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  1. I have had that book for 40 years how do you think it was included
  2. you can add my coverless copy
  3. In 1990 You could have only done black/white. But thank you for your mask's
  4. Matt Nelson did them from what Matt said would have been what it looked like ? That is the story I got true or not don't know.
  5. Ya that restart was a bad idea for the true comic guy like me.
  6. I just got a message from Ian Levine and a picture. All the story's I read where all wrong this is from his own words. What a great collection to complete Facebook, Twitter, and the entire internet is buzzing about me selling my DC Comics Collection. But they all got it wrong. In 2008 I sold them to a dear friend, for a tiny fraction of their value, with the intention of being allowed to keep them in my house until I died. But then when DC ended all their runs and reverted to restarting at number one for them all, I was so sickened that I gave him permission to sell them. They were all taken away around 2015 and every comic was... examined and graded by Paul Sassiene, comic expert, for Sotherbys. I rather resent everybody assuming that I'm the one who's selling them, having in fact given up the ownership twelve long years ago. Sotherby's have had them for five years now, mainly because they took four long years to painstakingly do their due diligence. Now that they are finally satisfied that the collection is truly the most comprehensive DC Collection in the world, it is finally on sale. Fifty years hard, devoted, dedicated work, and I will always have the satisfaction of knowing that this huge collection of comics will always be known as The Ian Levine Collection.
  7. That's Batman. First pic is in the 60's Than on star Trek Now today/
  8. I don't know the whole story I know that the person who did the work on his house took the books that he was told was worth 10mil. I know That Ivan Briggs said that the contractor was told they where worth 10mil and he looked them over for the guy and put a value of 3mil. Ivan Briggs said a lot of the books where in bad shape also. I want to be clear I was told this story a year ago and than read Ivan Briggs story few months ago and the story was the same ?
  9. I have talked to Ian years ago he wanted a lot of my books to upgrade his. Restoration did not seem to be a problem with him since he bought my Tec 3 and 4. I know his Tec 1 was missing the centerfold and he really wanted mine. Here is some pictures he sent me. Most of his early stuff was restored. He was upgrading all the time and the last time he said he just upgraded his Action 1.