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  1. Thought I'd give this one bump just in case anyone missed it, since it's gotten crickets response-wise so far. No worries, but just thought I'd check. Have a great weekend everyone!
  2. Got my latest back from the framer... had to switch framers as AC Moore, who I’d been using for the last several years is going out of business. Found a wonderful local shop here who not only took the time to match the exact frame specs of all my other frames for me, but they’ve agreed to continuing matching the AC Moore pricing going forward just to keep my business. Really fantastic customer service. I think partly it’s because they think the kind of stuff I’ll be bringing them is cool. LOL This Mike Allred DD page certainly is! And with this page, I had to rearrange my main wall some... maybe room for one more piece on this wall. After that, it’ll be time to start redoing the second wall and repositioning the art there.
  3. Hey all - it’s my birthday next week, and I’ve been striking out on my hoped for George Perez Avengers page from his first run... so I thought maybe I’d shift gears and see if I could find myself a smaller little treat like a cool Aparo Batman page. Don’t care if it’s from Batman, Brave and the Bold, etc... would just love some nice Bats action from the artist I grew up on! Thanks! Frank PS for anyone interested in following my weight loss journey, or picking up tips, advice and recipes if it’s something you want to make a go at yourself... check out my blog. May 2017 I started at 400 lbs, down under 240 and still going!
  4. Thanks! Megos were my guys growing up... bring back great memories! Plus as an added bonus? There's the second smile that comes from memories of seeing them used in Twisted Toyfare Theater comics, which I always found hilarious!
  5. Thanks, and yes... from Iron Studios. Just got it last week. I posted better pictures of it here in the statues thread:
  6. Finished the year by allowing myself one last (ok two last) indulgences ... vintage Cap and Batman mego figures. The Cap is 100% vintage, the Batman I needed to purchase repro gloves and a new sticker... but I was ok with that. Finding one with a vintage cape was really the key for me. The boxes are repro too, I just love presenting them that way. As you can see from the final photo, I’ve purchased the same repro boxes and hard plastic cases for all four of my vintage figures, and I really love how it makes them look! I COULD potentially fit two more up there with those guys...and I do have a great deal of fondness for the Iron Man figure, but I’m not sure who I’d chose for figure #6, so I might just stick with these four who were always my favorites growing up.
  7. Added this Superman statue from Iron Studios as a late Christmas present to myself. Just love the Christopher Reeve-ness of it all!
  8. Tons of great stuff here! Neither of these two pages are monumentally earth shaking? But both are deep-seated core soul-satisfying for me on several levels. Loved everything about both of these two issues... and I especially remember Spidey putting up that web hammock and waiting to see if Harry was actually the new Goblin... and then he appears in that glorious splash. And with the annual? To finally see Spidey with the Avengers? Like THAT... even though you know it will go so wrong moments later? It's so so good.
  9. Because he opened a case with ebay, I had to resolve it within a window or it would be a strike against my "top seller" status... so I sort of did have to do 'something'... but I don't disagree with you.I brought it on myself. But I did that by trying to be nice. He made a meal of it by being a sleaze. That's why I thought it was worth it warn people about him. Sad thing is, if the same situation happened again? Even though I know it's stupid? I'd probably react similarly... I HATE unhappy buyers.
  10. Here's one for you all... I real piece of..."work".... Sam Steffany. Ebay user: Samsosteffan0 email: I sold him a set of Avengers book in November. He lives in Hawaii, and as I've had happen once before (in 10+ years of frequent selling) a shipment from mainland US to Hawaii just sort of got "hung up" and lost in the ether for awhile. After 10 days he didn't contact me that it had not arrived, he just filed a claim with ebay (which is fine), but I replied and told him that the tracking shows it's still on it's way... and I've seen this before and it will still get there... and I apologized profusely and just asked for his patience. He said he understood and then two days later asked where it was. Fine. After a few more days with the tracking not moving, I took the number to my local PO and then told me what I already knew... it would show up at some point and just be patient. But the buyer was anxious and obviously now I was on an ebay deadline to resolve things. He said he still wanted the books, and honestly I didn't think it was fair to hold his money while he didn't have the books so I offered to refund him the purchase if he agreed to repay me once the books arrived. He agreed to that in an ebay message. Look, I know that was naive of me, but as a seller I was trying to do that right thing. Anyway, I refunded him, and two days later (of course) the books arrived. The easiest way for him to repay me was simply to pay me directly in paypal and he said he'd do that in the next two days. When he didn't I sent him an invoice... and I've continued to send him reminders off of that invoice as well as follow up emails (as well as ebay site messages) ever since, and since 11/27 he's simply stopped replying at all. Obviously he realized if he just ignores me he gets $80 worth of "free" books. Because eventually I'll stop and there will be no consequences for him. Well... he's basically right. Even if I show ebay his message promising to repay me I doubt they'd do anything, although it might make some trouble for him... so I might do that. But I will continue to resend that invoice weekly just to annoy him and remind him what a POS he is. More importantly, I can come here and save you folks from dealing with someone who will clearly take any advantage of someone else's good nature for a small personal profit. Happy holidays, right? I mean, no question... once I refunded him I knew there was a 75% percent chance I'd never see that money again... but I'd like to think more than 25% of people are decent. That's still a bet I'm willing to take. P.S. New message from: samsosteffan0 (91) Sorry for the late reply. I've had to work doubles the past three days. If you don't mind refunding and once the comics come in I will send you the money back. Reply Your previous message Hi - I'm so annoyed these books haven't arrived yet, sorry about all this! I'm being assured by the post office that they will get there... but I feel awful. I was thinking, would you like me to refund your money for the time being? And then when they do arrive you can simply repay me? No reason for me to have your money if you don't have the books in this situation. I'm happy to do that if you'd like. Whatever works best for you. Thanks so much, Frank
  11. It continues to amaze how EVERYONE gets a top 10 pick.. at least! I got my #4 at 22, some people are still getting that 20 picks later! The raffle is awesome! YOU get a top 10 pick... and YOU get a top 10 pick...
  12. I’m good. Really want that Batman statue but can’t pass up that Fastballspecial lot #68 If still available so that’s my pick
  13. So many choices I need to improve on. Dining is the one thing I’ve got down. LOL
  14. Hey all I’m out at lunch so I’m going to try to pick live at #22 so please give me a few minutes when my turn comes up. But WiFi is a bit spotty here so if you don’t hear from me no worries you can use my list. But I wanted to let you know I’m trying to do it live! Frank
  15. 22nd is the highest I’ve ever been, so that’s nice. But for the newbies in this? Swear to God this is true... even if you’re in the 40’s or 50’s or below... there’s a decent chance you’ll end up getting something that you’ve ranked in your top 10 picks. It happens ALL THE TIME. That’s one of the great things about the raffle, everyone likes different stuff!