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  1. kav

    Show us your personal artwork

    Great job on her eyes
  2. kav

    A glimmer of hope for a little superhero...

    Artboy is a class act
  3. Another thing that started happening is you used to go to newest post, read it, then back arrow to comics general and the new thread star was gone. Now you have to refresh to make it go away.
  4. kav

    Rare Spider-Gwen 1

    Eventually there will only be one comic published every month, with 300 different covers.
  5. kav

    Books that money CAN'T buy...

    Also if it's out there, but it's in some old lady's closet who doesnt have a computer, or even has a computer but only visits cat sites, you'll probably never see it.
  6. kav


    Sometimes people pass away or get hospitalized then you see feedback like this.
  7. kav

    Books that money CAN'T buy...

    Ps the plans on ebay those arent the plans he is looking for-there were actually two different robot plans sold by two different companies.
  8. kav

    Books that money CAN'T buy...

    True. If it was like some story on CNN or something that a million was offered-I agree that they might come out of the woodwork.
  9. kav

    Books that money CAN'T buy...

    Plus you can keep them-he will pay big even for a photocopy. No loss to you only gain.
  10. kav

    Books that money CAN'T buy...

    Lots of people have stuff for a long time that they take to the dump. This is not necessarily true.
  11. kav

    Books that money CAN'T buy...

    I have done my best to try to find them for him and spent a considerable amount of time-I would love to see him reach his goal. I did find someone who said they used to have them-thats as close as I got. This is a really nice guy too he deserves them plans!!
  12. kav

    Books that money CAN'T buy...

    But if you saw publicly that someone had been looking for something basically worthless to anyone else, for 35 years all over the internet and you had it-you cannot tell me you would not contact him.
  13. kav

    Books that money CAN'T buy...

    He's the largest collector of novelties in the world. The book Mail Order Mysteries featured his collection. He has the only Polaris Sub and 7 foot ghost. He has every item from the Johnson Smith catalogue. The one thing he never ordered as a kid from a comic book was the 7 foot robot plans-and to this day it's like trying to reclaim something lost from his childhood-a very powerful urge. He tracked down the original company and visited their defunct warehouse. He has met and spoken to many of the original novelty company owners, honor house, etc. If the plans were out there, he would have them. There has never been a single whiff of their existence-anywhere. He could offer a billion dollars but if they dont exist, they dont exist.
  14. kav

    Books that money CAN'T buy...

    If that was true someone would have contacted him and said I have the plans and started the negotiations. They are worth nothing to anyone else. He's basically the only guy looking for them.