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  1. See I actually thought this was one of the best if not the best. Each their own.
  2. zhamlau

    November HA OA auction

    "At some point in the near or distant future, prices will be adversely effected to either a large, medium , or small degree. This will occur on all, some, or barely any fields of collecting for either a permanent or temporary amount of time." -Savy art collector, any point between 1982-2018
  3. I actually feel asleep in the theater watching MI:2, only time that ever happened to me. And im normally someone who can appreciate slower moving non-action films, but for some reason the expectations that I was going to be engaged and entertained, coming up with the reality of just how boring and grinding that film was, I just closed my eyes for a second and had to be woken up by my girlfriend (now wife lol). Sorta tangential I know, but since we were talking MI2 lol.
  4. zhamlau

    November HA OA auction

    Stamps are in a bad way, no doubt about that. There used to be philatelist shops and shows everywhere in the 80s. Now I dont know of anyone under the age of 50 collecting. i collect certain types of coins so i still go to coin shows, only the few old men in the corners even sell stamps anymore, and i never see anyone buy. Coin collecting also is suffering, but nothing like stamps.
  5. zhamlau

    2018 Collecting Goals

    Nearly year end summary: 1. On target 2. On Target with one exception but I fixed that 3. Will be on target by end of the the next Heritage Signature auction 4. Hit this one flush, got one of my top 5 favorite covers of the 80s framed on my wall now. Fell out of the sky for a fair price. 5. Failed this, I had to sell one of my books to fund a large purchase. Didn't pick up anything to offset. Might have to drop this goal, cant afford to collect everything (at least I cant afford it lol). 6. Hit this one Flush, sorta a crossover with 4 really just detailed out. MCP Kieth and Sandman woulda been out of 4 I guess but I didn't get either. Still have 2 months to fix 5 and maybe 6, but also 2 months to fail 1 or 2.
  6. I was asking if the entire show was held in the room as shown in the picture, if we were seeing all the dealers who were at the show in this one photo shown.
  7. Was it just the one room? All dealers basically in this one photo?
  8. zhamlau

    November HA OA auction

    Do you remember the ad's back in the day from LB cole? He was willing to do ONE recreation of each size for each of his covers. You had to call/write him to see what commissions were available. It was like 300-500 a piece I think back in the early 80s. I ended up buying a Mask 2 Grease Pencil recreation years ago for a friend for like 300 bucks, I NEVER found any of the painted ones until a few years ago, and it went for NUTS prices. One of those commissions would be very VERY high on my list today.
  9. zhamlau

    November HA OA auction

    It's Funny you say that. I purchased a rather graphic preacher page back in the day for 30 bucks for a friend of mine I have since lost contact with. He didnt collect art just loved preacher...I wonder if he still has it, where he is. It was a pretty memorable page.
  10. zhamlau

    November HA OA auction

    My base of reference was actually metro Detroit in the 80s. I didn't go to NY until I was in my 30s. There were small shows 2x a month and a big show 2-3 times a year within travel distance. Every local show, i would see a few pages. Every Major show (Chicago, Motor City) i would see dozens from various dealers. Its possible metro Detroit was some hotbed of comic art activity, but its the only basis of reference I had.
  11. zhamlau

    November HA OA auction

    I hear ya, and no I think you know by now I'm not someone holding tons of material in the belief that this is a never ending gravy train of skyward elevating prices. Its odd, i remember art being everywhere in the 80s, i couldn't remember going to a show that DIDN'T have at least 5-6 dealers with good material on their stands to go with the comics. But, it was so cheap anyone could afford to have it. You could walk into shops and find pages in display cases and on shelves lol. Not in the quantities a dealer now might have, but 3-5 good known pages by good known guys. There was a market, and it had been somewhat established. But the price points were so low, so many more folks could play. It wasn't so life and death. I miss those times if I'm being honest. You could walk into a show and walk out with a page or two of Kane, or JRJR, and you could do it for like 20 bucks or less a page which almost anyone walking the show could spend without seriously impacting their show or personal budget. What was also so great is that the quality of pages was just always on point. Because good material wasn't so expensive there was no need to deal in anything but prime hero pages. The "one shot of the hero in the background in one panel" pages were still in the artists portfolios for 5-10 bucks a pop cause no one thought to spend the cash on them when so much better could be had for not that much more. It was fun times. But to your point, yeah its hard to compare those prices to today. I will say though it was more on collectors minds back then to have a page or two of art. It felt like everyone did it. Now when you talk to most comic book collectors, almost none of them have art unless the specialize in it like we all do. The price elevation made it so you could only play this game if you had seriously financial reserves. The positive i take from that however is that I know when all is said and done, most comic book collectors WANT to be comic art collectors too if they think about it. They just don't want to pay the prices the good material costs now, and they have little interest in the lower tier "meh" pages that float around online so frequently. Because of those factors, art is hardly present at shows anymore so it sort of gets overlooked by comic book collectors which wasn't the case before. If prices go down, this market will flood with new buyers I believe. It would probably be like the stock market, everyone is terrified when there are corrections but at some point the losses are so great people start realizing to look past their fear and understand this probably is a good buying opportunity to get back in at a discount. Anyway, my 2cents. Fun Topic.
  12. zhamlau

    November HA OA auction

    I dont know of any Marvel or DC super Hero art you could have bought in the 90s that you would not be killing it with today. Is there a single category of marvel/DC art that has gone down in resale value from 1998 to 2018? Or 2008 to 2018?
  13. zhamlau

    November HA OA auction

    See, I always thought about it the other way. When traditional market investments are tanking people would look to non-traditional market-less investments as a safe haven. No matter the rises and falls of stock markets, the comic art field is unaffected traditionally. If you are getting your teeth kicked in with stocks why not park some money into something beautiful you can enjoy having around while it appreciates?
  14. zhamlau

    Venom Movie

    Thats a pretty low bar though, i cant remember the last movie i saw in the theater that wasn't better then TLJ...Maybe "Small Foot" or a Transformers movie.
  15. zhamlau

    FMV of Mignola Hellboy cover art?

    7-8k I would assume.