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  1. Having dealt with Spencer since the late 90's here is my advice: He's a one man show with tens of thousands of pages in inventory at any given time. If you attempt to purchase items during his famous year-end sales you are in good company. From past discussions with Spencer I know he receives orders from several hundred collectors and those orders amount to several thousand pages. He takes the orders in the order within which they are received. This is where the delay in response will occur. The reason being, Spencer is an artist's representative, he's not a dealer. The items he sells are not his property. That means various artists may or may not have some or all of the listed inventory in THEIR possession and their availability must be confirmed on a piece by piece basis. Some of these artists are local to him but most are scattered around the globe. For the international artists he tries to keep as much of their inventory on hand as possible, but that is up to the artist to decide. Some reps have several employees, and others mandate all their artwork be kept in house. That may speed their response times. Many other reps don't have 50,000-100,000 pages in inventory at all times which also helps speed response times. Spencer goes through each order as I noted, confirming availability, invoicing and confirming the order, buyer by buyer. The dramatic nature of some of the discounts during his holiday sales are such that a feeding frenzy occurs with several potential buyers for each piece and an enormous order volume. Those discounts, however, are worth the patience they demand from the potential buyer. Aside from his annual sales Spencer has also begun, in the last few years, traveling to various conventions across the country and selling artwork there. If you happen to place an order while he's on the road he may not be able to get back to you substantively until he returns, runs inventory, and can confirm the piece(s) in question are still available. If you find yourself unable to get a response to an order I'd wager it's a situation of high order volume during the sale, or artwork being in the hands of the artist and its availability needing to be confirmed, or the artwork was part of the inventory taken to a convention and again its availability needing to be confirmed. So I wouldn't assume you're getting "roadblocked" by the rep in this situation, there are myriad potential reasons for any delay. When it comes to Spencer I always know he's someone I can trust explicitly in every single dealing I've ever had with him and that, in and of itself, in invaluable in this hobby.
  2. He's been more selective but he's done a bunch of work for collected editions, dredd, DC, etc. I think his last long run of consecutive covers was Jack of Fables, but after that he did a cover here and there for a bunch of different titles and publishers.
  3. I know he went all digital more than 20 years ago, but Brian Bolland still has the technical skill and "spark" to his work.
  4. Zero chance you're 60, Scott. 50 I might believe. You're just trying to work your way into this "geezers competition" aren't you?
  5. Loved the series. A little disappointed they had such a forehead slapping piece of horror movie logic towards the end to set up the ending, but they didn't do it as much as many shows have in this genre, so it's still a huge step above.
  6. Michael Bay & Shia LeBouf have rendered Transformers destroyed for all time.
  7. Those were ALL tremendous pieces but these in particular stole my heart. The humor of the AH! strip poker scene in this DPS has stayed with me. Tradd Moore's Surfer is going to be one of those perfect storm moments in comics that's looked back on as something really magical. Sorry I didn't get any of it. And that Santucci.....Como Sei Bella.....
  8. Godzilla getting rolled into the Shogun Warriors toy line was brilliant....and Shogun Warriors is BY FAR the best toy line in Gene's hierarchy of toys.
  9. Perhaps you'd appreciate it more if you could get your hands on a digital version of Rom...perhaps on a Netflix DVD you can order for the next time the stage coach rolls through town. Be nice to was a rhetorical question....dammit.