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  1. https://www.nostalgicinvestments.com/by-artist/947/john-romita/untold-tales-spider-man-1-p16-signed "I really enjoy futuristic stories that deal with what could be. They always interested me because they place the hero in a world that you can only fantasize about. What better fantasy world than to have Mary Jane and Peter marry and about to have a child together ? To have it drawn by Romita Sr makes it that much more special." This storyline was about Peter Parker's parents. It takes place in the past. The baby in question is Peter Parker. Wolverine is featured prominently.
  2. Does anybody collect these? I never heard of them prior to a couple of days ago. If you don't know what they are here's a good summary or two. Basically these are animation cels that have backgrounds made by Disney Animators specifically for these cells (at least the Snow White ones do). The 1939 and older are more desirable because of these backgrounds and the fact that the later ones were laminated and can cost 4 to 6 figures (maybe more - a Courvoisier of the Queen from Snow White sold at auction in 1988 for over $50,000). These were all framed at the time and you can help prove the p
  3. Here's an interview I did about my collection, how I got into the hobby, things I have learned here and dealers I won't buy from and why (I talk extensively about Coolines and the Romitaman Shill controversy (I basically just read his words that he wrote on here) from 2016). I hope people find it helpful. I do mistakenly call Gary Land Greg Land once but I correct myself later. I also give shout outs to Albert Moy, Will Gabri-El and Anthony Snyder. https://www.lastmovieoutpost.com/outpost-frequencies-episode-10-collecting-comic-art/
  4. https://www.lastmovieoutpost.com/the-10-greatest-spider-man-artists-of-all-time/ Thoughts?
  5. So was everybody else. The price was higher than anybody was willing to pay for several years so raising it makes no sense. If somebody wanted to sell a "stale" page it would make sense to lower the price not raise it.
  6. That's a good one. Absolutely. I consider that "damage" honestly.
  7. What things make you stop considering a piece you would otherwise be interested in? For me: 1. Damage: Mold, water damage, being colored by hand, etc. are all things that make me not interested in a piece. I've seen plenty of these pages with issues priced at close to FMV. Not sure why anybody would pay that when you can get a comparable page with no damage for close to the same price. 2. Price increases on a page that a dealer has owned for years. If a dealer has a page on their site for 6 years at $5,000 and then they take it down for a few weeks/months and then relist
  8. I bet a dealer would take that KJ page in a trade for a $60k piece now.
  9. I'll play. John Buscema (own 2 pages) The Mighty Thor 219 page 17 I love the Sif and Silas Grant panels. Alan Davis (own 2 pages) I have 2 pages from the first 3 issues of Excalibur so this one is tougher. I went with this one because I used to look at in Gary Land's gallery dozens of times a year until I finally owned it. Excalibur 1 page 24 George Perez (own 8 pages) Brave and the Bold Trade Paperback Cover I like that this has a ton of characters on it including the LSH. Jim Lee (own 2 pages) Superman Unchaine
  10. Good luck. There is one guy trying to get every single of one of them (I sold him all mine a few years ago) so it might be tough to get one.
  11. I'm guessing the OP meant Richard Dillon and that his first name was censored.