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  1. This is a great trailer! “B|tch, please, you’ve been to space”... might automatically be a top ten movie line for me. LOL Mysterio is a still a huge misdirect, I’m sure that’s not news to anyone. And yes... while I can’t imagine anyone is in this thread who hasn’t seen Endgame... just in case that is YOU... avoid this trailer! (and go see Endgame, for the love of Pete! What’s wrong with you???? LOL)
  2. Have to remember, that we could get some characters back — specifically Black Widow — if they go down the road of Secret Invasion at any point. For example, THAT could be the twist of the Black Widow solo prequel movie. It could be her pre-Avengers life, and maybe her entire life UP until we see her being abducted and replaced in a post-credit scene. In that scenario, much like the way the MCU handled the Infinity War/Gauntet story... “Secret Invasion” would obviously be simply a jumping off point for a very different version of that story that they would tell. Heck, it might be used ONLY to bring Natasha back... or the post-credit scene of her movie might be shots of various characters in the MCU being taken. That would actually be pretty cool. The one thing I know for sure is that whatever they do with the MCU going forward, I’ll plunk down my cash and watch it. I still remember so many people here (present company included, I assume... I forget LOL) being up in arms going “Guardians of the Galaxy? There’s so many more interesting movies to make than that! Who wants to see that?” They’ve earned my trust and faith 1,000 times over by now.
  3. Fantastic deep dive Q&A with screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely in the NYTimes... it's behind a paywall for non-subscribers (sorry!) but you get free reads on the site so unless you've used them up this month, you should be able to check it out... or worst case, wait until Wednesday... Avengers : Endgame Q&A With Screenwriters in New York Times
  4. From a box office perspective I have to report this was something we'd NEVER seen before (and we're old LOL)... we'd bought our tickets for a 9 AM show about 3 weeks ago, and when we arrived at the theater, on their screens they had the listings for all, I don't know, 25-30 showings for that day listed... and ALL of them were listed as SOLD OUT. I've honestly never seen that before. It was crazy. The sold out shows is the only thing that stopped us from getting back in line and immediately seeing it again. LOL. Oh and we were out of tissues.
  5. I've stayed away until today... saw this yesterday but needed 24 hours to decompress. LOL. My first reaction was that this movie could not have been more for and about fans of both the movies and the comics if they'd tried. It was 3+ hours of wonderful fan-service moments both enormous (Cap picking up the hammer) and tiny (Hope and Scott sharing a look after she'd called Steve "Cap") to pull two out of a list of a hundred. And I know it's time travel, so if you pull too much on any string things start to unravel... but they did a wonderful job of setting up the universe for where they want to go from here. They don't have an Avengers team per se, but since I doubt there'll be a new Avengers movie for some time... that's ok for now. The GoTG are in an interesting place with or without Thor... and they're set to start building a new generation of heroes at the same time they start to explore the cosmic side of things. Mostly though? Today I had this one overriding thought - and please realize that I don't mean this in the slightest as a criticism or judgement... but I feel sorry for anyone who didn't just love that movie. People might pick nits, or feel one character didn't get quite as much screen time as they hoped, etc... but if you're a comic fan and you didn't love that... I just feel sorry for you. Because that was made for you, and it was wonderful. And I'm not sure it gets any better than that. So while, like I said, people can like what they like, and criticize whatever they chose to... all I'm saying is that I feel sad that there could be comic fans who did not experience the same joy that most of us did from that movie. Because it was a memorable and unique movie going experience, of the type that those of us who were touched by it will remember for a long, long time. And I hate the idea that some people who I know love comics and these characters as much as I do missed out on what I experienced.
  6. It's certainly an eclectic grouping of comics and comic-related items, but hopefully some good stuff at nice prices that people will enjoy! Feel free to PM if you're interested in offering on several items in a package! PAYMENT: All payments to be made via Paypal, please SHIPPING: Shipping will be exact cost of USPS method of buyer's choice. Happy to ship internationally as well. RETURNS: Within a week of receipt of item *** COMICS *** $45 - House of Mystery #143 - VG+: 1st J'onn Jonzz in title $30 - Star Wars #4 - NM-: Death of Obi Wan $25 - Chamber of Darkness #1 - VF+: 1st appearance of Headstone P. Gravely $20 - Dark Avengers #1 - NM+: Midtown Comics NYCC variant! $20 - Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1 - NM+: 1:50 Ed McGuinness variant! $20 - Joker #7 - FN: Lex Luthor appearance $20 - Plastic Man #11 - NM: 1st Bronze Age issue! After 8-year gap since issue #10! $20 - Shazam #9 - VF/NM: $15 - Books of Magic #1 - NM-: Rare dealer incentive Platinum variant! $15 - Cage #4 - NM+: Art Adams variant! $15 - Edge of Spider-Verse Spider-Man Noir #1 - NM: $10 - Jonah Hex: Two-Gun Mojo #1 - NM-: Rare dealer incentive Platinum variant! *** LOTS/SETS/SERIES *** $50 - Reborn #1 set of 4 covers - NM+: Regular cover A (Capullo), and variant covers D (Jock), E (Cho) & F (Cassaday) $25 - Marvel 2-in-1 (2018) complete series, #1-12, + Ann #1 - NM+: Series led to the return of the Fantastic Four! $25 - Tales of the Teen Titans complete mini series, #1-4 - NM-: Series features the origins of new TT members at the time, including Cyborg! *** BOOKS/TRADES *** $20 - Daredevil: The Man Without Fear (1982) - NM+: These Marvel pocket books are hard to find, especially in near-perfect condition... which this books is in. Unread with completely unmarked spine, this looks like it should still be on a store book shelf today. $15 - Marvel Visionaries: Gil Kane (2002) - VF/NM: Another unread book, this one though shows some shelf wear (a bit of cover curve) just from the weight of the pages I think. But it's a great collection! Collecting TTA #76, TOS #88-91; Captain Marvel #17, DD #146, Marvel Premiere #1, 15; What If? #3, 24; ASM #99; and Marvel Comics Presents #116. $10 - Avengers: The Serpent Crown (2005) - NM-: More unread goodness! This trade collects some classic George Perez Bronze Age Avengers stories! In particular this arc is known as the time when Marvel revived Patsy Walker, a character first introduced in the 1940s and turned her into a 1980's super-hero - the Hellcat! *** MISC COMIC RELATED ITEMS *** $55 - Marvel Collector Corps Iron Man Statue (2016) - Mint in box: This statue is as exclusive as it can get with the this was what was called the Founders gift, given ONLY to those who subscribed to the program at the onset and never cancelled. Those who did so got a special annual "gift" and this was the 2nd one, this golden Iron Man statue. It comes sealed, unopened in its box and will actually be shipped in the original MCC shipping box as well. $20 - Superman Poster Set (1993) - NM: These three posters (plus the other pictured items) were all part of the promotion for the death/return of Superman in the early '90s. I've certainly seen individual items for sale but you don't normally see all of this stuff like this. So if it's your thing, it's pretty cool. $10 - Marvel ...uh... stuff - NM: This is a bunch of Marvel stuff. I mean that's really what it is. Some of it is cool (the Rocket pencil and paper, and the Hulk stress ball thingie), some of it is weird (the Avengers kerchief), but it is what it is... But for $10... it's all yours.
  7. Thanks Sha! It was a track meet... so no one actually has fun at those. Trust me, this is coming from 20+ years of collegiate athletic experience! But our son is enjoying himself, improving, and he's an ACTUAL Division I athlete... not one of those fake ones you read about in the news these days.
  8. Hope everyone's been enjoying the VCC! Been out of town all weekend but back here to man my booth for the last few hours... Take 10% off everything in for those who've been window shopping and would like to make a purchase! FMAZ VCC Booth
  9. Hey all - sorry but this looks like it'll be the first VCC I'll have to sit out after more than a dozen or so in a row! Our son has a track meet a few hours away tomorrow, and that'll pretty much take up my whole day with travel. If I get inspired I might try to pull together something really limited tonight that I could touch up on Sunday, but that's best case. Either way, good luck to those who are really putting the time in this weekend.. I think it's a great event for the board and I'm sorry I can't be doing my part.
  10. I'm awfully sorry that this seems to have turned into a "Boy who cried wolf" situation.... not that the OP was doing anything wrong from the onset, but he was dramatically jumping the gun with reporting lost books that early. But sadly, look where we are. So to you, OP, I just want to say I feel terrible. I do want to add that while I get why you'd want to reject the offer from CGC... may I ask this? Was it in lieu of continuing to search for your books? Or simply as compensation for your troubles? Because as many here have said, I do assume your books are going to turn up sooner or later. And when they do... assuming that they'll still grade them and return them to you, if this offer of a grading credit was their way of saying "sorry for our screw up".. then I think it's generous and appropriate. If they're trying to get you to, in effect, sign away the rights to your books for this credit.. then absolutely you shouldn't accept it. So you might want to double back to them and get clarification on that. If and/when your books do turn up, you should make sure they understand you'll still be expecting compensation for your troubles. Lastly? Take this for what it's worth... but I understand you're angry, but you are still dealing with a situation where you're relying on people at a distant location to go outside of their routine to solve this issue. Yes, it's of their making, but most likely whomever you're speaking to, or emailing with... it is not THAT person's specific fault. My point? Kindness and appreciation on your end will go a LONG way in getting people on their end to go the extra mile to resolve this for you more quickly. I guarantee that yours is not the only issue they're dealing with on a daily basis... and they'll tend to try to solve first the problems of those who've treated them better. That's just basic human nature. Good luck, and sorry again you're having to deal with this. I do think (and hope) it'll all work out.
  11. Agreed. I do all my framing at AC Moore (not sure if those stores are national or just regional), but I think they do a nice job, and the guy who is charge of the framing department at my local store knows me well now and has all my framing specs saved.. so it's a very simple procedure when I bring a new piece in to be framed.
  12. I wish! Nope that's the first (and only to this point) commission I've ever had done... by the wonderful Alan Kupperberg. What a nice man. We discussed a number of different ideas for what I would have him do, and when I finally said "what cover have you never done that you've always wanted to do?" he was SO happy.. no one had ever asked him that before! It just so happened that this is one of my favorite Spidey covers too so we really bonded over it and he did a fantastic job. The experience was wonderful, we became friends on facebook, and I was very saddened when he passed away just a few months after I'd framed the piece and put it up on my wall. So yeah, it's not the original... but it's a really special piece to me..
  13. Two things I've noticed from repeated watchings.... I'll put them into spoilers for no other reasons than sometimes people don't even like to read blatant guesses about stuff (which is all this is... although I feel pretty good them)...