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  1. Anyone ever been traveling and found themselves in a really ritzy shipping district and thought, "Man, I don't belong here"? That's what it's like for me here sometimes. Still, I always love Billy's threads, so I'll keep pressing my face to the window until someone runs me off.
  2. I missed B&B 43 last night. Went for under $100. I should’ve left a slightly higher bid. I’m really after just one book which ends, I think, Friday night.
  3. That’s great news. I’ve had a lot of anxiety around my own back issues, and as I stated earlier, my chronic pain took a toll on me. It’s good for me to read someone’s recovery story, so thanks for sharing and best wishes for an ongoing recovery.
  4. I lost some momentum during my mother-in-law's visit for our kid's birthday. She occupies my comic room, so I just have to go without my hobby for a few days when she is here. It's hard, but I survive.
  5. 1) Complete Hawkman #1, vol. 1. 2) GSX 1 in 5.0 to 6.0 3) Get some books pressed that I've been meaning to send off 4) Chronically overextend my budget 5) Make continued progress on Weird War Tales run. So far, I'm already done with #4.
  6. I managed to get 1-4 in nice shape as a cheap lot at some super-small LCS a couple of years back. I'll pick up most anything I find with a Francavilla cover. And as someone who always thought Archie was garbage, I've enjoyed the few Archie genre-crossovers that I've read. I'm reading Archie vs. Predator II now and want to pick up the first mini-series.