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  1. Whoever donated it, I wonder if they got a heck of an adjustment to income on their taxes. If it was Stan Lee, would 2008 have been a big windfall year for him?
  2. You sure about this Mike? Those sales were like 15 years before the art was donated , right? Long time in between and im sure Ditko has made it clear he didnt care about what happened to his art and that it was the publishers to do with as they pleased.
  3. zhamlau

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    Came in a collection i bought, falls under historic so i figured id post here. The accusation page from the end of Avengers Annual 10 by Golden. https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1526553
  4. Am I like the only person even trying to watch this show? I made it through the 2nd season premier but i just gave up on episode 2. At least it sorta felt trek like a little which doesnt happen much in this show. Its funny i like alternate "what if" comics but an alternate trek just feels off.
  5. zhamlau


    He was doing great work in the 2000's ,
  6. zhamlau

    (attempted) Flip of the Day!

    In theory than is any appraisers opinion worthless unless they offer to buy it around that price? And on the other side if they make an offer with their evaluation wouldn't that cause you to feel a little suspect about their "price appraisal" in the first place?
  7. zhamlau

    (attempted) Flip of the Day!

    No, my point is FMV is an imaginary and ever changing number so its not fair to base any reading on market health on it. I asked multiple sources, and it became clear some knew more than others. I ask usually to see if they might have some hidden insight or knowledge about a piece of art i wasn't aware of, and if they do to get their impression of value. I didn't waste my time at all because I learned no one has seen a piece like this sell in 4 years, and that the general opinion was it was to uncommon to try and move normally and that it really should be an auction item (which i'm sure it will be). You aren't being snarky IMO anyway, this is just the way you communicate with others. You mean no harm, you just tend to be a little strident in how you communicate at times. I value your opinion and wouldn't engage if i didn't.
  8. zhamlau

    (attempted) Flip of the Day!

    See I don't think that proved the point, at least the one I was speaking about. (on a side note, i also explained i just wanted an estimate for it and not an offer because i don't want any conflict of interest when i ask your price opinion. And if you do make an offer im always a little unsure how to proceed or take your evaluation). "As always, in collectibles especially, the easiest gauge for true bullishness is seeing what a dealer will pay cash on the spot for your collection. When there are many more buyers than sellers and dealer inventories are thin...the percentage they will pay approaches 100% of fmv (as measured by recent auction comparatives). After all, who wouldn't buy and sell privately at 90% to flip immediately at 110%, especially when short term bank safety isn't paying more than a few points, even in a rising rate environment. Right? But who is paying 90% cash? N O B O D Y professional. The wider the gap, the more bs is stinkin' up the whole room " Since FMV can wildly swing based on the who is determining it, how can anyone determine FMV and what 80-90% of it is? Especially on rare items where a sale might not have occurred in 4-5 years for anything similar to it (publicly or acknowledged privately)? My point is simple, We cant use the notion of FMV when it comes to comic art so basing any judgements on what someone might pay against that imaginary value i think isn't helpful. Since this isn't a regulated market with set prices where no item can be 100% accurately priced due to every item being unique we cant judge the health of the market based on what people will pay based on this imaginary number. Even if a dealer feels in their heart an item is worth 1000 dollars and they would put that on their site, no one would want to pay 900$ for it without it being pre-sold. What if the right buyers for it don't see it, or there are other items that come out of the woodwork that day that takes their dollar? It might take a year or two to make that sale. For many thats not a slam dunk buy and its just tying up money. You know what really i think might have more of an effect then this all being some sort of scheme? That folks are conditioned now to only buy items in public auctions because they fear unless there is open auction competition for an item they might be getting ripped off. I will routinely offer items for say 1000 on my CAF that collectors wont buy. I put it in the item appropriate auction, and the vast majority of time i meet or exceed that value. I pay for premium access, i use a high resolution scanner, Im known, and I put all appropriate key words in the searches on the hobby's biggest platform (aka im doing whats needed to make the sale). The only reason i can find why this happens so often is that folks want to feel sure its a fair price and dont want to commit til that know they will miss out on it if they don't pony up before it ends. This is always a fun topic to me, sorry if it seems a little dry to others. After 30 years of buying and selling this stuff it still fascinates me, talk about sickness LOL.
  9. zhamlau

    (attempted) Flip of the Day!

    The issue with this is the definition of "FMV". Its not like there is a stock exchange for this, or some set of rules that dictate what the price can and cant be. I can show the same piece (in fact i just did last week) to multiple dealers/buyers/flippers/collectors and got price range estimates from 4500-18000 for the same piece. Non of them had what i felt was ulterior motives for low balling or over estimating its price. They all just , with their years of experience and reviewing the same data for current as-similar-as-possible auction results, came to different evaluations as to value. Even using the something more stable like "recent auction comparatives" is dicey because some auctions do better on some pieces than others. I have a few times purchased items from one auction, and the next year put into a more suited auction to see a 40-60 percent price increase. Because of that and just normal site bias and overall competition for a specific type of piece based on items available ATM and available buyers ATM....nailing down 100% FMV within even 20-33% is rather dicey. As you clearly know pieces by the same artist from the same run with similar characters can vary wildly as you know just based on panel layout/eye appeal, historic significance, nostalgia, and availability of similar material at the moment and similarly motivated buyers ATM.
  10. Thats amazing, not some rich celebrity or billionaire but a man of average means giving life changing money away to help the less fortunate....wow
  11. zhamlau

    Deodato Elektra Cover on Ebay

    The more i look at it, the more i like it.
  12. zhamlau

    Grail Piece Finally Acquired-ROM Spaceknight

    Its perfect. Signature means nothing when its that special. Great piece, congrats!
  13. zhamlau

    Best of 2018 - Discuss your nominees here

    I dont pick up much stuff for me anymore, less then 5 pieces a year on average (sometimes 1 or none). In 2018 I picked up a few but decided to actually share one publically cause it was special to me. My only lowry addition, the cover to 249 Daredevil. Its posted now, it means a lot to me.