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  1. Another of his interesting articles: http://comicsprogress.com/full-text-of-retailer-brian-hibbs-state-of-the-industry-speech/
  2. rare cracked holo variant, most likely.
  3. It seems like things that were meant to be discarded, like before comic books were systematically collected, or when gold coins were just spent, become valuable. Manufactured collectibles, like beanie babies or franklin mint or variant covers, or any modern books really, since no one discards comics any more, dont have any staying power.
  4. My reasoning is a 9.8 and a 9.6 are basically the same book, as depending on when sent in either grade can be had for the same book. yet the price difference is huge. That seems like a bubbly type situation.
  5. And the current variant hype and 9.8 frenzy. Bubbles.
  6. He did have a rack devoted to local artists in an attempt to support them-keep in mind rack space is at a premium in a well run comic shop. In 2 years not a single book sold. He also had to deal with people calling every day asking "did any of my books sell?" as well as spending about an hour calling everyone and telling em to come get their books.
  7. Sorry let me clarify-wanting him to sell their comics that they had printed up and 'split the profits'. Or wanting him to sell macrame and 'split the profits' etc.
  8. Pleased to report many posts have been deleted from this thread!
  9. My LCS buddy confirmed this grinds his gears. You run a comic shop you know the types of things that get on their nerves. Another one is people coming in wanting them to sell their stuff-comics, drawings, games, knick-knacks-
  10. @Buzzetta can explain this-you can fight a return effectively if you list no returns. It's an arrow in your quiver.