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  1. Good points and I don't think that's Belit anyway, I think its the first mention of Belit. The Pirate patch leans Valeria to me. Valeria was a member of The Red Brotherhood of pirates while Belit was the queen of the black coast, unfortunately displayed as black savages at the time. Her hair color is wrong and so are the Pirates, they are white.
  2. this is Valeria from Conan movie (1982} and she looks/dressed like that blonde in the picture. lol
  3. its perplexing for sure, All I can think of is a misconception that it might be scarcer in high grade because of black cover and census #'s but I know that will change very quickly at these prices. It is a character that COULD have an easy positive reception on the screen but wow,.... lots of bucks flying
  4. I just bought this on Ebay, its an upgrade for my FF collection, I like store stamps. part of the story.
  5. I was thinking about that too when I saw the prices for this issue and Marvel created her before DC's White Rabbit and Harley Quinn, perfect femme fatale for the screen.
  6. Not that many Wasp appearances(compared to most characters) only reason I can think of for #60 And for #62 the Super Skrull is bound to show up soon. As you said MCU. plus Ms Marvel's early appearances are limited also ( bronze)
  7. Your right about the seriousness of her character. She was made as a bit of a fun parody. I can see where she could have an easy popularity on the screen. Crazy evil rich girl dressed sexily. Perfect for television and the movies. . She is romantically interested in Venom so that makes for quite a bit of appeal with fans and there are many.
  8. and the hammer fell at $710.00 ... oops
  9. funny, two bidders retracted bids, 400 and 600 $ something shady is going on
  10. This is interesting. Marvel team up 131, CGC 9.8 first appearance of White Rabbit already going for $400 +
  11. and the worlds greatest comic magazine (almost)... first time!