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  1. And by 'very little, you mean a *spoon* ton!!!!
  2. Bees. And their effect on the internet.
  3. Someoneisprobablynotifyingonuslikecrazysowebetterstopthisnonsense-
  4. PleasefindsomeoneelsetointeractwithTherearehundredsofotherpostersonthisboardtochoosefrom.
  5. IfIhadThor'shammerI'dpinyoutothegroundwithit!
  6. luckilyyouwontgetthechanceduetomyKavsense
  7. Hismainpowerisbeingannoyedatstuff-
  8. It'sfreakingannoyingiswhatitisCapwouldneverputupwiththiscarp!
  9. I also get this several times a day:
  10. no biggie I guess just weird. never happened before now past few weeks happens alla time.
  11. I just use my chromebook like I always do.