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  1. definitely rare in super high grade, but like all marvels from this time onward, easy to find in lesser grades
  2. Always been one of my Favorite Bronze Titles
  3. Hi, Can I get this new set added? Its "Marvel Bronze Age Hanna Barbera's" not too many, 7 short titles. You might find "Spotlight" confusing.. It's listed as Spotlight in Overstreet and the current set is listed as Hanna Barbera Spotlight but within the actual set the individual issues are listed properly. Title should be under "S" not "H" Dynomutt - six issues, 1977-78. Flintstones - (Marvel) nine issues, 1977-79. Spotlight (Hanna Barbera) - 4 issues,1978-79. Laff-a-Lympics - 13 issues, 1978-79. Scooby-Doo - (Marvel) nine issues, 1977–79. TV Stars - 4 issues 1978-79. Yogi Bear - (Marvel) nine issues, 1977–79. THANKS ! Sergio
  4. not that great, trying to squeeze all that into one cover wasn't a good idea
  5. Glad I picked this one up years ago before it got too pricey