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  1. Not trying to impress you or anyone else for that matter, only to point out that your absolute determination of the lawfulness in question is at least lacking (the same way you dismissed the point I was raising). As Chris did a much better job than me in addressing the legal arguments I’m more than happy not to spend any more time on a mock trial.
  2. Well, if we’re playing LA Law or “let’s answer a law school exam” there are at least several other questions that should be considered. For example, I expect most written commercial sale contracts would have some type of good title rep. If a seller only has a contractual right to take title/possession can they actually make such rep at the time of entering into the latter sale agreement? Now, what about a case like our neck of the woods where the use of actual written contract is pretty rate; might there be an implied good title rep? Another question is whether the original owner or final buyer can make an unjust enrichment claim against the buyer turned seller. Finally, we’re lucky that at least one of the parties involved is from a continental law country, because now all of the above questions should be answered again taking into account the the duty to perform contracts in good faith. And I bet a diligent law student can spot a couple of additional issues.
  3. Have to say that as someone that actually read the New Defenders I dislike that cover because it had nothing to do with the issue. Angel, Gargoyle and Valkyrie weren't even featured in the story. Feel cheated by it. Obviously at least two people felt very differently than me.
  4. Just noticed what I think will be the highlight for many to watch the auction: Ralph McQuarrie original Star Wars concept art with X-Wing and Y-Wings galore, oh my: Given estimate is $100,000-150,000.
  5. What number are we actually talking about? As for the highest value options since ‘93 that come to mind: - Wolverine losing his adamantium in ‘93 (so either the interior page of Magneto doing the deed or the cover to Wolverine 75 ). - The cover to NYX 3 (2004) sold for $71,700 on HA sligfhtly more than a year ago; could be the underbidder would be willing to pay more today? - Batman Adventures 12 came out in ‘93. In the wake of NYX 3 several people on this board claimed they’d pay ridiculous prices for the cover. By happenstance, UXM 266, NM 98, Adjectiveless Spidey 1 and the like missed the train by just a couple of years.
  6. Sure, sure, sure. Or just do what a couple of guys from the Facebook MtG Art Market group did, a 12 hour livestream from their home, auctioning art, cards and other MtG stuff to the people of their Twitch stream.
  7. I’m not sure if you’re serious in discussing the logistics at this point, but your suggestion works only if there’s a readiily available, sophisticated market. Factually, no such market currently exists. Or maybe you were thinking owners would auction their beneficial interests on HA or CL (or better yet, eBay!)?
  8. Also, keep in mind you’d probably have to raise roughly double the winning bid because the funds you’d raise would be subject to tax as ordinary income. Of course, you’d probably want to do all of this offshore to avoid the regulatory issues and also the tax issues. But it’s a fascinating mental exercise and if you can figure it all out there’re a lot of wealthy people out there who’d be happy to talk to you and make you rich and then you can buy that DPS all on your own without having to share it with anyone. (And to be clear, I responded to Darren just to keep the discussion orderly, nothing more than that.)
  9. I reacted to Gene who asked about “a comic-con near you”. I agree it’s totally different when talking about collecting (you want to own the particular piece) and investing (you want the monetary appreciation). I believe you can find private equity funds that invest exclusively in fine art portfolios already today. Nothing prevents you from writing derivative contracts even today if you can find a willing counterparty (and if you have enough money you probably can). What you’re really asking about is having a public, readily accessible derivatives market. Others on this board are far more capable than me to answer that question, but I think that you need a sophisticated, public market for the primary commodity (the art) to develop first. The blockchain technology can facilitate that for sure, but blockchain technology is just a tool - a shinier, sexier, probably better tool - but still only a tool and we had similar tools for decades and we still don’t have such a market.
  10. Query: Can the suggestion have legs to stand on when the page in question probably doesn’t?
  11. Seems this didn't go unnoticed. Next Metropolis auction will have several MtG pieces (I'm guessing all were consigned by Spiderwebart Gallery which represents the relevant artists).
  12. You think collectors have evolved enough to the point where they can overcome the Bart-Martin-Milhouse Syndrome? Trigger warning: Destruction of a #1 comic book issue. Not for the feint of heart.
  13. For a while (several years ago at this point) he sold some of his art, including Flash Gordon and the DC HB line, through his website (he had a list of available pages and you had to email him). Then he let his website lapse but I just checked and he claims he’s working on setting up a bigcartel store to sell his remaining pages (see the Art Sales section Doesn't seem like he has an art rep and I don't know about what he had/has available in con appearances.
  14. On the other hand, we now know that Spider-Man himself won’t be in the movie because he died in Avengers: Infinity War. So the cover is now practically worthless.