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  1. Took my kids to this, not horrible just a bad film. I don’t get the urge to remove the concept of true bad guys (or girls in this case) in current movies. Just a waste of time and money.
  2. Hopefully this shows Marvel (and other entertainment businesses from sports leagues to Hollywood in general) that you don't need to tailor your product to or bow before China to make money. Yeah its nice to get that good communist dictatorship cash...but you can still have a very workable and sell-able product without chasing it.
  3. Id take the cash and turn it into a lot more, use the funds to buy what I want.
  4. My greatest fear in the world as a child came from Beastmaster....those bat people who wrapped people up and at them while holding them....scared the F--K out of me.
  5. Oh Arthur is Wayne and Penny’s son, but there was an official adoption no doubt about that. I was only confirming that there was a legal adoption that occurred.
  6. As a 7 year old parts of that movie both scared me and made me want to jump around the living room. I have such memories of that film. I knew I wasn’t getting all the jokes but I caught enough to know it was actually funny. great pick up!
  7. Of course there are more sequels. The only things we seem to like collectively is stuff made in 2007 and before. Every movie people are excited for seems be tied to a property that was popular at least a decade ago or more. It’s just a trend I’ve noticed,
  8. Fair enough, I think many would seem them differently. But again, trying to avoid politics here was just pointing out a connection from the film.
  9. In the 1940s, and she had no means of visible support other than a job that would have kept her working many hours a day (no other family, or church group/social group). It appears Arthur's true parentage was unknown at the time of the adoption, that also raises a red flag of pure convenience. Imagine a very rich businessman with all the connections in the world to City Hall and its organizations (like a city adoption agency)...who wanted to make his illegitimate child's birth go away before it ruined him in 1940's society....this is EXACTLY how they would do it.
  10. Well that's the thing since its fiction of course and it was not explicitly shown, you have to just make assumptions. I would imagine though that multiple crippling mental illnesses would not just appear the instant she was granted an adopted child, but likely were always there in her adulthood.
  11. Has he given his opinion yet on "Joker"?
  12. Which is funny, because the film's Joker devoted protesters I thought were based on Antifa (wear masks, fighting against "fascism" and "privilege" all while holding signs talking about "resisting"). I guess the idea of protest in general is a no-go in land of literal re-education camps.
  13. The difference was it was 70's and not the 40's, and it was a married couple not a single 20 year old woman who clearly had mental issues.
  14. Just remember....according to RT critics...."Batwoman" is better than "Joker". That should tell you a lot about the quality of media critics these days.