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  1. I’m tempted to get one but would like to know if it’s wraparound or not first
  2. Finally got round to getting this graded....
  3. Latest purchase, came across this print on the bay, from 2011. had to grab it....just now need to get a frame for it.
  4. Still reading it here as well.....its one of only a couple i am reading. truth be told not much coming out nowadays that gets me interested. (Also regret getting rid of my #1 RRP)
  5. Not one for normally doing this but i'd add the following gxrfan New message from: gxrfan (38) Hey there, I know this is terrible E-Bay form, but i was wondering if it would be OK to cancel this order if it has not shipped yet. I had a personal emergency come up that requires some money allocation to another source. If the book is still up at a later time, i'll revisit it for sure. Appreciate your consideration and again my apologies. He paid for it at 7PM UK time and by time i got home from work he had sent this.......i'm a pretty laid back guy but this pissed me off i canceled and will be blocking
  6. Just back from CGC........Not a first appearance or anything but i just love the way Arthur Adams has drawn wolverine here downside was it seems to be a bloody rare variant to come across and also finding one in this good condition as well being black spine etc.
  7. Carrying on the Batman/superman theme.......Finally got round to adding this to my collection.
  8. My Latest addition.....French panini virgin version of his civil war covers.
  9. Just Fresh back from his signing for Scotts Collectables....Really happy!
  10. Thought i'd share my latest.....found it from a seller in Italy. Print limited to 200 and signed on the back from the man himself. not bad for about £30 including shipping pic host
  11. This and now God country are the only current titles i read. this is a story i want to actually see through to the end and like you have nothing but praise for the fact this is still coming out on good time. can't wait to read this issue from what you now have mentioned. Also regret letting go of my #1 RRP and i can't say that about too many comics i have got rid off over the years....i'm going to have to get one again.
  12. Looking good...i might be able to help you with the colossus cable/x-force cgc. If your interested pm us
  13. That's a link to it from a Google + post Dell otto 250 variant