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  1. Thanks for the heads up Mike! Had to upgrade. My 9.6 always made my OCD flare up, lol.
  2. I believe Zeck’s artwork was a major factor in the Punisher’s popularity in the 80’s. Still my favorite of all time. I always make it a point to see him whenever he comes to Baltimore comic con.
  3. “Going into the weeds” I personally think is the best part wether raw or graded. I have several registry sets. Some are just first print runs and others cover variants and follow on printings. I have an obsession with second, third, forth, etc prints. I think they’re cool, especially is high grade. What I consider when I want to slab a set is: number of issues, do I really care about the full run or just the keys, and cost. But like what Gatsby77 said, “Whatever makes you happy.”
  4. I have kicked the can so long on this book it was time to pull the trigger.
  5. Thank you! @Ira K Ill take a pic of all of them together when I get a chance.
  6. Those black covers are brutal. They show every flaw.
  7. Thank you @oakman29, took 19 months but it was worth it.
  8. Are you going to try and upgrade or get another copy?