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  1. I'm there tomorrow to Friday. An appointment won't work for my schedule at this point. I'll look into King's Comics. Thanks for the replies, folks.
  2. Weird War Tales ticks a lot of collector boxes for me. Kubert, DC war, DC horror, and a better appreciation of the series as an adult. So these are the latest run contributions. So many more to go....
  3. Any Californians know where to send me? I'll be there a few days, but I've got time to visit probably just one place. I'm interested in the city's historical importance as a collecting and hobby hub but mainly would love to find somewhere that sold the sort of things I just don't find in the Nashville area.
  4. I corralled another one, fellers. I improved the white in these scans just because it abets the fantasy that I am holding a copy fresh off the press. Regardless, it has nice cover composition and a really interesting palette to depict this bold, soon-to-be-bloody hunting scene in the old west. Thanks @oceans11.
  5. Got some nicely graded, fairly priced comics shipped straight to my door. Good all around, thanks!
  6. Bought a nice western from Don, good transaction all around. Thanks, sir!
  7. I see this tpb play out on reddit. People show off their trades and collected editions, even referring to them as their collection. To me that’s odd, but hey, to each his own.
  8. gadzukes hooked me up. Really nice interiors, and the Rangers especially have some really clean, glossy covers.
  9. Just got my Hawkman #1 from lpsunburst, and it looks great! Very pleased with the transaction.
  10. Well, it's arguable that what they think they have and what they know they have are two very different things.
  11. I'm confused. They had an auction begin last night, not end. Do you mean ComicConnect?