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  1. I am here. Kind of got out of comic books collecting a bit about a year ago. Just came back to the forums a few weeks ago to see what i missed. While im out of collecting comic books per sayi still into Marvel big time. Movies etc. Buy my favorite back issues. Will still be here from time to time to read what's up. Hope all well Bird.last i left your were buying a huge collection and selling it off.
  2. Glad I finally got there last year after wanting to for years. Even my Wife who is not into comics enjoyed the place. We spent 2 hours there. Was really cool. So sorry to see it go but kool of the donation.
  3. Loved it, was incredible. Havent felt like that since revenge of the sith.
  4. My only issue and since we do not know the whole story this may change BUT Venom is not Venom to me unless there is a Spiderman connection. Somehow Peter Parker needs to be involved or will never be a complete Venom movie to me. Will still see it ofcourse as a huge Venom fan , they could have messed with anything else . the look, tongue , his voice I would be ok i guess but again take out the spiderman element and its just not Venom . And before I forget the horrible way she said Symbiote . Ugg.
  5. Saw it over weekend, thought it was really good. Alot of fun . Not the best Marvel movie like some of the reviewers etc are saying but probally right behind the top ones for me (Avengers , iron Man , Clvil War, and Winter Solider) , But again was alot of fun and a good movie and would recommend . All I can ask for when I see a movie.
  6. The end scenes of this week were hilarious and made me laugh , great episode about the Mandela effect. But glad next week back to the mythology episodes and the current story.
  7. If the comic shop felt like they had to sell the least they could have done was document the sales so that they can be recovered. Comic shop did the wrong thing by selling but if thats the route they decided to take to get there money back atleast get info on who you sold books to . You know eventually owner and cops will be coming. Something dont sound right.
  8. Will say my reasons were just to get to meet some comic book collectors. My friends are all Sports or Music fans . We go to concerts and Yankee / Ranger games etc. Go to bars to watch Monday Night football or we get together to watch RedZone on sunday . we text through games( Text like crazy as ND lost Saturday) . Go to a club to see a band. But go see the new Thor movie , well either its with my son if he did not go see with his friends or by myself. I saw the Avengers a few years ago when it came out alone at a midnight show , None of my buddys like the comic book movies. But learned even comic book folks all have different taste so gave up that thought a few years ago.Still have not seen the new Thor movie , probably a midnight show next week by myself . And I am ok with that now.
  9. Had the same type of experiance a few times., Most relevant was joining a comic book group on meetup. few of us met up to talk about comics and have a few drinks and was a disaster. Different ages , Everyone collected something different. Like different comic companys , DC , Marvel etc , different genres. etc. I was talking about collecting bronze and silver age , no one cared , another wanted to talk about who was stronger superman or hulk , no one cared , another wanted to talk about a storyline like watchmen (No one else cared) . Another wanted to discuss the Marvel Cosmic universe and no one cared. i think met one more time without me and broke up afterwords. I have run into people over the years who find out I collect and its either , Yeah I got alot of old classic books like Death of Superman and Spiderman clone books or they say they have a collection and its going to put there kids through college and then they mention Death of superman, Brigade # 1 etc. I have no comic book friends , all my friends are connected to me by sports and music.
  10. Dont see this posted so sorry if it is . Was watching the news at 630 and saw that someone tried to rob Midtown comics http://nypost.com/2017/10/10/man-robs-comic-book-store-tries-to-escape-like-a-superhero/ http://pix11.com/2017/10/10/man-jumps-through-second-story-window-at-midtown-comics/ https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20171010/midtown-south/midtown-comics-window-jump He’s no Superman. A shoplifting suspect at a Midtown comic-book store tried to make like a superhero for his getaway — by diving through a second-floor window. He plummeted to the pavement and was soon apprehended. The wild scene happened when the man, who was raving and appeared to be high on drugs, walked into Midtown Comics on West 40th Street and Seventh Avenue and started going berserk on the second-floor of the shop, according to witnesses and police officials. “He was out of his mind and looked like he was strung out on something,” said store manager Jerry Gladston. “He was just running around and then dove out the window. “We see this stuff from the window all the time but never inside the store.” Police said the man reportedly shoplifted some merchandise during the escapade. When employees tried to stop him, he began ranting incoherently and ran around the store before busting through the glass and falling from the window.
  11. Dont read as much on this board like I used too but this thread is must read.
  12. I was addicted to collecting every 1st app or #1 from 1969 to 85. Back then it was considered a waste to collect bronze other then keys so think I was tbhe only one. . I literally had more then 30 Nova #1 . My favorite character after spidey. I still remember purchasing 10 Nova #1 and 10 Ragman #1 from the back of that comic book newspaper back then,. 20 comics for $10. I still have 4-5 Nova #1's back at my parents house. All ragmans are gone. Have to add that I moved to Nj from Staten Island around that time and left working in Manhattan and continued buying all the bronze but started grabbing them all at MC Comics in old Bridge NJ. Had a ton of back issues and alot of the treasureys . Would go by once a month to grab all the cheap stuff . and Bronze #1s were still cheap back then. Was sad when they closed.
  13. I worked in Midtown until 2005 so had to be between 1999 and 2005. . Probably wasn't literally ever week but atleast twice a month. I would go and spend my whole lunch there. Going through as much of the back issues as I can. And yes I probally grabbed them all . If there was 8 Nova"1's I would grab all 8, 5 ROM#1 , I would buy all 5 as long as they were a $1 or so. . I was addicted back then. I literally had over 5,000 comics. All bronze . Sold most over the years.