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  1. So you're saying when there's a CFO that the CF decided to GTFO?
  2. Well, that was a good question to ask, so I appreciate that. The distinction it important between what's material and not.
  3. And I wanted to include the original statement I was responding to with my commentary.....see above yours. It was warning people discussing the topic were opening themselves up to legal jeopardy by making factual observations about the listings. That needed a response.
  4. "Tangential Puffery" is not a "Material Misrepresentation" and vice versa. So you're right that some tangential commentary unlikely to be material or induce action by the buyer isn't an issue. Inducing someone to buy through fraudulent misrepresentation of some key piece of information, that they may not have acted free of, is always going to be a problem for a seller however.
  5. What's your cat into? McFarlane? Herriman? or would that be too on the nose?
  6. The closest I ever got was watching Russ Cochran bidding on animation art on behalf of clients....and just wouldn't lower his bidding paddle.
  7. If it's imaginary money then go really big....When asked "How Much?" Just say "ALL OF IT"... it is the only answer.
  8. Love the Ditko Idea ......that's perfect. If I had the choice of comic creators from a certain era in their careers, there are lots of great choices, my #1 choice would be: Neal Adams circa 1972 Batman, Robin and the Batman Family vs Brian Bolland circa 1988 Joker, Two-Face, Riddler, Catwoman, Penguin in an Anchorman style street brawl battle royale.
  9. To keep it consistent we can go with Batmanz-Nutz-Fan