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  1. Jaydogrules

    Detective Comics #33...shift in value focus...?

    Bad example. Along with the other pre-Robin Tecs, the "value" is in the classic cover. -J.
  2. Jaydogrules


    That auction was also shilled. -J.
  3. Jaydogrules

    Superman/Batman Turner Supergirl Nude Variant

    The cover is reprinted from an interior panel of an American comic book (the story itself inside is also reprinted material). -J.
  4. Jaydogrules

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Keep fighting the good fight. Maybe one day that windmill will actually turn into a knight on a horse. -J.
  5. Jaydogrules

    Superman/Batman Turner Supergirl Nude Variant

    The German one is a reprint too. -J.
  6. Jaydogrules

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    People really need to stop crying about why 180 is worth such a small fraction compared to 181. It wouldn't even be worth that if it wasn't for 181. Everybody knows there's a meaningless, throw away one panel teaser cameo at the end of 180, and nobody would otherwise care if it were not for 181. Hulk 180 is a poor man's 181 and that's all it will ever be. -J.
  7. Jaydogrules

    Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Thanks man. Happy to finally be a member! That's a nice sketch you have by him as well! -J.
  8. Jaydogrules


    I think I had it at #4 on the last update but it would be first or second now. That was definitely a blockbuster sale. -J.
  9. Jaydogrules


    Depending on when you sold it most likely was at the time. I have always thought that is Campbell's best cover, and I expect it to always be his top 1 or 2 highest value books because of that. Plus, that book in blue 9.8 grade doesn't often come to market. -J.
  10. Jaydogrules


    I saw that too. A strong sale, although about $300 below the all time GPA high of $4500 (although, granted, when that sale happened it was about $1k over the prior GPA high). Didn't you sell yours? I also saw an X 23 1 Dell'otto sell for $1800 a couple days ago, which is a high for that book. -J.
  11. Jaydogrules

    Venom Movie

    Yes. Ultimate Venom. Prior rights agreements have forced almost all of these movies to deviate from their source material, if not all of them. However strict adherence to source material is far less important to me than delivering an interesting and exciting movie and from the early looks of things Sony has done that, and from early tracking it will be a big hit for them. And Venom has no spider powers that I've seen from the trailers. Only tendrils, not webbing, and they don't show him climbing any walls. -J.
  12. Yes, referring to the costume he puts together in Avenging (which, again, we actually have already seen in an out of continuity cameo in DD 21 as well as in a flash forward in ASM 700). -J.
  13. These look nice. What grade would you have given the 667? I see a few colour breaking spine ticks on the back cover (not uncommon for the book) and one noticeable one on the front. -J.
  14. No, you're actually wrong. As I correctly stated, Avenging was realeased the same day as ASM 700 (both December 26, 2012): https://mobilestore.marvel.com/Avenging-Spider-Man-2011-2013-15-1/digital-comic/28109 https://mobilestore.marvel.com/Amazing-Spider-Man-1999-2013-700/digital-comic/28117 However continuity wise Avegning takes place after the events of ASM 700 (obviously), contains the origin of SSM as well as the first time he names himself, and dons his suit (which he tweaks and "perfects" by the end of Avenging, but a costume change of a character is not a new "first appearance"). ASM 698 he is still impersonating Spider-Man, he does not establish his new identity until his mind switch is completed in 700 and he believes Peter and his mind to have died in his old body: https://www.cbr.com/avenging-spider-man-15-1/ "....the end of “Amazing Spider-Man” #700 left us with essentially a new character who had, in the classic Spider-Man tradition, learned a lesson about responsibility." And yes continuity DOES matter. Comic books are by their very nature a sequential story telling medium. Pedantic arguments for a "first appearance" rather than substantive ones almost always look agenda driven. -J.
  15. Nah. This is just him in the final costume he made in that issue. He was "Superior" before this and then went on to make the costume. -J.