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  1. Huh? This is still just as weak and inconclusive now as it was 15+ pages ago, and it has already been explained ad nauseam why. This is the epitome of tilting at windmills. -J.
  2. Both threads have already been linked in this thread. I don't have time to comb back through them to find specific pages, sorry. But I will summarize it the primary talking points: 1) The 1:100 variant was not announced by Marvel for the #667 issue until the day of the original dealer FOC (final order cut-off). Marvel then extended the FOC by just one week for retailers to consider re-opening their accounts to order that one book, if they even qualified to order it (few did and fewer bothered). Normally dealers get several weeks, if not months advance notice and previews of what's coming out, and time same to order, but for this one variant, they only got one single week; 2) There was already a previously announced variant for the same issue with a different and competing ordering qualification. None of those orders would qualify for this variant (hat tip Bababooey); 3) As a result, orders for less than one case pack of the issue were received, hence only.one case pack was printed and distributed. The case pack size for this particular issue was about 225 copies. 4) Many of the copies printed were shipped with severe back cover and spine damage, the worst of which were never distributed to retailers, and there were no replacement copies produced or distributed, thus further suppressing surviving copies; 5) This unprecedented confluence of events, on the top Marvel character and title, resulted in most dealers initially not even being aware of the book's existence, not to mention collectors, who saw no "advance pre-sale!" opportunities on Ebay. Which is why, even now, nearly ten years later, there are still under only 50 copies on the census, and just a handful of recorded sales, despite being a five figure modern, and you look at books that literally came out a few.months ago, like that D 23 Marvel 1000 for the most recent example, a book with supposedly only 500 produced and distributed, with already 200+ copies on the census. -J.
  3. A raw, mid-grade beater went for $2250 back in September. -J.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Amazing-Spiderman-667-Variant-Dell-Otto-SUPER-RARE-Comic-Book-Spider-Island/283726378713 -J.
  5. True.... But I think the prize may have gone to FF 48 last year.. -J.
  6. Or... 5) Are privy to facts and contacts that you are not. -J.
  7. Kind of hard to tell from these pics. I do see some of the back cover issues common to the book though- colour rubs and a few spine ticks. But not anywhere near as bad as some others I've seen. You might be spot on with your 9.0/9.2 estimate. Congrats again on the find. Did the guy have anything else like this in those long boxes? -J.
  8. No. There is also nearly a decade of established rarity on the secondary market, only a handful of sales and just a few dozen copies ever graded. My conversation with the Marvel liaison merely confirmed years of what I and others had previously estimated. And, with all due respect to you (and no respect to the same career trolls already crawling out of the woodwork here)... I don't care if you believe it, or not. -J.
  9. Nice find. You should check Ebay/GPA to see what genuine copies of these go for. (*spoiler alert- A lot. Lol) Post some pictures of the back and front ourside the bag if you would like an assessment of condition. -J.
  10. Of course the number is right. Straight from the horse's mouth and backed up by nearly a decade of established rarity on the secondary market. The "documentation" is with Diamond, and was communicated by the Marvel liaison to me. Of course he wasn't going to email me something direct and official, don't be naive. And even if he did and it was posted, some schmuck troll would just say it was either not good enough or "fake". -J.
  11. Yes it's rare. Only about ~225 printed and distributed. This, according to the main Diamond liaison for Marvel Comics. May I ask how you came upon this particular copy? And some pics of the front and back cover outside the bag would be helpful. -J.
  12. Grab this... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Venom-Along-Came-A-Spider-1-CGC-9-8-First-Hybrid-Appearance/372865507422?hash=item56d084205e:g:-WcAAOSwgo9d6T4r -J.