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  1. I agree it is an underappreciated book. As far as I know, it is the only reprint where the cover art is unaltered. Edit: And our books were graded only 4 days apart. What are the odds, for a book with less than 10 total graded copies.
  2. I am not able to find this set. Has it been created yet?
  3. I have just one from this set. It is 2052653001 (but, cgc's record of the comic says it is #12, but it looks like it should be #2.) Here are some that were apparently misidentified as belonging to the alan light (flashback) set: Maris&cgc=y According to GCD, there are 14 books in the don maris/nostaligia line: Thank you for this information. CGC has graded 11 "Comic Reprints Present" comics all published by Nostalgia Inc and all from 1975. I can create this set if these are what you are looking for. Please let me know. That's fine with me, but I think folks would also want the captain marvel best-of in the set:
  4. Wow that is awesome. Never heard of it. Skipping over to ebay right now.... (edit: nevermind, ebay prices are nuts. It looks like it's still available at the link given by illustrious.)
  5. A very ratty copy (but not coverless) did come up for sale in a comic connect auction I'm guessing about 3 or 4 years ago. It had a reserve which wasn't met. Bidding got up to I think $1100 or so? (It might have been comic link but I'm pretty sure it was comic connect.)
  6. Yes, I have had that happen. If it's sent registered it can go very slow.
  7. Amazing Adventures 2 (Ziff Davis) was attributed to Schomburg for a long time, but (according to GCD) is now attributed to Allen Anderson. Here is a CGC page showing it attributed to Schomburg:
  8. I had something graded recently (can't remember which item, as I have had 4 graded recently) in which the online grade was 0.0 for a while, but none actually came back with a 0.0 grade, and all of the online numbers eventually were correct. It's just a temporary thing.
  9. What is cgc's policy on archival tape now? Is it conserved, restored, or just tape? I have a book with a large tear that I'd like to have graded, but I'm concerned that, once slabbed, any SCS will cause the tear to split the cover in half, so I want to secure it somehow before sending it off for grading.
  10. Could we get a Don Maris set (the series called "Comic Reprints Present" published by Nostalgia, Inc in the 1970's)? Upon doing some research I found a short list of comics that could makeup this set: [1]. Airfighters Comics #2 (indicia title); Air Fighters Comics #nn (#2) (cover title)[2]. Whiz Comics #nn (#2 on inside, this was the first issue released to the public)[3]. All-Star Comics #3[4]. Silver Streak Comics #1[5]. Police Comics #1[6]. Uncle Sam Quarterly #nn (#1)[7]. Blackhawk #9 (#1)[8]. Silver Streak Comics #6[9]. Hit Comics #1[10]. Wow Comics #nn (#1)[11]. Plastic Man #nn (#2) Is this a correct representation of your request? Please provide certification numbers if you have any of the above. Thanks!
  11. Is this the Jerry Robinson copy? (I can't figure out how to post an ebay link to a completed auction that doesn't redirect to a different auction, so just click on "view original item' on this link)
  12. Here is what I'm hoping for... when the opening crawl stars, right after the words "star wars" are the words "episode VIII".