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  1. Would like to add a collection category, but don't know how. The collection is for a comic called NIOBE by Stranger Comics Set created.
  2. Pictures and personal descriptions are also how you win "Best Presented." Good Luck!
  3. This is where you make this type of request: Please read over the rules in the very first post. Best-
  4. When the Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars was created, Canadian Editions and Variants were not separated out into their own slots. However, when I make new sets, I by default, make individual slots for every book now. I have put the Canadian Edition #4 and the Regular #4 in the same slot and deleted the individual #4 Canadian Edition slot. The Canadian Edition #4 was the only slot that was scored correctly. I have adjusted the others accordingly. Best-
  5. Could you please add the following titles to the Registry: Girl Comics (Atlas) Awful Oscar (Marvel/Timely) Set already exists under "Oscar Comics"
  6. Yes, Red Sonja (2005) has all the different variants separated out into individual slots. Please make a request listing all the variants that you wish to have added. You can request them all in one post. Thanks!
  7. What happens when there is a tie? The CGC Registry will first rank by score and, in the event of a tie, the Registry will determine which set has the highest percentage of comic images. If the score and percentage of images is equal between two sets, then the percentage of comic descriptions will be considered. To break it down, ranking is achieved in this order: 1. Set score 2. Percentage of comics with images 3. Percentage of comics with descriptions If all of the above items are equal between sets, then sets will be sorted by the date the rank was achieved (first to achieve it will appear higher), but they will have the same rank number beside their set. This information is located here:
  8. Good Afternoon, Gotham Kid- I have sent this thread to the higher ups for review. Best-
  9. Hey AlexH- I'm Mollie Davis and I run the Registry at CGC. Shoot me a PM and let's chat about this. -m.
  10. Message: Hi there. The ranking score for Turtlemania Gold needs to be adjusted. A 9.0 Gold just sold for 58k on comiclink. Thanks for your kind consideration in this matter.
  11. 2019 "I WANT THIS TO BE ADDED TO A SET" REQUEST (*PLEASE READ- BIG CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE*) This is the thread where you can request that issues or titles be added to existing sets in the CGC registry. (If you would like to request an entirely new set, please use 2019 "THIS SET DOESN'T EXIST, PLEASE BUILD" REQUEST Please list the EXACT TITLE OF THE SET you wish to expand in your post and the TITLE, ISSUE NUMBER, and VARIANT. It is preferable if you use the wording that is on the CGC label for title & variant. (Please note that books must be shipped from CGC and appear on our Census before they can be added to the registry) Here are some examples: Set: Howard the Duck (2016) Book: Howard the Duck 1 Lim Sketch Cover (Certification Number Optional) Set: Skottie Young Cover Set Book: Black Widow 1 Young Variant Cover (Certification Number Optional) If a book is being requested and there is a discussion or disagreement with the removal or addition of that book, then more time will be allowed for the discussion to take its course before the book is added or removed. When the book has been added, I will "LIKE" your post, so you know when the book is available. I enjoy responding to every post, but for the sake of keeping the thread from becoming 30 pages long (and more confusing), I will just "LIKE" instead. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to see whose request was filled last and how many request are left until yours. Also, I'm in hopes that it will avoid so many duplicate requests. *Posts that have been edited after the original posting date will now be skipped and not revisited. Meaning, if you add more to your request at a later date, I will not fulfill it. Your request will be ignored and you will need to resubmit your request. In short, don't try to skip others. I'm hip to it. Don't do it. Make a new post for your new requests, don't add to the old one. If you have any questions, please contact me at: Here's wishing your new year brings you 9.9s and 10s! CLICK THIS LINK:
  12. I have corrected the Grimm Fairy Tales 120 and you should be able to register you book now. The Captain Johner & The Aliens, the graders would like for that book to be send in so that we may research why this glitch is happening. Please contact me at: I will send you instructions on how to get that book back to me so that we can fix it. Best-
  13. I added your request to the list. In the future, please utilize the below thread for these type of requests:
  14. This set has been added. In the future, please use the appropriate thread:
  15. Hello, Could you please add these slots to the Army of Darkness set- Ash vs. The Army of Darkness 0 regular 1 regular 1 variant 1 variant cover D 1 variant cover E 2 reg 2 variant cover B 3 variant cover C 5 variant cover B 5 variant cover C Kiss/Army of Darkness 1 regular 1 variant cover B 1 variant cover C 2 regular 2 variant cover B 2 variant cover C 2 variant cover D 3 variant 3 virgin 3 variant cover C 3 variant cover D 4 regular 4 variant cover B 4 variant cover C 5 regular 5 strahm incentive cover 5 variant cover B 5 variant cover C