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  1. fmaz

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    Thank God. I usually get one of those per year, and I was REALLY cutting it close for 2018!
  2. fmaz

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    Is it possible to put the deadline for signing up in the title? That might spur some more action (especially among those who might think this is a discussion of something that's either not open to all, or for which the deadline has already passed). Just a thought. Honestly? I'd love to get the numbers up... NOT because it makes it that much better for those of us already signed up ... but moreso because I know that people who don't participate are really missing out on a fun event!
  3. My college-age son and I both walked out and said it might easily be our favorite Spider-Man movie. Wife loved it too. After seeing it, it kind of clarified things a bit. Made me realize that (despite whatever grumblings and nitpicks people may have) the MCU movies have been a 10-year long gift to those of us who love these characters, and have grown up with them. The chance to see them realized on the big screen in this long, connected epic has been a once-in-a-lifetime joy. Those movies have been made by people who LOVE THESE CHARACTERS, and it shows. But Into the Spider-Verse? THIS movie is a gift to those of us who love COMICS. It may seem like a subtle difference but it's not. Watching MCU movies is all about "Yeah, they really did a great job TRANSLATING Iron Man for movies"... and all that. This is a comic book come to life in every good way imaginable. I think it still works as a great movie (as witnessed by the fact that it's getting such great reviews and all that) but at it's heart, I feel like this movie was made by, and for, people who LOVE COMICS.
  4. Um... whomever your Secret Santa is, I’m sure he or she appreciates your post and will be glad to know it got there safe and sound. And I’ll be sure to tell him that next time I look in a mirror. 😉 . P.S. What are you mailing to YOUR Secret Santa, a bag of coal? 😂
  5. I do wish people would realize that a big part of participating in this is sharing in the process via posting. When it comes to showing pictures of received packages? That's a wonderful way to let your anonymous Secret Santa know that his/her gift has arrived at your home safe and sound, so it is MUCH appreciated! And it goes without saying...immediately upon opening, please thank your SS!! Someone went to great lengths to pick out something special just for us... so a timely heartfelt note is the least we can do in return, right? (So ok, I guess that didn't TECHNICALLY go "without" saying... but you got the drift!)
  6. fmaz

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    Seriously all... the video is one of the best parts of this. You have to watch... it’s fantastic.
  7. fmaz

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    It’s the elves. You’ve got to get to the elves. And supposedly, they’re incorruptible.
  8. fmaz

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    I think somehow I’ll still end up picking around 75th...
  9. Just printed the priority mailing label... will ship tomorrow. Since it's only in a neighboring state, my person should have it in just a couple of days!
  10. Last looks everyone... i’m closing this at 10 pm est tonight so I can get things up on ebay by the weekend. Offers welcome, of course! Thanks!
  11. fmaz

    This Week Back From CGC

    Good timing with these showing up this morning, the day after Carol Danvers went full Binary in the 2nd Captain Marvel trailer last night.
  12. There's tons of good stuff here, people... for you or those you love on your shopping list for the holidays! Offers welcomed! Don't feel like dragging this out, though... so I'd imagine closing things up by the middle of the week.