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  1. Nice books! Someone is looking for a USA #6 on the WTB forum
  2. That's a lot of ASM 129 ... hoarder!
  3. Hello and welcome! Just 1 slab for sale. Zatanna #16 CGC 9.2 (Hard to find and not that many in the census) I have bought and sold here in the past. Here's my feedback thread: Rules 1) 1st "i'll take it" in this thread or in PM wins. 2) No people on probation list or HOS. 3) Paypal only. 4) Returns ok within a week of receiving items (as long as you pay for shipping it back) Shipping Shipping is included in the price (US and Canada). Packed securely with tracking. Other shipping locations extra, please contact me first.
  4. Clicked as fast as I could for the 88... but too slow Didn't even try for the 89!
  5. I just finished The Punisher and all I can say is WOW. Very interesting and refreshing adaptation of the character. The casting is very good making Micro, Russo, Madani, Curtis, Lewis and the others very believable and real... with good chemistry all around. There's much I could say but don't want to spoil this for anyone. Far superior than the other Marvel Netflix shows, and felt more like one long movie... similar feeling I had after watching a season of Breaking Bad. I definitely recommend this. (very violent though!)
  6. I've lowered the prices on the 2 remaining lots to include shipping to the US and Canada. I'll be closing this thread in 48h. Thanks! New deal: Lot of 8 Amazing Spider-Man 254, 258, 259, 260, 262, 263, 269, 272 All VG/F - $20 Shipped! Lof of 11 blank cover variants (for your sketches!) - NM to NM/M - $45 Shipped!
  7. Xmen 248 267 244 mid grade lot Fines for $15 (if it is indeed 248 as scanned?) Web of Spiderman 1 Fine $4 Alpha Flight 1 NM $4 Wolverine 1 VF+ 2 3 5 6 NM lot for $28 Blade Runner 1 VF $5 Magnus Robot Fighter 1 NM+ $5 XFactor 1 NM-/NM $4 Dazzler 22 Spiderwoman 37 both for $5
  8. It's very hard to tell from the blurry picture. I would suggest taking clearer pictures and posting in the "Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?" section of this forum. It's a great place to start if you're not sure about the condition of your book. People with grading experience will look at you pics/scans and give you a somewhat accurate grade and from there you'll be able to price it correctly by looking up other examples of Iron man 1 with the same grade.
  9. Naming the site would be beneficial to members here I think... So we can stay clear from it! I for one won 2 CGC books totaling $150 from HA which I thought was a great deal... until I got an email 3 days later updating my total invoice to $220. So $70 to ship 2 slabs... I know I'm in Canada but common!
  10. I'm in for the first time! I'm usually out of town the whole month of December so couldn't participate the previous years. I just took a look at the reveal 2016 thread... some of the gifts were amazing! Can't wait...