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  1. Its free to all CGC forum members.... Here you go Deathlock72. Its easy to use, Just look up a title and view members sets.. Only requirement is they must be CGC certified comics. Set Type Detail Page (
  2. Hi, Can you fix the points for Dynomutt? Only a 6 issue title. I'm sure it hasn't been changed since the day it was first made, Thanks
  3. Looks like they tried to pull a fast one or (someone ripped them off) with the cheap reprint version of X-men 1. And like you said not making any money here. Lucky if they get some of it back
  4. Not sure if this has already been said but I noticed a man called Tom Whedon was a writer of some of the tales in the Spidey Super Stories run. I wondered if he was related to Joss Whedon and he is. Tom is Joss's deceased father. small world...
  5. That Kirby / Romita cover art is a gem !!
  6. Underwater Monsters and one who is quite handy?
  7. You brought it up and your worried about the effect its already having on the market, not me.. This is the FIRST regardless of how you slice it. Like most views it takes people a while to accept the change. Some will and some wont. Thats just how people are.
  8. I doubt it lasts for only a few weeks, its another significant first, long before Miles Morales and #11 is also the first Spider-woman. Those are big deals in this hobby.
  9. Close up of whats in those pantalones
  10. Tough decisions! Immortality, Instant death or the maw of madness.. can i sleep on it?