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  1. My LCS just put out numerous bronze keys, including a Hulk 181. Seller needed the money, and owner expects them all to move, those that haven't already, once stimulus money hits. He seems like a pretty capable business owner, so I expect he'll see what he expects.
  2. @PKJ @Cruzin' Thru Comics @lizards2 I can't get to the weird war tales. I'll send out invoices for the Sea Devils later.
  3. Heath really put himself into the covers he did for this run. Everyone understandably wants his war covers, but I agree that these deserve more attention than they get. Seeing these in person, even in low grade, is what sold me on them.
  4. Hey howdy, bud, hope you're doing well. You still have yours? You went through a purge yourself a while back.
  5. It's a nice-for-the-grade copy imo. The wash tones just seem to hold up well. It came from jimjum, who I think was selling it for another boardie. I considered getting it pressed, but I'm not sure you'd get much of a technical bump so I never bothered. The wash tones just seem to hold up well.
  6. Okay, that is it for now. I will work on photographing the Weird War Tales if there's interest. If I list those, I'll give a head's up as to when I will start. Thanks, fellas, for the morning purchases. I will clean up the thread shortly. Gotta hit the can first.
  7. Sea Devils #29, 9.2, $50 SOLD! Not noted as a grey tone, when you see the oranges and purples, I think you'll agree with me that it is indeed a wash cover.
  8. Sea Devils 22, VF, $38 SOLD One of my fav grey tones in the run.
  9. Sea Devils #14, VF/NM, $50 SOLD Grey tone, just not as interesting imho as the other 9.0 above so priced to reflect it.
  10. Sea Devils #10, F/VF, $15 SOLD Double cover (see label), grey tone.