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  1. Wow.! Someone’s going to get a heck of a bargain it seems like. The Star-Lord pop alone goes for around $20!
  2. Hi all - Trying to clear out some shelf space, so I've decided to move some figures! Everything pictured is in the auction, and it's all new and unopened! Bidding starts at $10, and bidding must be in $1 or more increments. There is a Buy it Now of $75. At any point, someone can just take the lot for that price, or if the bidding reaches that point that bidder is the winner. Shipping is NOT included, but will be at cost. Can't imagine it will be too much as these figures aren't very heavy. Payment by paypal only, please. The figures pictured are (from top left): 1. Dorbz Ridez #27 - Star-Lord with the Milano (Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive) 2. Dorbz #128 Civil War Iron Man Unmasked (Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive) 3. Funko Pop 2-Pack Bullseye / Daredevil (Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive) 4. Funko Pop #48 Rocket Raccoon 5. Funko Pop #52 Star-Lord (Amazon Exclusive) 6. Funko Pop #65 Dancing Groot (Hot Topic Exclusive) 7. Funko Captain Marvel Mystery Mini (Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive) 8. Funko She-Hulk Mystery Mini (Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive)
  3. Statue Collections

    That is a fantastic piece. Seems to me that someone would need to have an enormous amount of space or plan to center their whole collection around it with its size, though. But it's great to look at! Thanks for sharing your reviews as always! Great stuff!
  4. [CLOSED] Fantastic Four 1 6.0

    Such a sweet book! The only Marvel $0.10 Silver Age key! In fact, one of only TWO Marvel SA $0.10 hero books at all I think (with FF #2). Could be wrong on that... Either way... GLWTS!!!!!
  5. @rabidwolf we can work out later which statue I will receive for free in exchange for my helpful sales advice.
  6. For me, when I think of horrible covers I always ALWAYS think of this abomination. I just look at this and just think “Wow, this guy really gets what Spider-Man is all about”
  7. I think, and not to put words in @MDR123‘s mouth, he’s asking if you had even photos of what the statue’s looked like. You don’t have to take photos of the boxes, but maybe just posting stock images of each statue would help you sell them... as there are several versions of each of these characters out there, so I wouldn’t assume people automatically know what statue you’re talking about without posting an image.
  8. I'll leave these up through the end of the weekend, then up to ebay. But hopefully someone will grab them. They're really nice.
  9. SPIDER-MAN'S FIVE FANTASTIC FOES - $25.00 Tom Grindberg / Tom Smith / Joe Rubinstein Dynamic Forces - 2002 18x24
  10. THE AVENGERS - $40.00 John Buscema / Alex Ross Dynamic Forces - 2002 18x24
  11. Up for sale are two Lithographs crying for new homes... a pair of 2002 Dynamic Forces prints that we no longer have space to hang, so they're best off hanging up for someone else! Both were produced in 2002, and both have been in their frames since then.. so they are in beautiful condition. Please note, that they are pictured in the frames but the frames ARE NOT INCLUDED. I will be removing them from the frames and shipping them to you carefully rolled, bubblewrapped and put in a mailing tube. Partly because I simply don't trust trying to put a frame through the mail, partly because it's silly for you to pay to ship an inexpensive frame when you'll probably want to put it in something nicer yourself. But I will not remove them from the frames until they've sold... in order to keep them flat. The rules: Payment: Paypal only, please Shipping: At cost (which I imagine will be no more than $3-$4 USPS First Class shipping for domestic purchases). Returns: No returns please, unless damaged in transit. Any questions please let me know, but I'll provide all the info I have on each print with the photos below. Both are 18x24, and I do believe that they were printed on 80 lb gallery stock... but that last part I can't confirm. That's just what I recall from other DF lithos from that era.
  12. PAUL747 Feedback

    Purchased a big lot of books from Paul in his recent sales thread and it was a great transaction... exactly the reason we all like to buy and sell here. Great books and great prices, that are shipped quickly and securely. And most importantly, Paul is a great guy to deal with! Thanks so much!
  13. Closed

    That's an awesome book! Good luck with the sale! But I'm sorry... every time that I've ever seen that cover, the first thought that comes to my mind is..."Oh yeah, that's the book with the spanking gorilla cover." I mean... come on... there's no question that gorilla is just about to spank that guy, right?
  14. 2018 Collecting Goals

    For 2018 - 1 or 2 pages, at most. The things at which I'm always looking : 1. A Romita ASM page ... although finding something that I can afford and blows me away seems like an impossible task, so far. 2. My first cover - Probably something modern and Spidey related 3. A great FF or Avengers Silver or early Bronze page. Avengers page would need to have the big three. 4. Spidey Silver / Bronze pages. Good luck to everyone in finding the stuff on your lists!