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  1. I will take at 20% off before the 40% vultures swoop in. btw, I love the sale idea. I did one like that, too. Makes it easy to just put up discounts and walk away when you don't have time to tend the crowd like a bartender on a Friday night.
  2. https://twitter.com/thealexrossart/status/1308142656283906053?s=19
  3. Master Comics #31, 4.5, COW, $255 Raboy cover. Pieces out of the front and back cover as visible in the scans. No obvious resto that I see, but I lack real skill and experience finding it tbh. Centerfold and cover intact. So I found this in a box of magazine and over-sized comics. I had forgotten that I owned it. That's the first time it's happened to me, that I've forgotten ownership of one of my most prized books. Man, middle-age just goes on and on, doesn't it? I took two photos in the afternoon sunlight, and made two scans. See below.
  4. I thought Old Guard was just terrible. Poor dialogue, weak acting, uninspired.
  5. If there's someone out there who's looking at this thread and thinking along the lines of, "These are kind of cool, but I don't know where to start," then this is the book for you. I'm surprised it hasn't sold as it's a very affordable copy of an excellent cover from the excellent Rosenberger. It's a beautifully composed drawing.
  6. Thanks, internet stranger, for buying my books. For the rest of you, thanks for nothing. (j/k, love you guys, thanks for stopping in and threadkarpping)
  7. While I have no juice in me for posting more comics, I did sell the primary books I wanted to sell. I suppose that means I owe you one hooker joke. Q: What do you call a Norwegian prostitute?
  8. Click any image below to enlarge it. Additional photos available for potential buyers. Strange Adventures #219, CGC 9.4, W, Rocky Mountain pedigree, $145. Note the date stamp. Super DC Giant #22, CGC 9.6, W, Top Guns of the West, $145. I LOVE this cover. Super DC Giant #14, CGC 9.4, OWW, from the Dallas Stephens collection, $125. Another really fun Western cover from Kubert.