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  1. It's almost a board's right of passage, getting burned by Dupcak. If you don't receive a threatening email, with a picture of a roid freak in it, you're no one!
  2. That book doesn't come up a whole lot, not that you mention it.
  3. #168 has taken off lately...in the 9.6 level 2018 $1,350 2019 $2,700 2019 $2,300
  4. If anything DC modern books are starting to move. Though again it's just a few highligts here and there. The two big titles have all the movement in the GA.
  5. It'll be interesting to see the results for the #4. The clink had 4 #15 9.8's come through, all $5k plus sales, without a fault.
  6. Go with the bullet proof buy... Hulk 181.
  7. I think there's interest across the whole series, but I the interest in #3 is interesting. It's the tough one in the run.
  8. The tough one in the Silver Surfer run is a white page #3. It was published using to two different paper stocks, so you never see a W pager #3.
  9. Microchip

    Avengers 93

    That's a good looking 9.0.
  10. Savage. Still, I'd hold onto them too. A great piece of history right there.
  11. I ended up buying the last 3 copies of Nick Fury #1 off Gary Dolgoff. I got the impression he had been sitting on a large pile of them for years, and slowly whittled it down as CGC came into play, and all the top graded books set their own price points well above guide. I still have them, great registration, and ridiculously mint (only 9.8's). And his pricing wasn't aggressive.
  12. The movies stand on their own in terms of making, or breaking a character. It'll be down to how much budget they want to throw at it, as opposed to a devout inbuilt audience of fans. The movies are looking to be pitched at the different levels of the movie market, with Ant-man 2 directed squarely at the kids, and Rudd did his part perfectly in that respect. There's more long term impact in these movies, than any other's, getting the audience at the ground floor. The marvel movies are setting the standard for entertainment value at the moment. It will take a very good writer/director team to take SS to a great cinematic presentation. Though every good hero needs a good enemy.... Galactus!!!!!
  13. But FF48 is dragging 49, and 50, and SS #1 with it. 181 is a freak, always has been, always will be. There's no point in comparing it to any other book out there.