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  1. which omnis lead-up-to, or encompass the first secret wars? I know for FF it would be bynre #1, and for spidey it's the roger stern omnibus. Are there any others (e.g., for Thor, avengers, x-men, etc.)?
  2. I dunno... that bottom edge looks a little too perfect if you ask me.
  3. Seller accepts refund request, but then uploads a photo of something other than a shipping label to the shipping label system. This fools ebay's idiotic system into thinking that a shipping label is now available. The seller says he can't fix it and is telling me to return it outside of ebay. Contacting ebay is useless, they just send back automated replies. How do I fix this?
  4. So I buy a book off of ebay that was advertised as complete. It isn't. So, I'm trying to return it. The seller uploads a shipping label which is just a photograph of an address, not an actual shipping label. From ebay's point of view, the seller has fulfilled their obligation to upload a shipping label, because apparently all ebay requires is that the seller upload some sort of photograph. It could be a photograph of a monkey washing a cat, ebay would still consider that a shipping label. My instructions tell me to "Affix the label to the box and seal it securely. Make sure the barcode is visible...." But there is no barcode. I thought the seller had to upload a tracking number as part of uploading a label, but there is no tracking number information.
  5. They totally ripped off family guy.
  6. Could that Maxx could be a reholdered red-label book? When cgc was doing red labels, 9.5 was an actual grade. (Edit: nevermind... apparently, if you resub a 9.5 book, it's supposed to get regraded, so you shouldn't get a blue-label 9.5).
  7. that's awesome. To whomever owns it, don't get it fixed. (I assume it's a 9.4).
  8. Would something like this help?:
  9. You can also look up those serial numbers on cgc's website if you haven't done so yet, just to verify that the number matches the book and grade. (But not right now, the service seems to be down right now.)