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  1. I think I follow you. It's funny, when they were ... wait are we doing spoilers here? Just in case...
  2. Sorry, we loved Wonder Woman... but I felt like that wasn't part of this Zack Snyder party. The great job on that didn't make me us any more optimistic about Justice League. If anything, it made us realize how well a movie could be done. But yeah, should have included that.
  3. The wife and I saw it this morning... and we both really liked it. And we both thought MOS was ok, thought BVS was pretty bad, and SS was awful. So we were really excited to like this. I actually had to convince her to give this one more try and she was glad we did. This is definitely the kind of movie I'll watch the heck out of when it's on HBO. Now, was it a great movie? Absolutely not. But it was the first time I felt like they did a good job entertaining me with the characters I love. DC hasn't solved the villain problem yet. But hey, Marvel for the most part struggles with that too. They've had a few successes and if DC can hit on something in that department in an upcoming movie... maybe there's a reason to be optimistic! As for whatever happens at the box office? Well... if it doesn't do well, as far as I'm concerned, they'll be getting some of what they deserve for what they put out before. And that's unfortuntate. But I do hope people give this a shot. For those on the fence, I think DC has made a solid genre movie here. Meaning, if you're a fan of comic book movies, you'd be crazy not to see it. Genre movies typically don't get great reviews, because they aren't always good movies. These can be summer comedies, over the top action pics, etc... that's what DC has done here. Nothing wrong with that. Keep them coming. Marvel has hit on a formula that has made, in my opinion, movies that stand alone as good movies that transcend the genre. Some of them are straight genre that you'd only see if you were a fan, but others that you'd recommend to people who don't like or know much about comics.... GOTG, Ant Man, either of the first two Caps (the first being a War genre pic, the second a spy genre pic). But there's room on the screen for both kinds of movies and as long as they're done well, I'll go see them. This was DC doing something well. Most people on this site will enjoy it.

    Here's a great buyer to add your your lists: mrfrankenstein420 He purchased a book from me on Tuesday, as I accepted his best offer. I immediately sent an invoice and when he hadn't paid on Thursday I sent a reminder.. simply that I had no problem if he needed a few extra days to pay, but please just touch base and let me know. Nothing until today when he sent this message: "Second guessing this purchase. What do you think?" I replied and let him know what I thought of that. Ultimately, of course, if he wants to back out I'll let him. I have no interest in forcing someone to purchase anything. But It's a PITA considering I'd boxed up the book on Tuesday night and had it ready to be shipped since then. But I'm going to make him ask again. He simply asked for my thoughts... so I gave them to him. But my basic thoughts are to never let him bid on anything of mine again, and I'd highly recommend others do the same with this clown. Even if he ultimately decides to keep the book, he'd AT BEST be filed under the "more trouble than he's worth" category.
  5. Honestly, I think if anyone has trouble chosing... I'd like to offer this as a much-preferable catch-all option. Cropped to the perfect ratio already, just shrink to fit. I think the tie will really class up the joint.
  6. As awesome as this teaser is, for those of you who aren't old enough to know who Bob Ross was... trust us old folks... this thing is like 500% funnier than you realize.
  7. FYI, I know some people think that the lack of a Rotten Tomatoes score means that WB/DC was purposely holding back on reviews (which is the very clear sign a movie in which he studio has no confidence, or one in which it hopes to just have a good first week before people find out it's not any good) but that is NOT the case here. RT has been debuting this new original content called "See it / Skip it" where they "reveal" the score of a movie each week, and this week it's Justice League. So the reviews are held back artificially from the site until tomorrow. This is too bad. May be a good thing for the RT brand, but it's not a good thing for whatever movie they pick each week.
  8. Can’t wait to hear how this turned out. Anyone with something of value to sell, wouldn’t have to use these ridiculous methods to sell them. The idea, however, of taking your books... splitting them up into equally “stacked” boxes... meaning each box is 25% drek, 60% decent stuff and 15% desirable stuff (or whatever)... would assure that he wouldn’t be left with just his drek at the end of the day. I’d have absolutely no issue with that method of selling. In fact it’s perfectly reasonable. But his current method means he’ll be left with... by my calcutions... exactly 100% of all his books at the end of the day.
  9. I meet a Comic Book Fan..!

    I’m not sure it’s that much different going to a sporting event... or your local comic shop. You share a genera kinship and community with those around you, but that might all on the surface. That’s good enough to cheer for a touchdown or home run, or nod and smile and say “ooh I love that book” when you grab something off a rack... but beyond that you might have nothing to discuss. Still, wether you’re fans, or collectors, or whatever... the more the merrier supporting the idea of comics in general. I’m even fine if people only really love the movies. Remember: a bad discussion about comics still beat a good discussion about work!
  10. First time customer for pressing

    That's certainly an idea I have no problem getting my head around.
  11. First time customer for pressing

    I guess I understand what you guys are arguing about... but to me the bigger issue is this - by my reading of the topic, why on God's green earth are we contemplating the pressing of customers! Especially first-time customers? That seems cruel. Signed, Your Friendly Neighborhood Grammar Policeman
  12. Lotquidation Sale

    Ed - please throw that Ultimate Spidey lot for$10 onto my pile. Thanks!
  13. Statue Collections

    If they're distributed in order (and I have no idea if they are... perhaps someone does?) mine is #2160/4000. So if that's the case... I'd think you've got some time.
  14. Considering how many people probably sign up at the last minute... that probably bodes very well for the numbers! Of course... I have no idea what the numbers of SS normally are, so they might already be great, or they might normally be 250 in which case you might already be basically be a huge horrible absimal failure! Seriously, though, for those who are already participating... make sure to remind your friends. People always regret not signing up after the fact!
  15. Statue Collections

    My first really "big" statue purchase arrived today... and I mean that in every possible definition of the term. For those who haven't seen this in person, the photos don't do it justice! And then here's my limited statue collection. My room is mostly comic art, but it's nice to have these as a great addition!