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  1. MetalPSI™

    I hate the new boards

    Letting James Dean drive my car, drove me over the edge...
  2. Well here's hoping that Kylo Ren turns out to be a real villain, and not some cutesy, easily lead, whiny brat. Or perhaps Snopes turns out to be the real nemesis, killing everyone and being a badass. You know what's missing from ADULT films? Some really bad mofo's. Walking Dead has been trying, but missed the mark with Negan. Can't think of any recent films where a villain has really stood out to me. Especially in the Star Wars cannon. Vader from the 4-6 episodes was pretty good, but of course petered out. I think the animated show did a much better portrayal of Sidious than the films ever could. I'm hoping for a 'Yoda taking off cloak and powering up lightsaber' moment from Snopes. I am really wishing hard he turns out to be the badass this franchise has been lacking far too long.
  3. I don't even want to get into metal genre's. Metal is metal, regardless of style or vocals. It's not meant for easy listening
  4. MetalPSI™

    Custom title

    Uh mine too....
  5. MetalPSI™

    DEADPOOL 2 (2017)

    Pretty sad you have to edit a screen shot to display in a adult forum, eh?
  6. I'd love to hear this on Imax surround
  7. Not that I am adverse to Zep, but still think this is a much better tune to use for this
  8. MetalPSI™

    Ghost in the Shell

    Waiting for BluRay for this one
  9. MetalPSI™

    I hate the new boards

    The picture for the link to my registry is broken ....... yet again.
  10. MetalPSI™

    Official Tick Appreciation Thread

    I honestly haven't been keeping up on moderns myself, but there is definitely still a cult following. Guess there is momentum for fans of the new show. Personally I never liked the live action Tick, and this new series looks terrible to me. I'd rather have another cartoon.
  11. MetalPSI™

    Official Tick Appreciation Thread

    Prices for #1 regs have been steadily going up the last couple of years for some reason
  12. MetalPSI™

    I hate the new boards

    Massive 502 error 15 mins ago here
  13. MetalPSI™

    I hate the new boards

    That'll show em