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  1. Only 5 k more than you paid for 1 of your key books that grades at 2.5 crazy. the book is near 200
  2. Nope looking to spend money on key book's. Hard to find more-funs 30 to 50. New adventures 1930's early 40's. True crime 2. Even looking for a 4.0 to 6.0 Fantasy 15 that's at a DEAL PRICE. @Primetime another Action 7
  3. 100% reprint Famous First edition larger than regular books
  4. Got this pic from a facebook friend how cool is this and the 12 cents is there.
  5. Not a four color but it is a D copy and have no idea on value ?.
  6. Now you can trade all those for a beat up #1 just kidding great set of books
  7. Yup it took a long time to get to me. The mail lady said when its sent Registered mail they lock the item up till someone signs for it but it never gets lost. Thank you to @GreatCaesarsGhost
  8. Every time i win a book and have to pay i get buyers remorse My book's are in the 10k range tho After few days i am so on a 22.00 book not worth the trouble to return
  9. We got or own Pedigree @GreatCaesarsGhost From the Texas collection
  10. I agree. If that Action 15 is like me waiting for you to get me a low grade Marvel 1 than that book is with you for life.