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  1. Hollywood movies are in very large part driving up the total wealth (as is herd mentality). You are too quick to call out 'flippers' as if they carry the responsibility for prices going up.
  2. I am not saying there isn't a greater emotional component to comics over stocks esp when many of us as a child read and re-read and collected them right off the newsstand. But as prices continue to soar almost yearly 'the stretch' is quite diminished. This is not about flippers vs collectors or anything in-between but about the hard cold fact that this hobby has exponentially grown in total wealth. I see nothing unbalanced or unfair about my comparison - you can love this hobby but at the same time think of your collection as a stock-portfolio. I think perhaps your nostalgia, which I have plenty of for this hobby, has you creating a division when the line really has become quite blurred.
  3. People are fans of particular stocks (Apple) and use the products associated with said stock.. just as much as an owner of 10 copies of GSX1 is a fan of the characters and perhaps watches the movies. Comics are like stocks nowadays and I see them interchangeable for more and more collectors, who look at GPA like a stock ticker. A person purchases stock and comics these days often to see gains despite the obvious fan element of comics.
  4. I am not implying anything. I am having an academic conversation, which has nothing to do with whether I own GSX1 or not. The "herd" creates the aggregate sales trends... they are linked to each other - if you only look at the end sales and not what possibly motivated the buyers all at the same time - than you see the effect alone and not the cause. Daniel J. Howard, a marketing professor at Southern Methodist University, says investor behavior demonstrates the principle of social proof: The more an individual sees those around him believing something or acting a certain way, the more the individual believes that thing to be true or the behavior appropriate. "Stock market bubbles and crashes are caused by herd mentality," Dr. Howard said. "It's scary to me because we make our own heaven, and we make our own hell."
  5. Only time will tell. One way to look at this suggestion is to first try and disagree before agreeing with the herd.
  6. "Herd mentality, mob mentality and pack mentality, also lesser known as gang mentality, describes how people can be influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors on a largely emotional, rather than rational, basis. When individuals are affected by mob mentality, they may make different decisions than they would have individually." - look it up. I think this applies to GSX1. IMO
  7. Wow. I just got a raw desirable Golden Age comic from Joshua in the mail yesterday. It was exactly as described if not better and will make a fine addition to my collection. Super fast shipping and very well packed too. Also got to talk with Joshua over the phone about comics. I look forward to more transactions & communications between us. Thank you! --- Roger
  8. just shy of a decade to be exact
  9. Please only PM me instead of posting a public reply here. I have other keys that I can and would expect to add to my pictured TOS39 to try and seal a deal for an X-MEN 1 CGC 2.5, 3.0 or 3.5. My other keys include but are not limited to Avengers #1 CGC 2.5, Avengers #4 CGC 3.0, ASM #129 CGC 9.0 White and raw keys (all complete with no restoration) such as another ASM129 and 2 copies of FF48. I have plenty of photos of all my books to show you upon request. Thank you, Roger
  10. RULES & DETAILS Asking price is $-------- via PayPal prefer to trade this for a low grade CGC'd X-MEN #1 blue label (preferably a 3.0 and I would add money on my end if needed of course). There are no returns on this CGC'd book. The case is clean and tight with no blemishes. Shipping would be Priority and fully insured with tracking to follow in the continental USA only for $25.00. If you are outside CONUS please contact me first via PM for shipping price to you. Also only PM me (no public comments please) if you have any questions, offers or gratuitous statements to make. I can send you more photos too if requested. P.S. I was PM'd about my interest in any other keys for possible trade and my answer is yes to a CGC graded HULK181, FF5, FF48, Showcase 22 and JIM83 (and we can PM prices and trade values w additional moneys needed on any such key). TALES OF SUSPENSE #39 CGC 1.5 Cream / Off-White pages (read the cgc blue label notes regarding the TAPE etc).
  11. I would hazard to guess if you sampled enough solid comic book collectors Wolverine would be on average a top 10 favorite character if not close to a top 5 thus IF Wolverine appeared in the Silver Age it would IMO be an easy top 10 SA key by value for sure. However I would assume as result of it being a Silver Age Key in your hypothetical it would thus have less on the census, clearly less in higher-grades too and keeping with how iconic and classic Hulk 181's cover is - I would assume if it had the same iconic looking cover and say for an example it was the cover of a late 60's issue of Tales To Astonish, which usually had Hulk on the front cover - than it could conceivably be considered between 5 and 10 in a most valuable Silver Age key... but only after AF15, Showcase 4, Hulk 1, TOS39, FF1 and maybe JIM83 IMO...