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  1. Bought a raw silver-age key. FAST shipping, super well packed, book looks nicer then grade given and the follow up communication was stellar. Thank you Kevin! - Roger
  2. I do believe the Master Charles Dickens said it best with my obvious insertion of a repeated 4 words: "It was the best of times (to invest in comics), it was the worst of times (to invest in comics), it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.” - circa 1859
  3. I have plenty of Bronze & Silver-Age DC & Marvel CGC Keys to offer in trade for an X-MEN #1. Please PM me here and we can begin a dialogue and see where it might lead us. Thank you. Roger p.s. looking for a blue label only.
  4. Asking Price: $------ REMOVED FROM SALES THREAD Sweethearts V2#27 (Charlton, 1954) Grade: Fine Plus at minimum Supple White pages "Classic good-girl headlights" cover. Matt Baker and Bernard Baily art. Currently zero in the census. Scarce. Seller's Notes: Overall very minor wear with some light small smudges along spine and on the bottom by the word VIVID (looks to be manufacturing ink). Super tight, supple, sharp and solid book. White interior pages and clean interiors. This comic is 100% complete with no restoration whatsoever.
  5. Asking Price $750.00 True-To-Life Romances #9 (Star Pub.,1951) Grade: Fine Supple Off-White to White pages Seller's Notes: Supple, tight, solid and glossy. Light wear on both covers with pencil scribblings on top of back cover. Nice staples. Slight spine roll. Very sharp. This comic is 100% complete with no restoration whatsoever.
  6. IRON MAN #128 Sold to Incredible Pulp (beer not included)
  7. My Romantic Adventures #49 (ACG,1954) - Price: $----- REMOVED NO LONG FOR SALE ON BOARDS Grade: Very Good/Fine Supple Off-White to White pages Classic scarce Odgen Whitney cover (gray-tone) Seller's Notes: Supple, tight, solid and glossy. Some spine wear with minor paper loss. Minor front cover wear with faint staining better visible upon looking at the interior side front cover bottom (you barely see it on her prison dress). 2 tight and clean staples throughout. Back cover is off-color with some faint dirt perhaps and ‘minor' wear. First 2 photos are scans. This comic is 100% complete with no restoration whatsoever.
  8. Action Comics #242 (DC, 1958) - Asking Price $5,250.00 (the last 6.0 GPA copy that sold had cream to off-white pages with a front cover that was IMO not even close to this offered copy - it is on H.A.) Grade: CGC 6.0 Fine Off-White To White Pages. Case is mint. Seller's Notes: Beautiful deep color FC with nice page quality. Currently 410 copies are on the CGC census with only 11% of all said copies being graded at 6.0 or higher with 8.5 being the highest grade for this DC KEY. “Contains the origin and first appearance of Brainiac and the first appearance of the shrunken city of Kandor. Already ranked #17 on Overstreet's Top 50 Silver Age Comics list. Curt Swan Superman cover with art by Al Plastino, Jim Mooney, and Howard Sherman.” - part credit to H.A. SHIPPING will be EXPRESS-FULLY insured mail for FREE but I will not ship this outside the continental USA unless we agree to terms via PM first.
  9. Iron Man #128 (Marvel, 1979) - Asking Price: $75.00 SOLD Grade: High Grade at least a VF/VF+ Supple White pages Classic Tony Stark alcoholism cover by Bob Layton. Seller's Notes: I bought this comic in 1980 from my local stationary store in Cedarhurst, NY. Feels and looks like it was printed today. It is in absolute need of a press due to the the non-color breaking bends on the bottom of the spine and multiple little non-color breaking spine ticks. This comic is 100% complete with no restoration whatsoever.
  10. In short 1. Paypal accepted. PM me with any offers, comments or questions. I am open to trades for the following Schomburg GGA, low-grade X-MEN 1, Avengers 4, FF48 etc 2. Priority shipping is $7.00 for raw and $12.00 for CGC graded books within the continental US "only" with tracking #; IF international, please contact me first before buying. 3. The first "I WILL TAKE IT" in the thread wins with payment expected within 3 days of my invoice to you. 4. No one on the probation list. 5. Returns accepted on ALL my listed books here with my paying return shipping too within 3 days of your receipt. Just return it in the same condition you received it in and contact me first before shipping back. I pack like a pro. thank you, Roger I have only positive feedback here. plus on eBay under KAIZERDAWG P.S. None of my photos were enhanced in any way. If anything the book will look nicer in-hand. ------------------------- 1st up -------------------- Marvel Premiere #21 (Marvel, 1975) Asking price: $100.00 Grade: CGC 9.4 NM Off White to White pages The first full appearance of Misty Knight. Pressing history unknown. Seller's Notes: Super glossy example.
  11. Reminder 🙄  I kindly ask that you not Quote a book and then make a comment. It makes the book appear to be sold.