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  1. I have bought several comics from Dylan (both raw and graded). I have always been very happy from start to finish with each transaction. Very reliable.
  2. Everyone has different opinions on collecting comics or at least there are a lot of sharp differences for example I hate signature series (it defaces a comic and makes me sad esp when I see a horrid signature on an AF15- but I have exceptions on this rule). Decide what your collecting needs are and stay true to them and evolve over time but with purpose and passion. Personally when I look at books from the 1980s, which have huge populations in the top tiers in 9.8 and 9.6 - I won’t pay top dollar for any copy. I feel if the market should crater or cool off - the first direct hit will be to
  3. Even if WW2 ended up being the highest grossing movie in the past 10 years, it will not change my opinion one iota that it deserved ZERO stars and I simply had to turn it off at close to the hour mark. Money / wealth does not always dictate good taste and indeed taste is quite personal. I found this movie as interesting as watching paint drying.
  4. Sage advice. If you send this to CGC send it EXPRESS / walk thru. I would spend the money and also insert the bagged / boarded comic into a top-loader ($3) and like Lions Den stated put a nice clear note on the book HANDLE WITH CARE. Pack this baby like an egg too.
  5. Not everyone is an objective grader and I believe most collectors simply put are below average graders especially when it comes to their own books. Grading I find is often about personal experience with comics, critical honesty and intuitive skills. Without seeing your books I would bet CGC got it 100% right. Someone said it before me but you should 'temper your expectations' and perhaps continue to engage in selective discussions that lead to your becoming a better grader. Also don't fall into the trap of looking at books already graded without seeing the notes and wonder why this book go
  6. DC Keys are sadly flatlining with many on life support. In really high grades DCs are a different book of course but truth be told most dealers have a way significantly higher rate of sale turnovers in Marvel Keys then in DC Keys. I am in my 50s. As a child I loved Marvel heroes over DCs because I could relate more to them but when I got back into collecting decades later I found I had a fonder if not more nostalgic appreciation for DC keys. Wax and wane however you choose the fact remains that the prices keep moving up on Marvel keys. If we use that as a factor or index to determine th
  7. Four Color 74 (aka Little Lulu #1) CGC 7.5 OW pages. Take per PM
  8. It will look even better in a blue label CGC case. Enjoy this iconic key! One of the best of the silver age.
  9. Trying to analyze or dissect this pointless movie is akin to trying to occupy the headspace of a complete insufficiently_thoughtful_person.
  10. Well said. I concur and while it likely is between a 2.0 and 2.5 it leans IMO to a 2.5. As far as market value on this blue chip key - despite that missing piece it remains overall handsome and might command more money to the right buyer. Good luck.
  11. Thank you for sharing. We certainly could have a lively debate you and I. After my utter and total disappointment with the atrocious WW84 (I stopped it after the 54 minute mark) I started noting my thoughts on the Boards about the state of today's media depictions of our favorite superheroes. So as to not belabor my points here is a quick random short list of some of the best in this genre I have seen. 1) 1st season of Netflix's Daredevil (a total dark masterpiece if ever there was one). Season 2 was wonderful but not close to the consistency of Season 1 and Season 3 was just good.
  12. Whether an expanded (well conceived) universe like Marvel or stand-alone (vacuous) movies like most DCs, a really-really good movie starts with solid intricate plotlines and intelligent witty dialogue. DC characters can and should be just as intriguing as Marvels on the big movie screen, however, DC simply gets a big fat D minus in the vast majority of their movies which are juvenile, tedious, boring and mostly devoid of any good plots where fine actors unfortunately are subjected to cliché ridden dumb scripts written by people who either never read comics in their youth and or just sucked bi
  13. Almost but not quite reminds me of this guy Rick's past threads. What a class act! Miss him