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  1. Mike is a professional presser, and a good one imo. He receives packages daily, I would imagine.
  2. Agree with @ttfitzin that this doesn't hit the mark. And sorry for not being in the counting spirit. But I like sharing.
  3. The YouTube pundits are the worst. You see similar self-appointed technical analysts for cryptocurrency, and, I assume, other alt asset classes. They pull up some chart or table and proceed to b.s. elaborately. Bonus points for using a markup app to draw some lines on the screen.
  4. Reading Michael Allred books tuned me into the work of Nate Piekos of Blambot. If you're the sort of comic hobbyist who enjoys learning how different comic creators ply their trade, check out his site, https://blambot.com/. Some of the resource articles there really gave me a better understanding and appreciation of lettering. He has a guidebook coming out in October from Image Comics: https://imagecomics.com/press-releases/budding-comic-book-creatives-will-learn-tips-tricks-this-october-in-the-essential-guide-to-comic-book-lettering. So those of you who are already lettering fa
  5. My LCS had their first store variant, the Female Force: Dolly Parton. Living in Tennessee, it's not an exaggeration when people call her Saint Dolly.
  6. True burial vaults, treasures abound, King Tut would look like a pauper!
  7. I read maybe 3/5 of this last year and the remaining 2/5 this year. I love it. Thanks to @Bio-Rupp for selling me this beast. X-Statix Omnibus, Peter Milligan, Michael Allred, et al.
  8. I find the user experience of that site just too painful to use.
  9. It's bogus that they take final value fees on shipping, too. I assume that still happens?
  10. @Wally's Comics is this something you've posted about? Tbh I'm unsure why your name came to mind here. Sorry if it's a bad tag.
  11. I have half-heartedly browsed into episode 3, but then just browse away. I might check it out some time. Will definitely check out Loki though.