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  1. Is this the Jerry Robinson copy? (I can't figure out how to post an ebay link to a completed auction that doesn't redirect to a different auction, so just click on "view original item' on this link)
  2. Here is what I'm hoping for... when the opening crawl stars, right after the words "star wars" are the words "episode VIII".
  3. I wonder if that's why the scene of Jynn Erso fighting the tie fighter was taken out of rogue one. they decided to use it in this movie instead.
  4. The green/yellow label is a relatively new thing. I think this comic may have been graded before green/yellow existed. I have a cap 4 that was a green label 3.0 (missing pages), that I then had signed by stan lee, so it came back a yellow label 0.5 because the green/yellow label didn't exist at that time. Also, I thought all tape was treated equally now, archival or not? Is that not the case?
  5. It means who-ever owns that book has written something about it in the registry in section marked "owner's description". Click on the cert number to see it.
  6. Seems like #13 has been on fire lately:
  7. I remember Joe's books. IIRC, that was the store that had the first several issues of fantastic four in the case by the register. Then, one day, they were all gone. I asked what happened to them, and they guy said someone paid I think it was $500 for the set. I was shocked anyone would pay that much for comics.
  8. Interesting results:
  9. A 0.5 just went for 4K... as the thread title says... WTF???
  10. For that kinda money it better come with a bar of soap.
  11. An action #1 just came up on da bay, along with a cap #1 and an action #2.
  12. $17050 for this...
  13. I remember that. That copy came up on ebay with a BIN of $1100 or $1200 or so. I saw it and hesitated for a split second too long, and it was gone. About a month later it showed up on CL.