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  1. "Hey look I'm being 'clever' and 'edgy', guys!! I'm a writer!!"
  2. Ps there's nothing like termites attacking your collection. One of the highlights was pulling out a previously 7.5 Superman #36 that was now a stack of individual pages, with chew marks all around.
  3. If its for your collection and not an attempt to improve for valuation reasons then you did the right thing.
  4. I really dont know enough about his signature tho-it has apparently evolved a lot. I feel very sure the 2 posted here were written by the same hand.
  5. The pencil one here looks fast, it looks like he took more time with the blotter as it was more important. But to my eye they both feel the same.
  6. If you google there are plenty of leary exemplars and they are consistent.
  7. Oh its big all right-there a cavity in the floor which isnt seen.
  8. Closest I got to Right Son was Jeff Jones
  9. You probably knocked off about 0.5 grading points by clipping it.
  10. The worst I ever saw was on antiques roadshow-couple was explaining how they painted over the 'ugly' black wrinkled finish on a cabinet. One of the twins said 'by covering over the what was to you ugly finish this piece is now worth about $5000 instead of $120,000....
  11. You should never ever try to 'fix' a damaged collectible.