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  1. I can't believe how badly KK and Rian Johnson have ruined this franchise...it's mind blowing...how utterly toxic and stupid of Disney. I've loved Star Wars more than most even reading this. Heck, it was my career for a few years. I've put in my time as a fan and someone engaged with it. Now it's just so chaotically broken and distorted I almost find myself grateful there may not be many more movies....wow....
  2. Apparently he's not a SA character. Which is news to everybody. I'm still not sure what my answer is, but he's definitely a contender. I guess cause its a few months before Showcase 4? But than doesn't that mean that the real start of the Silver Age is Tec 225? If the argument is that The Flash reintro, with its bend to science and tech as an origin instead of just magic is the start of a new era of Superheroes and how they came to be, why wouldn't a story about a martian pulled from another planet by an experimental teleportation beam count as a "silver age style" superhero origin?
  3. zhamlau

    Ricksneatstuff Feedback Thread

    Sold Rick at TTA 27 , paid instantly and was a complete pro to deal with and a heck of a nice guy! This hobby would be a lot more fun if everyone acted like Rick.
  4. No love for Martian Manhunter?
  5. Selling two big books today. Rules are simple. 1. No HOS 2. No game Players (price is as marked) 3. Payment to be in 1 payment, Check. 4. Must have some Kudos, dated before last few days 5. Will not take a pile of small books in trade. Might take a few elite pages of marvel bronze or silver age art, thats about it. 6. Shipping covered in cost, must be signed for by person who made payment lets start the show CGC 5.5 OW/W Amazing Fantasy 15. Book has name written on back, dana miller (hi dana if you are out there). No MC's. Pages good quality, color good, Just a great copy..................................................NO LONGER FOR SALE 2. CGC 5.0 Tales to Astonish 27 OW/W with CVA Exceptional Cert. Everyone says "my book should be graded higher" but generally i found CVA books really should have been. This is 5.5+ with the best color ive ever seen on this book. But it is what it is, so 5.0 is how i have to price. .................................$3999 (SOLD) If you want either, send me a message. Again no need to waste time with dodgey schemes or goofy piles of little books offers. Ill listen to original Marvel Hero Bronze and Silver art (or copper covers) but only if they add up and its only a few of them at most. Also if trading , since cash is king, trade would have to excede value of cash im looking for. Not trying to be rude, just saving some time. Items will be shipped by UPS and will go to confirmed addresses only to be signed for by you. Inside the USA only for now.
  6. zhamlau

    What art is burned into your brain ?????

    Haha, i forgot I posted this about 2 months ago. I just realized I had posted a page from Daredevil 249 , a story that always stuck with me from my youth. Then about 10 days ago i came across the cover for it by odd chance and bought it. Talk about serendipity!
  7. zhamlau

    Tim Vigil

    Man you see a big influence of Charles Vess in some of his work. Never noticed it.
  8. The GREAT Bulandini! Robert Duvall was awesome in that roll.
  9. Nothing, just looked in art by chance it there it was. I know there are ways to set alerts, but I'm just to lazy to set those. It really was just i woke up, "hey that's one of my dream covers for a good price!", and huzzah cash hit hand.
  10. No worries, im the same way with tracking. Yeah only up an hour when I check records. Like i said, it just feels like fate.
  11. I think you’re thinking of a different piece. I talked to the seller and he said it was the first time he posted it, and I won it in its first hour online. Also I check eBay a lot and hadn’t seen before til it popped up on my newly listed items. Well doesn’t matter really lol. Just glad to have it.
  12. Haha, yeah I shoulda shared the tale a little. Long and short i was watching "vikings" with the wife on amazon when I feel asleep. 3 hours later I wake up thirsty as heck but figured I'd check eBay before i got a drink and went to legit bed. Scroll through my phone, 3 pieces from top of new....in a horrible cheap red matte, there it was. I open it up, like my mind reeling "OMG" as I check the images. Guy had zero rating but 180 feedback, just it had been a while since he sold. The last image sealed it for me it was legit, the piece was MASKING TAPE mounted to the matte, UGH!! No one would go to that level of detail to fake it, and no one would ever INTENTIONALLY do that to such an iconic piece of 80s marvel cover art. The story made sense, the art DEFINITELY made sense, everything lined up. Now I'm gonna try and say this next part without sounding particularly like a tool lol...When it came to the price, I'll just say I've had some experience in evaluating and pricing comic art. Since its been revealed where i got this and people can look up what I paid, I'll just say this, I'd have been hitting BIN on this piece had I never read or seen the comic before. The second I hit BIN, i felt in shock. I started texting my friend who also collects comic art "OMG OMG" over and over. I woke up 3 hours later and saw replies to my texts. My friends and I went back and forth on the odds of this piece showing up at such an odd time. I knew a few collectors who had pages from the book, looking for this cover. I never thought id own it. If it went to auction, I know I couldn't out-punch any motivated "Russian Oil Czar" level collectors. It was a perfect storm of right place right time that let ME, of all folks possible, land it. Anyway, that's the story.
  13. What blows my mind is that it was THIS cover, it was meant to be. Any other cover from this era and caliber, I would have hit the BIN price without a thought. That it was THIS cover, after all these years...I only saw it cause i woke up at 3am just after he listed it. i was gonna send it off to get cleaned, but now looking at it, it really doesnt need it.