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  1. Hello Matt, Im hoping you will be able to add the following book to a set Book: the Punisher invades the Nam: final invasion #nn cert#3739838022 Set: The Nam I understand this is a trade paperback and normally they are non-competitive or completely excluded. But I believe this is a special case. Contrary to what the label says “collects the Nam 52, 53, 67-69” this book does not contain these reprinted stories. The story in the book was suppose to be issues 84-86 before marvel decided to cancel the title. From my knowledge this is the only book in which these stories whe
  2. Looks like he already gave it a “good press” in the scanner.
  3. I would put them somewhere around the range of the #3 NYCC variant value. Not a mainstream book for the casual collector but a “must have” for a TMNT fan.
  4. Missed the DHC 13 on comiclink. When I clicked “yes, proceed” to confirm my bid my iPad zoomed in instead of processing my request. I was not happy but picked this up off eBay. One book closer...
  5. I knew Marvel was going to go variant crazy on Aliens. I’ll wait until they’re $10 a piece then I will grab them, lol.
  6. This right here is how I think about completing sets. That’s how I felt about the first Aliens mini series. Number 2 cost me twice as much as number 1 but I got number one on the cheap compared to current prices.
  7. @valiantmanI feel the same way about books. I generally wait till they’re graded by someone else. I have submitted books and gotten pretty lucky. But it’s just easier for me to get them post submission. I do have a pred vs Magnus TPB that is definitely 9.8 potential. I wish I didn’t pass on the one that sold on eBay. Oh well, hopefully more get subbed.
  8. Nice book!!! I love the Mask. I wish the movie followed the Ipkiss, Kellaway storyline. Probably would make a pretty good Netflix series. Do you still have that Predator Vs Magnus Robot Fighter TPB in 9.8? That Dorman cover is amazing.