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  1. I am happy with what I have 100%. If I am able to grow my collection in the future great. If not, oh well.
  2. I met my goals for the year (likely won't get anything for a while - probably years). Via trade I got a second Davis/Neary Excalibur page - and 1 of my 3 most wanted pages from the first 8 issues by this art team - including the Special, of course. I used to look at it on Gary Land's CAF dozens of times a year. So happy to have it. Link
  3. The Direct Sales Market slowly killed the comic book industry. They made it harder to access the product than when you could impulse buy them at the store on the corner. Couple that with a mediocre product and high cover prices and here we are. DC and Marvel have nobody to blame but themselves.
  4. This app is really fantastic. I just downloaded it and will be updating a bunch of images on my CAF. The images look great.
  5. I always leave it. I think its a nice piece of history. For instance I have a page from the 70s that has $45 on the back. I think that's pretty cool.
  6. Brian, Those are great. I've admired your Cockrum X-Men one for some time.
  7. To basically piggyback off the similarly titled cover thread show off you DPS artwork (double page spreads and double page splashes are welcome). Here's mine...both Jim Lee Superman Unchained #4 16-17 All Star Batman and Robin #9 17-18
  8. They'll be on Coollines tomorrow with a bunch of stats added to them.
  9. The Brave and The Bold - Vol. 1 The Lords of Luck Trade Paperback Cover This cover contains 24 heroes (starting clockwise from Supergirl) climbing out of the pages of an open book.1. Supergirl2. Adam Strange3. Lobo4. Blue Beetle5. Shrinking Violet6. Element Lad7. Invisible Kid8. Saturn Girl9. Batman10. Triplicate Girl (1)11. Chameleon Boy12. Dream Girl13. Star Boy14. Colossal Boy15. Lightning Lad16. Ultra Boy17. Triplicate Girl (2)18. Brainiac 519. Shadow Lass20. Green Lantern21. Karate Kid22. Triplicate Girl (3)23. Phantom Girl24. Light Lass CAF Link
  10. People have mentioned the second Dave Cockrum X-Men run and the Alan Davis Excalibur pages as having the prices really start to take off in the last year or two. Are there any other series that fit the bill?
  11. Batman - 4 pieces Scarlet Witch - 3 pieces Kitty Pryde - 3 pieces
  12. Even though I have sold off a bunch/traded George Perez artwork, he still holds the top spot in both areas (barely). Jim Lee and Alan Davis come awfully close, though (in fewer pieces for each).