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  1. I think that's probably because when people pick up a Star Wars book they want to see the characters look like they did in the film, they like familiar poses, expressions, and anything else remotely nostalgic or familiar because the comic has several films as a basis with real life actors playing the roles. Now, if those Star Wars artists drew Han Solo using Stone Cold Steve Austin as his model/reference, or Princess Leia using Jenna Jameson porn screen caps for her face I would expect some outcry.
  2. I think that’s because the March issue dates coincided with December release dates, so the March 1964 date is actually December 1963...falling before the leap year February date could occur.
  3. I think you nailed it...that last analysis put us, as a group, over the top.
  4. You started this. You woke all my personal trolls up.....
  5. The failure of the ignore function is also the perfect reminder of why it's employed.
  6. Catching GG up by releasing the official transcript.
  7. Time travel is always on the table. As soon as I figure it out all these pieces at auction being sold for six/seven figures will be from my personal collection.
  8. I’ll remember that the next time I put together a contract to set the terms of a discussion of the Comics I read in a 12 month span, just in case anyone assumed I could do that without binding legal documents. I will give you the plaque for out-nerding the horde here. No one group misses the point more than we nerds seeking validation of our rightness, myself included Ps. 364 days is less than a year, right?
  9. Not to lose the spirit of the point (a fabulous page from Spidey's first year on the ASM title) but since there's a heavy investment in busting my stones tonight, it led me to a wonderful resource I had forgotten about. Mike's Amazing World. They took the time to painstakingly research the actual street release date for many multitudes of comics from the past. That includes ASM. spider-man ASM 1 On Sale Date: December 10, 1962 ------ ASM 10 On Sale Date: December 9, 1963 In case you don't trust Mike....they got the information on release dates from the Library of Congress. 364 days apart, LESS THAN A YEAR ....will you look at that....huh. Whattayaknowaboutthat?