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  1. No..it would have the Gold lettering and is signed/numbered on the back of 250
  2. Hi....missed out on a deal of a lifetime on this book due to me sleeping..shame on me! Let me know if anyone has one laying around pics and prices thanks
  3. I almost bought the Reeve Superman..and sadly I know who did...sucks that someone can be such a great artist just didn’t care to be a good person..beautiful book Regardless
  4. If you follow Stuart on Facebook he has been doing live videos every Thursday with sketches. He’ll be doing it again this Thursday at 8pm and will most likely be taking requests. I got mine finally
  5. All are signed and or sketched..but that is “Jae Lee” not Jim.... These name plaques are thrown out so I started asking the artist for them at the end and almost everyone says yes..
  6. My unemployed project I’ve been working on...very happy with the end result..thanks to Dan Partouche, Doug Peters and Rich Henn among many artist for there contributions..
  7. Hi...helping a fellow collector searching for this specific book. Preferably raw in highest grade/condition. Please let me know should you know of one
  8. Stuart Sayger Ive been trying to get for years
  9. Today brought some good...I have been trying to get a Stuart Sayger piece for years. Ever since I saw him do a live event with Comics Elite 2+ years ago and missed out. Since then he has done other events but pricing was never within reach. Until most recently. I finally have my Doomsday by Stuart and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. He even gave me a nice upgrade since Ive been pestering him for so long. Persistence is key... Thanks Stuart for an amazing piece that I will display proudly
  10. Superman 204 homage via Nick Justus...off to CGC it goes..