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  1. Looking to purchase the following books in Universal CGC 9.8 white pages: Amazing Spider-Man 134 Punisher 1986 Limited series 1, 3 Signature series CGC 9.8. Zeck Remarks along with Beatty sig preferred. Punsiher 1986 Limited series 1-3, 5 newsstand. Punisher 1986 Limited series 1, 3 Canadian price variants (willing to except raw 9.8 candidates as well) Thanks for looking. John
  2. Just ordered this of the Comiclink exchange. I’m hoping it’s still available. Had my eye on this book for a hot minute.
  3. I know what you mean. Limited funds as a kid. I had to be pretty picky when buying books.
  4. They’ve done it recently with another book. I think it was TMNT Adventures 1 (1988).
  5. Thank you @F For Fake. I have been fortunate enough to be able to inherit other peoples hard work.