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  1. I'll send you the drawing if you so desire:
  2. What about talking view master!!! I remember the superman one-Superman's planet Krypton explodes!!!!
  3. Yep! We'd go to the toy store at mather AFB and thats where I picked up this baby!
  4. kav

    Show us your personal artwork

    ps when I didnt have a lightbox I just used my living room window.
  5. kav

    Show us your personal artwork

    wow great freehand job. I find drawing so much more enjoyable using lightbox. I can get everything in the right place and focus on the fun part-making the image mine and tweaking/refining it.
  6. kav

    Show us your personal artwork

    Did you lightbox this or just freehand it?
  7. kav

    Nightmare situation with eBayer / PGX

    Don't buy PGX, folks.
  8. wow we had so many battles with the tracer guns. One night when I was about 12 me and my brother put on hoodies, made white paper masks and got alcohol and cotton balls and our tracer guns-then we set out and terrified neighbor kids by throwing and catching fireballs and shooting them with tracer guns when they got too close. One of the littler kids was crying at the alien invasion. another toy I remember is crystal climbers:
  9. Would you take a Great Gazoo instead?
  10. I'm on the lookout, now. all you need is the box, really-there's a garloo on ebay right now. edit-no its just the serving tray