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  1. Love that 4 and 9 both 100% great and even tho i dont coll Timely tho's 2 books would be keepers
  2. MM 9 is a Better cover to me #4 is just a Sub Cover #9 has both. Do not care what anyone says that book never should have sold for 21k or even half I think people that don't understand comics buying comics is a no no ? Like me trying to buy poke man cards with 100k to invest. I wind up with when i try and sell
  3. If they try and keep these Brittle books as long as some of us have when they go to look at it well
  4. Hey Buddy just can not see a Brittle 4 selling for 21k when i just bought a 2 in 4.5 for half that I know 2 is more than double in price guide but first Sub cover could be it. I guess i send my 2 back to Vincent and get 42k back for my return
  5. Just hard to imagine i have had 5 or 6 of these MM 4 25 years ago and they where hard sell. I bought this thing for half that last year and only bid cause i had a Buzz and said it never sell that cheap just want to bid for bragging rights
  6. Did this book really sell that high. People going crazy
  7. So it got out before April 18th from this pic. I thought it was out in may not April but i dont collect them by the way the came out. Did you see the crazy price on the Brittle MM4
  8. Superman Fans Pay Tribute to the Man of Steel on His 83rd Anniversary (movieweb.com)
  9. Old Guys Who Like Old Comics | Facebook Comic Book Store Wars | Facebook run by Robert Beerbohm
  10. Joye Hummel, First Woman to Write Wonder Woman, Dies at 97 (yahoo.com)
  11. Had to keep getting more books . Buy cheap sell high repeat 1000 times never stops
  12. unrestored or restored ? My copy was vg/fine in the 80s unrestored had Mark Wilson restore to an 8.5. The copy on top right was it when it was unrestored. Than a scan from the 90's. I wish i left it alone Edit just thinking I think i kept those 2 Bat 1's to sell and Mark was restoring my 3rd copy so none of those 2 where the copy's i had restored. I did have a lot of Batman 1's back than since they where all over next two Action1 Detective 27 those 2 where always hard to get.