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  1. Not sure if I ever posted this one before but seeing the Brandon Routh books from above, figured why not..
  2. Been stalking the census waiting to see how my MOS 20 II did....felt like it had a real shot at getting a 9.8 but Im never that lucky
  3. I first came across Stuart at a Comics Elite fb live event they did after a con years ago..he was doing $100 sketch covers and I unknowingly didn’t jump on the opp figuring Id have another chance... huge mistake..after probably 4 years of begging him to do the $100 offers again with no success, he decided to do some live sketch events right when the pandemic hit March 2020....I was finally able to get my Doomsday for $150!
  4. Was that your Cyborg Superman on eBay that ended the other day?
  5. Strong copy on eBay I picked up just now..hoping after a press it grades 9.6+ Worth the shot
  6. Pulled the trigger on this one with some bday money...condition looks strong and I’ll get it pressed before grading..fingers crossed...
  7. Superman cover painted by John Febonio from Facebook....16x20...only $100 sale price! The lettering and detail is impressive especially at such an affordable price-point
  8. Everyone see that #499 3rd print 9.6 CGC sell on eBay for $157? I was working and lost track of it..damn!