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  1. Someone should point this thread out to Bagley so he can put some notation in ink within the art on his re-creations/sketches. It should be noted (or just a reminder) that the original cover for USM issue 35 was inked over and does not exist as a pencil only cover anymore. If there ever is a pencil only version for that issue, it's not the real cover.
  2. I know this thread has went off on a tangent, but I saw an unauthorized charge today on the credit card that has been on file with HA. I've gotten the card cancelled. May not be related, but it is something to look out for.
  3. If everyone is getting this deal, sellers will know to raise prices accordingly.
  4. According to thenealadams latest insta post, he’s selling a “Limited edition giclee directly from the original Heritage cover”.
  5. It's for personal use and you're not making money off it, and it's not widespread, why would they go after you? Just stay under the radar. If they find out you're making money off it, you'll get a cease and desist letter and they'll have you destroy anything you've already made and take the money you made. Unless you are defiant and/or they want to make an example of someone, that should be the end of it. Pre-internet, other than a CBG ad, sending photo copies was the preferred non in-person way to share art . A high resolution post to CAF has more potential to be taken and printed by someone else. They should go after these transparency sellers on eBay first.
  6. Most of us only knew the anonymous assistant / refined licensed version and it's not like there are many Jim Davis (as an artist) fans to begin with. Anyone that is heavily invested in them will make a distinction and make a big deal of it.
  7. Not always. Can't tell if it was in a frame. I've seen people buy something for a steal and flex about it in front of everyone only to find out on their own later on that it was an unpublished version. By then, it would have been more humiliating to go back and get your money back than to just write it off.
  8. By going public, it has just limited his options. People are treating it as if he literally stole the art. If he sells right away in a public forum/auction, this story will go even wider to comic news websites...Capital Gains, the seller will find out and may seek a lawyer, and you'll just get internet hate for the dumb reason of not sharing your profits. Did the guy who bought all those Peanuts strips have to go back and pay the ebay seller more? Did the guy who bought the Justice League 21 cover go back and pay more? Did you ever overpay for art from an artist, dealer, or in auction 20 years ago and now it's worth 10x more? Do you feel the need to go back and pay them more now? If he sells privately, he's just going to get low offers. Best route, keep it. Never put it up on CAF. It will just get you praise or scorn comments. If you really just wanted the money, consign with a dealer who doesn't give a and is willing to take the hate. Learn not to tell on how much you paid for something from now on.
  9. Thanks. I looked it up and didn't realize how expensive the paper is by itself. Some are priced even more than published original art pages.
  10. Just a tangential question related to the topic, what bristol board/paper (no vellum please) would be best for an artist to minimize ink bleed?
  11. It's whatever that's given to Albert to sell. That being said, there was an unadvertised debut of a new binder of Darwyn Cooke Minutemen art in Albert's booth at SDCC this year which should be part of his next website update sometime after his upcoming back surgery.
  12. Alternate timeline created during Endgame means different timelines and recast all you want. The focus can always shift to X-Men, Fantastic Four, etc.
  13. This is the kind of action and fun I want in the Black Widow movie. The movie didn't have much in big budget explosions and it uses the settings in fun ways. It just has to be done with less blood.
  14. I guess that part in Endgame where Tony Stark told her directly. "We need you. You're new blood" wasn't really an invite. Maybe he was inviting her to be in the PreVengers. I think she's just that nosy that she would attend meetings of people she has nothing to do with 5 years after she met them. I for one always break into a place I used to work for just to attend their meetings and let them know what I'm up to. Anyways, I'll have to watch it 3 more times this weekend to confirm that it wasn't ruined.
  15. Fury named the Avengers Initiative after Captain Carol "Avenger" Danvers. Of course she's not an Avenger. That movie don't count, because I don't like it... I warned you guys in the Captain Marvel thread that she would be in this movie and would ruin it, but you still had to buy tickets for multiple viewings over multiple weekends instead of catching up on Spaghetti Westerns.