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  1. I would say I prefer the Oct copy of Marvel 1 over the Nov copy less print run is the number 1 thing for $$$ same goes for Bat 1 less print run means more $$$ what is so hard to understand. If I was a lawyer I would say I want this much for your DUI and if it was murder than you want this Much but both take time if it goes to trial but 1 is more $$$
  2. Marvel 1 Oct/Nov Bat 1 dot no dot They are 2 diff prints 1 has No dot than it was changed to add the dot Ya that is called Diff. Diff is almost all the time better in all of life things from Coll to food ect ect
  3. You know most would want the No dot copy If you even had to ask you know the answer cause you know its Diff
  4. Peter you know the bottom one is just faded and was near the end of the ink
  5. https://www.comicconnect.com/bookDetail.php?id=407295
  6. @MrBedrockwould be up there also. I think this is his first comic shop Great reading @sfcityduck Thanks