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  1. The spike over the last couple years makes me think I should consider selling my extra #1 9.8.
  2. Does that mean the stuff you deal in is antiquarian....or you're antiquarian?
  3. A little less on the "you'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy" language and A little more full disclosure of the important details would have been appreciated. I agree with you.
  4. And banning isn't something that's requested. Banning is imposed, not invited. And the record of the persons and items noted here should also stand, unabridged. Far too easy to pretend this didn't happen. Doing so allows for the possibility these could end up for sale somewhere else and without this thread a simple google search away. I would rather not have these boards and moderation be unwittingly complicit in whitewashing the actors and actions in this case which would only provide cover for this to be repeated elsewhere.
  5. My goodness...the level of design skill and technical proficiency it takes to create a piece this intricately detailed yet delicate is REALLY impressive.
  6. Agreed. Either way....the thread should stand. No reason to erase the record.
  7. Why would an innocent mistake, which you've rectified with refunds voluntarily, mandate a ban of your account and "delete any mention of" you? I am not sure that banning and deleting any mention of you and these items would be something the CGC boards would request or seek.
  8. Oh that's badass!!! Love this cover and this era for DC comics.
  9. I remember being so impressed with Joe's retention of skill and ability well into his 80's that I wanted to get a commissioned piece by him that demonstrated that his skills were at full power at an age when most people had already been slipping for decades. He inked this piece over Ron Frenz pencils at the age of 82.
  10. Makes sense. It's from that later era where all the pinups were recognizable.