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  1. LOBO'S BACK (DC, 1992) - $6 COMPLETE SERIES: #1-#4 AVERAGE GRADE: NM- Yeah, so... the 1990's. Hooray! The Golden Age of Comics.... said no one, ever.
  2. MAN OF STEEL (DC, 1986) - $15 COMPLETE SERIES: #1-#6 AVERAGE GRADE: NM- I have mixed feelings on this series. On the one hand, it's a classic Superman story, and a great read. But it's more about what it DID than what it IS that bugs me. I honestly think this series was the genesis of "reboot" fever in our favorite comic universes. For example, I think just while I was writing that last sentence, the DC Universe has once again started over from scratch. So... thank you, Man of Steel!
  3. X-51: MACHINE MAN (MARVEL, 1999) - $20 COMPLETE SERIES: #1-#12, plus variant copy of issue #1 AVERAGE GRADE: NM- This is a great late '90s series, featuring... uh... well... Ok. Here's the thing. I've always PLANNED to read these books? You know? They'd always be in a pile somewhere like "Oh, I should probably check that out at some point"... but I never get around to it. So I finally decide to give up, and just let it go. So here's the deal, how about YOU buy it, YOU read it.. and you tell ME how it is? Thanks!
  4. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700.1-#700.5 (Marvel, 2013) COMPLETE REGULAR & VARIANT COVER SETS AVERAGE GRADE: NM After Peter Parker took back his original body from Doc Ock in Amazing Spider-Man #700, there was a break before Marvel relaunched the title with Amazing Spider-Man #1 (volume 3) in the spring of 2014. In between they produced a series of books showcasing the return of Peter Parker — and this is that complete set! What makes this lot special is not ONLY do you get all five of these hard-to-find books, but also a complete set of the variant covers for each! So it is a 10-book lot in all! So included is this lot is: #700.1 - regular cover ; #700.1 - Klaus Janson variant cover; #700.2 - regular cover; #700.2 - Micro Federici variant cover; #700.3 - regular cover; #700.3 - Joe Quinones variant cover; #700.4 - regular cover; #700.4 - John Tyler Christopher variant cover; #700.5 - regular cover; and #700.5 - In-Hyuk Lee variant cover
  5. BLACKHAWK (DC, 1976) - $50 COMPLETE BRONZE AGE SERIES: #244-#250 AVERAGE GRADE: NM- Blackhawk was a staple of the Silver Age, with issues #1-#243 being published up through 1968. But the book then stopped until it revived again for this seven-issue series in 1976, spanning issues #244-#250. It would again pick up with issue #251... in 1982! It's rare to find these books in high grade condition, and rarer still to see a complete set of the 1976 books! UPDATE - Latest news is that non other than Steven Spielberg himself will be directing a Blackhawk movie for DC soon! Cue people losing their minds going after these books for a certain period of time! Fresh off of hearing that news, I immediately jacked up the price of this lot $0.00. So...I'm trying to capture that Spielberg speculator cash, as you can see.
  6. SUPERMAN TREASURY LOT (DC, 1973-1981) - $60 LOT OF THREE (3) TREASURY EDITION BOOKS AVERAGE GRADE: FN/VF You either love Treasury Edition books, or you hate America. I think it's that simple of a choice. LOL. Ok, maybe it's a generational thing again, but for those of us who recall buying these when they were new, there's always going to be something special about these books. Maybe CGC will figure out a way to protect them at some point! This lot includes three Superman-centric Treasuries: 1. The Amazing World of Superman (1973) - FN/VF This book was, I think, a special item produced in Metropolis, Ill in the early 70's and it's chock full of info on Superman. It has comic stories, articles, etc. But also this giant map of Krypton, which I think many of them usually don't have. This one has it, and it's still attached. Oh, apologies though. This book is actually BIGGER than a typical Treasury Edition, so while I will pack it carefully and wrap it in bubble wrap and cardboard, I don't have a bag/board that fits it! 2. Famous 1st Editions C-26 : Action Comics #1 (1974) - VF For those who want their reprint of one of the most important comics of all-time to be 50% BIGGER? This is the treasury for you! 3. DC Special Series #25 : Superman II (1981) - FN+ If this book was for ANY other movie, I'd discount it.. but the fact that it collects stories, photos and informaton from one of, if not THE greatest, superhero movies of all-time? It's a pretty great, underrated Treasury Edition. And one, I have to say, that I don't see around very much... so I have no idea how common it is.
  7. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN VOL. 3 (MARVEL, 2014) - $75 COMPLETE SERIES: #1-#18, Annual #1 (plus 4 variant covers) AVERAGE GRADE: NM This was an enjoyable and significant self-contained volume of Spidey books before the uneccesary but nowadays inevitable renumbering. In this set we got the introduction of Silk, the recasting of Black Cat as a villain (the first use of the character in years... and while a straight out villain seems an odd choice it's great to have Felicia front and center again in these books!), as well as the "more fun than it should have been" Spider-Verse storyline. All in all, this was a good run. Key Issue: #4 - 1st appearance of Silk Variants: #1 Skottie Young, #9 Rocket & Groot, #16 Ming Doyle, #17 What the Duck
  8. *************** MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS **************** $30 | Pewter Set: Cyclops / Wolverine | Gallo Pewter sculptures (1990) $20 | Pewter Set: She-Hulk / Daredevil | Gallo Pewter sculptures (1990) $15 | Howard the Duck T-Shirt (New in package) | XXL | MCC Exclusive
  9. *************** ORIGINAL ART / ART PRINTS **************** $30 | Wonder Woman - Steve Baier OA / Limited Edition (#25 of 25) print | Hand done enhancements by the artist $25 | Wonder Woman OA | 2014 - Omer Garcia $20 | DF: Spider-Man's Five Fantastic Foes | From 2002 (frame not included) $15 | Wonder Woman B&W head sketch | 2012 - Jeff McKenzie $15 | Wonder Woman OA on beige sketch pad | 2015 - artist unknown $10 | Wonder Woman print | source/artist unknown $10 | Wonder Woman print | appears to be a print, not OA
  10. ****************** VARIANT BOOKS ****************** $30 | Guardians of the Galaxy #1 | NM | 1:50 Ed McGuinnes variant $20 | Civil War II #1 | NM | JTC Negative Space Iron Man variant $20 | Wolverine Origins #39 | NM | Herb Trimpe variant $16 | Champions #1 | NM | JTC Negative Space Ms. Marvel variant $15 | Man of Steel #1 | NM | So Much Fun variant $12 | Super Sons #1 | NM | Fried Pie variant $10 | Thor #1 | NM | Michael Turner sketch variant $8 | Star Wars Doctor Aphra #1 | NM | Fried Pie variant
  11. ******************* 1ST APPEARANCE / OTHER KEY BOOKS ******************* $70 | Avengers #196 | VF | 1st appearance of Taskmaster $70 | House of Mystery #143 | VG+ | J'onn J'onzz solo stories begin $50 | Lois Lane #70 | GD/VG | 1st appearance of Silver Age Catwoman $50 | Superman #233 | FN- | iconic cover; Kryptonite rendered powerless $25 | Brave and the Bold #200 | VF/NM | 1st appearance of Katana $25 | Iron Man #54 | VG | 1st appearance of Moondragon $25 | Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2 | FN/VF | Death of Thanos $15 | X-Men Annual #14 | NM- | 1st appearance of Gambit (considered cameo) $10 | Avengers #200 | VF | $10 | Daredevil #105 | FN- | origin of Moondragon $5 | Marvel Team-Up #55 | VG/FN | 1st appearance of Infinity Gems/Stones
  12. ************************ #1 BOOKS ************************ $100 | Conan the Barbarian #1 | VG+ | 1st appearance of Conan in comics $85 | Black Panther #1 | VF | 1st solo book $80 | Ghost Rider #1 | VG- | 1st solo book $75 | Marvel Premiere #1 | FN- | 1st appearance of Him as Adam Warlock; 1st Soul Gem $75 | Sub-Mariner #1 | VG/FN | 1st solo book $50 | Inhumans #1 | NM- | 1st solo book $45 | New Teen Titans #1 | VF | $40 | Ms. Marvel #1 | GD/VG | 1st appearance of Ms. Marvel $20 | Invaders King-Size Annual #1 | NM- | $15 | Red Sonja #1 | VF | 1st solo book $10 | Master of Kung Fu Annual #1 | VF |
  13. ********************* CGC GRADED BOOKS ********************* $325 | Fantastic Four #46 | CGC 8.0 | 1st appearance of Black Bolt $90 | Invincible Iron Man #7 | CGC 9.8 | 1st appearance of Riri Williams $75 | Iron Man #118 | CGC 9.4 | 1st appearance of James "Rhody" Rhodes $60 | Iron Man #100 | CGC 9.4 |
  14. Welcome to my Spring-ish sales thread! I'd committ to a full-on "Spring" sales thread, if it would stop, you know, snowing here in Massachusetts for more than 2-3 days in a row! Sheesh! SHIPPING DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL: at cost (via USPS method of your chosing). I will aim to ship within 24 hours of receiving your payment! PAYMENT Paypal only RETURNS Returns happily accepted 1 week after purchase. Buyer pays shipping unless seller error. Check my kudos thread in my signature for the nice things I've paid people to say about me in the past. RULES Offers are always welcomed (and encouraged!) via PM, but please make sure you post in the thread to confirm any PM negotiations, because rules the day! NOTE I'd put this sales thread together for the recent Virtual Comic Con... and to save space I didn't include any back cover scans. But obviously if there are any books for which you wish to see them before your purchase, or if you wish to claim a book contingent upon seeing a BC scan... feel free to just shoot me a message and I'm happy to send along whatever you need!
  15. Ok, in an effort to get some Day 2 business going... time for another new deal (or rather THREE new deals)... SHOW SPECIAL #4!!! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SALE - Sunday 12:00 Noon - SHOW CLOSE EVERYTHING on sale! 10% off slabs! 15% off raws (including complete series)! 20% off art & miscellaneous items Stop by MY VCC BOOTH and check it out! Oh and by the way? The FOURTH, and most important, deal? ALL OFFERS WELCOME! Especially if you're looking to bundle! We love to bundle!