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  1. Yep that's how i got my first ed folio of Shakespeare!
  2. You can list a shabby New Mutants 98 as "NM" (New Mutants)
  3. I'm watching "Ava" and the plot is getting bogged down in her sister's boyfriend problems. It's a movie about a government assasin but at 52 minutes it's mainly been about her sister's love problems. Who thought this was a good idea? Edit-Ok I'm out-I cant watch any more. Should have checked rotten potatoes first. As one reviewer said "John Wick with family problems".
  4. The highest form of screenplay is where neither guy is the 'bad guy' but they go back and forth in their conflict. Hollywood almost always misses this opportunity by making the bad guy totally mwah ha ha bad. It's boring. Max lord is boring. The Joker is boring. Lex Luthor is boring. MWAH HA HA or wutever.
  5. Well plot means a goal and an obstacle. Daniel has the plot of 'stop cobra kai' but everyone else just reacts to what the other guys did. We dont know what Crease's goal is, or any of the separate characters. Of course it's a TV show and the plot rules are different than in a movie. I mean I could ask the same thing about breaking bad-what was the plot? I made a mistake about saying there isnt much of a plot in cobra kai.
  6. I'm watching Ava-at the beginning is an exposition dump but it's well done-abt a 60 clip of various life events, reports, images, etc that gives a full back story to the assassin. Very easy to screw something like this up and it does not feel forced at all. I recently watched another movie that used the same montage method-cant remember the movie-and it felt forced. Cant even explain why it worked for one movie and not the other. Wish i could remember the movie so I could go back and try to analyze the difference.
  7. Just saw this movie-she changes out of her clothes, puts on invisibility suit, kills him and switches back in 5 sec. Yeah no.
  8. Watching "Unhinged". dude shot in shoulder and abdomen and 30 min later is fighting like a wildcat. No pain no nuthin. Not even bleeding really. Suspension of disbelief gone.
  9. If you are falling and the scale is falling you would not press down on it. Trust me on this. I got A's in both semesters of physics.