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  1. Reminder 🙄  I kindly ask that you not Quote a book and then make a comment. It makes the book appear to be sold. 
  2. GUNFIGHTER 14 (EC) 5.0 C-OW - take per PM.. thank you
  3. I have been fortunate to own all the issues 1, 2 and 3 - and just believe issue 3 the hands-on best of this mini-series. The way Namora is depicted on the cover in issue 3 is pure artistry. Issue 1 & 2 while very nice don’t hold a candle to her depiction on issue #3 IMO.
  4. It’s currently NFS. A top 10 favorite book of mine. Thank you 🙏
  5. Further proof of how addictive if not crack-like comics are to collectors is the rampant ‘buying on credit / payment plans’ by many an over-zealous hobbyist. This growing pool of crazed and sometimes defaulting buyers are unfortunately a portion of the catalyst of any eventual bubble in this hobby. IMO
  6. I have found if you buy comics out of love with a manageable budget (with no buying on credit) and only look at these “speculative talk shows” as simply entertainment or a casual reinforcer of your innate-intuitive feelings on keys etc than you cannot really go wrong in this hobby. If, however, you are into this hobby purely to make money and need someone else to point a finger as to where to buy/invest than you are possibly always going to be behind the 8-ball, chasing your own tail and finding yourself vexed more often then not. There is a lot of market manipulation (or so I believe) and there are no ‘secrets’ unless you buy into them. Be wary and have fun...... my 2 cents.
  7. Very true but the huge difference is this - a lot of the Silver Age keys that have jumped in price are of iconic characters a la Black Panther, Silver Surfer etc while the Bronze Age keys that are getting stupid prices are of 2nd tier ‘who-cares’ characters mostly - yes there are exceptions to this. And let’s not forget there are less copies of the Silver Age keys in higher grades than the Bronze Age keys. I feel a huge bubble is coming on these Bronze Age keys and those buying into these high prices may in time be left w deep regrets. Time will tell...
  8. I think this cartoon about sums up how I feel about many a suddenly hot bronze ager.