet, and behind his cape. That late 80s period was just such a magical good time for Marvel and to be a fan IMO.
  13. Yeah a friend of mine told a similar story. I waited til he was about to start closing up his table and THEN made him a cash offer with the cash literally in sight, old school method's are sometimes the best. It was straight out of my 13 year old self's play book from the local Detroit area show days.
  14. What did people pick up from the show? I bought some stuff but This page really stood out to me. It was from Thor 426 by Frenz and Sinnott. They really did their best to mimic Kirby and man they killed it. I remember this piece going in auction years ago in Heritage and it was just there at the show in some new guys binder. The pic was sorta so I've included its original Heritage scan from years ago.