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  1. Or ninjas. No matter how many ninjas attack, they cant ever do squat to you. Also, no matter how many ninjas you kill, there are always the same number of ninjas.
  2. I want to do a parody on SNL with an old lady in a walker and a race car going 200 mph and it just.....cant ever catch her.....
  3. Think abt it-have you ever seen a movie of someone running down the middle of the street away from a car and actually get hit? The answer is no.
  4. Hollywood thinks the best way to avoid a car is run straight down the middle of the street-and it works! No matter how fast the car is going, it will never catch you!!
  5. Omg how do you determine who is subject to porch thiefs??
  6. There's one guy on ebay he has a teen titans with a marvel cover or something and thinks that makes it a JACKPOT. He was asking $1,000,000 if I remember correctly. Jackpot fever is a killer, man. I estimate a book like that as worth MAYBE $40. Nobody cares.
  7. A simple sideways shove and he's down for the count. Then stomp on him while he's tangled up in that dum contraption.
  8. I mean there are plenty of misprints-each one is different is all but as a whole they do not command some strong price. The demand isnt there.
  9. Maybe not a wedgie but that things comes to abrupt halt and its nut city for him.
  10. They are not really all that valuable. Rarity does not automatically equal value.
  11. Thats the idiotic issue where Stupidman gets a third eye behind his head and keeps like snatching lois hat and different things to hide it then defeats brainiac by spinning around and using heat vision the extra eye gives him enough power to dissolve brainiac's force field. The writers know zip about the way light travels. Stupidman doesnt immediatly smash brainiac into a bucket of bolts. Why i dont know he has a code against killing but not smashing some annoying machine.