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  1. Jaydogrules

    TMNT #1 Club

    Granted. But I was mostly being colloquial to characterise what was generally considered soft results across the board in that auction. Congrats on your sale and profit margin. -J.
  2. Jaydogrules

    TMNT #1 Club

    Alas, even TMNT 1 was not immune to the horrid results that generally plagued that last comiclink auction. -J.
  3. The Chinese market is sizable but the stingy cut to studios still make it largely gravy to studios after the film's domestic and other international market releases that usually yield a much larger cut. Venom has made $250MM+ there but the studio only see, what, about $60MM of that? Venom didn't need China to make it a hit, though that huge BO there certainly superficially bloats its worldwide totals, even if the studio take is barely half of the production budget. I'm not convinced this movie shooting its China wad ahead of the North America release is necessarily a positive as there will be nothing to superficially redeem it should the North American totals come in as they are expected to (all time DCEU lows). -J.
  4. Jaydogrules


    Great books! -J.
  5. Jaydogrules


    That's a mighty fine 3.0. Big time congrats! -J.
  6. Jaydogrules

    Bigger Key: ASM 3 or 14

    ^^^ This. ^^^ -J.
  7. I know. But $40MM on Mon and Tues? Nah. You have Bumblebee and Spider-verse competing for the identical audience and Mary Poppins will own Christmas and Christmas Eve. -J.
  8. Everything I'm seeing is still in the ~$60MM range. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.syfy.com/syfywire/warner-bros-reportedly-in-talks-for-aquaman-sequel%3famp And that's still not good. Despite all the hype to try to make it seem good. -J.
  9. Jaydogrules

    Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Wow fantastic slabs and welcome to the boards! That virgin ASM 800 is especially -J.
  10. While obviously technically competent, this movie continues to do NOTHING for me. The storyline looks far too boilerplate, the actress is miscast and has absolutely ZERO charisma (which is why they are seemingly relying on Sam Jackson to do most of the heavy lifting in that department), and the film looks entirely gratuitous and expendable. Guess even Marvel can't bat .1000. -J.
  11. Jaydogrules


    Agreed. Perfect centering and deep colours. -J.
  12. Jaydogrules

    HULK # 1 CLUB

    Very nice! I say.... remove those staples, get the colour touch removed (it couldn't impact the grade any more, right?), and get that sucker into a blue slab. -J.
  13. Jaydogrules

    Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Based on your boardie name I can see why you would like these. Nice pick ups! -J.
  14. Jaydogrules

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Considering what the last couple copies have gone for, that was a pretty weak result for that 9.8 on comiclink at $30k. Although to be fair, there were LOTS of weak results in this auction across all Ages of comics. -J.
  15. Jaydogrules

    Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Maybe(?) But I rather doubt it. What continues to trip me out is the complete LACK of raw copies coming up for sale. Last bona fide one was seriously like two and a half years ago. And in that time only a handful of copies added to the census (at 36 now but that includes at least 3 resubs for pressing/sigs that I know of). That's just nuts. -J.