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  1. 50+ card bulk order here ... 11/24/20 marked in as "Received" 01/11/21 still pending in "Received" status 01/24/21 finally reached scheduled for grading status
  2. 50+ card bulk order here ... 11/24/20 marked in as "Received" 01/11/21 still pending in "Received" status
  3. On the page where you select the tier there is a toggle for sub grades under Additional Services; see attached.
  4. Something is Killing the Children #12 1:25 variant ... LOVE this cover (and the series)!
  5. The last few months during the pandemic have provided an opportunity to organize, paint and hang up some of my collection ... I think it came together rather nicely.
  6. Solid 2.0 ... with a good clean probably minor bump to 2.5
  7. Morpheus by David Mack ... I was thrilled to be able to snag a spot on his list and lucked out that he's a fan of the film. He was nice enough to throw in a comment and retweet on social media which made my day!
  8. Main wish list ... Romita Sr Artgerm Skottie Young Honorable mentions: Alex Ross Jim Steranko Bill Sienkiewicz Geof Darrow J. Scott Campbell
  9. The funny thing is that StockDoc and a ton of other eBay sellers utilize this tactic as "window dressing" to get eyeballs, follows, clicks, watchers, etc to their stores. This book has come up numerous many times on FaceBook BST groups, IG Live chats and even a few comic podcasts. IMHO I say kudos to him because the book serves it's purpose of 1) getting people to talk about him and his products 2) people that discover this book "usually" browse around for his other items which leads to sales.
  10. Malcom McDowell and Lori Petty WWE New Day Neve Campbell and Mathew Lillard (need to add Skeet Ulrich, Rose McGowan, David Arquette and Jamie Kennedy) Samantha Newark
  11. Cool thanks Dan ... I'm out for this one then.