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  1. I think there are a couple reasons for this. The rumors over the past couple years about a reboot have probably brought back interest from old fans and most likely new ones that probably realized that there was a comic series. This book is notoriously hard to find in 9.8 even though there are 41 of them (varying labels) on the census but they rarely come up for sale (25 public sales that I know of). Even though it’s not The Crows “first appearance” I believe a lot of collectors find this book more desirable than Caliber Presents 1.
  2. Latest #1 sale
  3. One down, one to go. Love this cover! This story would make a great movie.
  4. The first and second prints of aliens 2 have the same back cover. Here is my raw first print. I just looked on eBay and there is a second print with the same back cover. Aliens 2 second prints were printed in Oct of 1988.
  5. It will state “second printing” in the indica. Dark Horse did a good job on labeling what printing a book was. In same cases the back cover was also different like in the case of AVP #1. First print had a wrap around cover where second print had the standard front cover but the back cover was an ad for Give Me Liberty.
  6. I agree, this is a great registry set. And yes getting the other prints is going to be a mission. As of now I know there are a few #1 forth prints and one fifth print in 9.8. There is a #2 third print in 9.8 and I managed to snatch it up. It’s gonna take years if ever lol.
  7. Thank you! Yes, a very hard book to obtain. Even if you find one good luck on getting the person to sell it, lol. What’s funny is a I passed on this book (I knew at the time I was not being smart) three years to the day. I’m so happy I finally completed a first print set. Now to get all the prints in 9.8, lol.