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  1. Agreed! Seems like a grader who found out someone spit in his eggs that morning or something. You caught him in a baaad mood!
  2. Do you have the grader notes on that Batman #69? I agree that it seems like a low grade just from those two photos.. as that’s a really sharp looking book for that grade. Good luck with the rest of your sale! Nice books!!
  3. fmaz

    [CLOSED] comicsyte95's fall sale

    Hey Chris - Thor #337 New Mutants Annual #2 @ 25% off please! I'm sooo tempted on the the New Mutants #98... but I'll leave that for someone who really wants it. It's a great deal for someone! Lots of great deals left! But I'm past my spending limit. I'm already planning a sales thread of my own just because I'm spending too much. LOL Good luck with the rest of your sale!!! Books should fly!
  4. fmaz

    [CLOSED] comicsyte95's fall sale

    Add to my pile please!
  5. fmaz

    [CLOSED] comicsyte95's fall sale

    let’s add this too, Chris. Thanks my friend!
  6. fmaz

    [CLOSED] comicsyte95's fall sale

    Chris - those are some cool major books without covers, my friend! I'm sure they'll get scooped up!!! Good luck with the sale and hope all is well!!
  7. What the heck, too good to pass up! Night Force 1-14 $7.00 Omega Men 1-38 $25 Secrets of the Legion of Superheroes $5.00 Star Trek 1 (Marvel movie) $3.00 Star Trek 1 (DC) $3.00 Untold Legend of Batman 1-3 $7.00 (I'll take both of these) all of the above at 50% off, please Thanks so much!
  8. Very functional teaser. I don’t mean that, at all, as criticism nor really a compliment. Just more of a statement of fact. Aimed at the MCU fan / non-comic reader, the teaser says... Here’s this cool new character you’ve never met. She is some sort of warrior, she’s powerful, and while she is human she’s coming from outer space. But also, here are two of your old fan favorite characters. Nick Fury! Coulson! And the whole thing is set in the 1990s (hello Blockbuster) so that’s why we get young versions of those two. I think that’s enough for the first tease. At least for the establishing stuff. Hopefully next time we get some story, villains and Jude Law.
  9. Oh a poster would be such a disappointment. Don't expect a full trailer at this point, but a teaser would be great.
  10. Might be getting the trailer (or at least a teaser) today at Noon EST. Brie Larson tweet exchange with Entertainment weekly:
  11. fmaz

    This Week Back From CGC

    Very happy with this batch... a couple slight disappointments, of course, one real home run (last book..purchased from the back issue bin at my LCS a few months ago for $3!) and one baffller — the first book. It got a 9.2 and the grader note says “stain on top of front cover”. I STILL don’t see it!
  12. fmaz

    Upcoming Art Cons?

    Lol VEEERRY funny! Seriously though thanks for the info! I’m sure we’ll cab/Uber from midtown. No reason to try parking. And my guess is we might try to hit Clinton Street Baking Company brunch beforehand if we can get in, if not I’ve got a friend who’ve raved about Pig and Khou ... which we might try after rhe show. That’s assumimg I have any money left. I’m budgeting like $200 for a really nice Bronze Age splash page, and $300 for a Silver Age Cover. $350 if it’s like Kirby or Ditko or something. That’s realistic, right? 😜
  13. I don’t have a big collection nor do I see much in the way of incentives in the premium subscription ... which is why I’ve always stayed with the free. That being said? If there was some intermediate level? Or heck even if they decided to charge $25 for the basic I’d be all for that as i’d be happy to show my support.