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  1. The elusive one in grade, well done!
  2. You sir, are gentleman and scholar! Thanks for the entertainment, and your endurance here, it's been a marathon and counting
  3. I chased a pair of #3's recently, but lost out. Prices are rising The #2 I won
  4. Things have gone crazy lately, you could pick them up for $1,500 not that long ago.
  5. It'll be very interesting to watch, it'd be worth laying down a few predictions on final prices... Annual 14. 6 9.9's X-men 266 there are 15 9.9's. Price range is anyones guess, but I'm thinking they could go $10k up to $25k each. The big thing here is the split. Which one will go for more than the other.....
  6. The market gets to cast it's vote in the upcoming clink auction. A cgc 9.9 copy of each book, lets see where the prices land
  7. Yours for a meager $750. The book is hot, for sure, but that's a stunning result for the grade.
  8. That book is red hot right now. I'd personally go with last sale.
  9. Thats interesting, unless the DC were just the one's still sitting there 40 years later.
  10. These seemed to off tripled/quadrupled in value in the last month or two.
  11. Did you actually look at that book??!!! When you can say, that the best thing about a book, is it's back cover, it's going to hurt the price!
  12. And a 6.0 #4 for $1,100. It's like we've entered bizzaro world. Thats nearly halfway for what I paid for my 9.6 copy.
  13. Can anyone explain what's happening with DS collectors at the moment... The #6 went for $400 more than these two issues in the latest Clink auction!!
  14. How so, are you referring to anything in particular? this entire hobby is currently driven on hype. Me myself I love the fresh challenge, around a key period of books that I enjoyed when they first hit the shelves.