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  1. I have a beat up copy of #19 also if you want to read the book @Frisco Larson
  2. I have a beat up copy of #20 if you want to read the book RareHighGrade
  3. I got an old picture of #6 had to turn the picture since the comics where hung upside down. in large the picture and you will see great book;s
  4. It's taken me a while to find any copy since I saw this pic.
  5. Some things that go in my collection I would pay an xtra $5 This book would not. I have a buyer so I just tag on an xtra $100
  6. I saw the Whiz than the hulk 181 with the Sig's and the price sticker's and thought that looked a lot like your stuff. I have seen your Action 7 10 diff times over last 2 years but never seen a close up
  7. Lets have some great pictures of all the great book's for sale @G.A.tor @Chicago Boy @Filter81 Everyone who is on these boards that is there pictures please close ups would be great Thanks