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  1. You're still making arguments against things that no one has said. -J.
  2. Opinions, opinions, opinions. You've made yours very clear at this point. Time to move on. -J.
  3. If you're looking for only a 9.8 modern in a raw you can easily carpet bomb Ebay and still come up empty. -J.
  4. Congrats on that TMNT 1, 9.4 pick up my man ! So does this mean you're out of the big gun variant game? -J.
  5. *yawn* Wake me when the studio actually announces something official. (A spin off movie to WB's by far worst performing DCEU movie to date... can't wait!) -J.
  6. Yes of course. After ten years... "This time will be different". (Also, this has nothing to do with predictions of box office returns ) -J.
  7. That isn't what I said. "Your statement of what is not reasonable is, in fact, a statement of opinion." -J.
  8. So I take it you don't like any of those X men 1 5.0/5.5's on Ebay that are at or around your price range ? -J.
  9. People do it all the time and will continue to do so, despite your opinions. -J.
  10. Your statement of what is not reasonable is, in fact, a statement of opinion. -J.
  11. You just made an argument for why a person cannot know EXACTLY how many were printed. Which is not a claim that anyone has made. You did not, however, make an argument for why a person still cannot reasonably estimate numbers based on the information he does have. You have merely stated as an opinion why you believe someone should not do that. You are entitled to that opinion. -J.
  12. And this would be your opinion. Hope you're aware of that. -J.