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  1. We've seen this seller, and that buried disclaimer before. The title reads NOREM PAINTING.... but the description states: These works are being sold "as is/in the manner of the artist", and due to no official paperwork/provenance; Ebay states I have to list these works as "in the manner of the artist, after the artist, school of, or a tribute piece"
  2. The Norem is 1,000% not right. It's not even close really. The texture and colors and details are all off.
  3. Hey...that's me!! I really disliked TLJ but for none of the fanboy/troll reasons. It's just a really really bad but really really expensive to make and really really technically well produced turd of a film.
  4. I noticed it in the last 10-12 years before he passed. I have to look in the old magazine ads they used to run selling prints...they offered sigs there too, but that was in the 90's.
  5. Agreed, are several non-SS out there on books, mags and posters...but he was charging a solid $250 each for sigs through his site and on mail order of his prints, books and posters for many years. So it's never been a really "easy" or inexpensive signature to get.
  6. The mohawk, cornrow, flat top, and buzzcut communities seemed to like it as well. The bowl cut and "never letting my girlfriend cut my hair again" votes are still pending.
  7. Well, Reed may be coming back but he hasn't been introduced along side the current roster of characters and the characters that will take part in the ongoing films. Given the failure of, basically, all of the FF films to date (either box office, storytelling, or both) without an actor being cast as Reed, or a box office track record, or fan reaction to the character it would be a risk of multiple billions of dollars worth of structured universe building and momentum to not center the universe around a character that's already shown the ability to be a standout financial success. Had they already introduced Reed, gauged fan and financial reaction then I could see it working. We're just too far away from that happening to jump to making him the centerpiece. Letting the universe lie fallow for the years it would take to develop Reed in the MCU is a handicap and a risk that I can't imagine anyone at Marvel Films would be eager to take. Iron man was a risk to center the entire universe upon and if RDJ's first film wasn't a blockbuster success the universe center would have most likely shifted off of him.
  8. Well, the 4th or 5th best Deathdealer painting went for $1.8 million with a significant amount of live bidding activity, and Egyptian Queen is by most estimates a more popular and better piece than DD #6