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  1. I've never experienced what I think you're describing. I have several on hand now and have been using them without any issue.
  2. Bought one more Eerie because I couldn't resist the cover, and I'm just as pleased this time around as the first. You can buy with confidence from Steve.
  3. I've never made an offer on your site that you've turned down, which suggests to me that I'm not terribly good at bargaining.
  4. It’s giving the moderators an excuse to can the thread imo, something Berkbridge has likely tried to have done already.
  5. I blame editors for that sort of malfeasance.
  6. Just imagining the blank stares you'd get with that statement brings me pleasure.
  7. Yeah, and The Daily Beast has a pretty clear slant to the left. So do I, but I really prefer news sites which leave that kind of thing to the editorial pages and not content. His Mister Miracle series was terrific. As a new parent who struggled with being a new parent and dealing with severe anxiety around parenthood, the series really resonated with me.
  8. An interesting read: https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-ex-cia-officer-tom-king-became-the-worlds-hottest-comic-book-writer
  9. When I was teaching at a magnet school, I brought a short box of old comics for my classroom, dime box stuff. A few kids were interested, until they got their hands on them. Turns out, high aptitude middle schoolers have a keen ability to detect drek.
  10. The worthwhile questions and concerns from OP will be lost as this thread, too, is now ripe for deletion thanks to the memes. Maybe lay off for a change and let people hash this out for real?
  11. I'm not going to have time to list anything more right now, so I'm closing shop and will send out invoices later today. Thanks, all!