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  1. To be clear, the actual first appearance is fantastic four #1 (1961). But fandom, which is pretty darn authoritative, does not mention anything about UF 4 in any of its notes for the "first appearance" of "the maker" (Reed Richards). https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Reed_Richards_(Earth-1610) -J.
  2. I saw that sale and noted it mainly because it was about twice as much as what another 9.8 sold for a few weeks before. Really need to update this list soon. -J.
  3. Still cant believe how young that dude is, relative to his artistic development. -J.
  4. It is a trifling sum. It also wouldn't be the first time someone sold a fake or a probable fake for a small amount of money either. After considering it further, the fact that he is so spot on with the pricing on ALL the other, lesser books, evidently knows what those are worth, but is so spectacularly off with the only one that matters, is the final nail in the coffin with me. -J.
  5. I can only speculate like any one else. Ebay isn't exactly a bastion of integrity. My guess, the seller sold a fake. -J.
  6. So he knows a 606 sketch campbell is worth maybe $100 raw but is clueless that a 667 Dell'otto is worth $6000 raw? Funny how he seems to more or less nail the pricing on all his other books but that one, ain't it ? Lol -J.
  7. I considered that possibility as well, until I looked for his ASM 648/678/688 and did not see any of those, which means he either did not have those(meaning he was not a comprehensive ASM variant collector), or knew to parse those out. And if he knew to parse those out, he would also have known he had a sparkling copy of the most valuable book printed in the last 35 years or so, on his hands lol. Also, the fact that he knew enough about the book to keyword "Dell'otto", is a red flag to me. The probability that someone would know about "Dell'otto" and would know nothing about his most famous and valuable work, nearly ten years on, seems just this side of nil to me. Just like all those people getting those AF 15's on Ebay for $300. -J.
  8. Lol given that there are two other listings on Ebay for around $15k, it's pretty hard to swallow the notion that A) the copy is real, and/or B) the seller did not know what he had. It's getting to the point where I wouldn't even suggest someone try buying one of these raw. -J.
  9. Perhaps CC just hasn't been notified to remove it from their site yet. (?) -J.
  10. Wow very pretty. Are you nominating these for the list ? -J.
  11. When and where did the artist and writer say that, exactly? (And FTR, that still wouldn't stop it from being an Easter egg.) -J.
  12. More like an Easter egg. But it's still a first appearance (of the characters' likeness at the very least). -J.
  13. Holy cow what a glorious after thought lol. -J.
  14. Different Torch and Namor wasn't a Timely creation. -J.