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  1. At what point do you remove the "Hoarder" part from your name?
  2. Exactly, I never understand that complaint. buy a premium is just part of the price, and heritage lets you know what it is before you even bid
  3. I had good work news, and I'm splurging. A bit irresponsible, but we'll start putting into some home repairs and projects next month. I hope.
  4. A nice seller to work with, folks. Some of you are missing out.
  5. Man, I have no idea tbh. But it can't be good publicity.
  6. Define "so many". It would seem they've been willing to eat the costs of reholders so far, which suggests to me that it's a small percentage of their overall output.
  7. Anyone out there who's read these? I've picked up some LR's from Dynamite solely because Francavilla did the covers, but I do collect the character. I haven't read any of the new ones yet and am considering building the run (just A covers).