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  1. I believe three (temporarily four) different forces are going to come together to reshape the entire notion of what collecting is and what means for prices going forward. 1. The more our culture fractures, the less likely it will be to have a shared love of the same cultural icons and artifacts. The world where everyone enjoyed an "Avengers" movie or a sports team winning its championship will be gone because the universal nature of those things/events will be lost as they shift away from being unifying and into more likely divisive events. A response to this effect I think has been the
  2. Or Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc. You aren't the customer, you are the product.
  3. Not a shill, but obnoxious to deliberately cause harm for no gain. I always thought of those as zero sum game type moves. Anything I take out of you now I don't have to fight against later and maybe I push you out of your comfort buying zone when material I want comes up. I get why they do it.
  4. Are you selling the book for profit? I want acknowledgment in the book by name and a comp copy. You giving it away or for charity? Ill send the scans free to you if its not framed already. The company owes me nothing, I owe them nothing. Friends are different but tendril of a multi-million/billion dollar company doesn't get the pass automatically.
  5. Eh, might be a little to broad a brush. Will think more about it.
  6. I'm starting to wonder if this whole "internet" thing was such a good idea after all...
  7. My rule is similar: Does it look like something you would want? If yes, Bob probably didn't draw it.
  8. Eventually the music will stop playing and the ride will come to a halt. Make sure you are near the exit when you feel the gears acting differently cause brother there will be a stampede.
  9. The page for this. Hit me up if you know of it or have it.
  10. More accurately, he needs to REMEMBER how to draw. Its like he is trying to protect the value of his older work by turning in only crude disjointed now.
  11. Only to practitioners of wrongthink.