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  1. Bump! Keep PM Offers coming we are getting close! Many thanks! If it doesn't sell I will move it to another venue in 48 hours. Thx last chance boardies. This scarcity is hard to find vs dead pool nm 98 imo. Lmk a sap!
  2. Nice books!!! Looking for an af15 blue label around this grade ...if Good luck with sales!!!
  3. Where did u get the warlock meme? I'm a big fan like u David !
  4. Thx jimbo! Fielding offers via pm now or post take it in thread guys! Not likely to see bats 24 with such bold colors and white pages and nice wrap anytime soon...
  5. Bump for new KEY just added: Hero for Hire #1 CGC 8.5 WHITE Pages "PERFECT WRAP"; Origin/1st App Luke Cage, HOT BOOK Netflix series coming soon Heroes for Hire! $799
  6. Thx for responses boardies I would really like to buy cash cash and trade or trade from my $100k cgc key collection vs elsewhere. Pm what u have and I'll share what I have for trading or p me your cash offers! Looking for fair deal for us both!!!???? Many thx! Ken
  7. Hello fellow board members: My goal is your 100% satisfaction & I will be offering SOME BIG KEY BOOKS silver/bronze/gold from my very large collection! I have made multiple sales to 100% Satisfied CGC board members and here's My KUDOS for your convenience: My rules are simple; Paypal is fine, or ( -3%) for Money Order or cashiers check, "First I take it on the thread wins it," followed by a PM to work out the payment details. NOW OFFERING "FREE SHIPPING" for Slabs in the U.S. only. You can PM for international shipping to see if we can work out details before committing to purchase. Thanks, any questions, I am at your service! BATMAN #24 CGC 7.5 1944 GOLDEN AGE BEAUTY! "RARE WITH WHITE PAGES ON CENSUS!" Asking $1095 (SLAB is BRAND NEW & PERFECT, PRESSED by JOEY!) ***NOTE: These Golden Age books from the 40's all have "RARE WHITE PAGES" I will be posting here, given to me by my Grandfather who recently passed. He was from Colorado, and all of his Golden Age comics have superior White Pages, I was very surprised due to how old and rare these books are. It must have been climate and they way he stored them. Enjoy! Hero for Hire #1 CGC 8.5 WHITE Pages "PERFECT WRAP"; Origin/1st App Luke Cage, HOT BOOK Netflix series coming soon Heroes for Hire! $799 [[/url] Thanks for looking & PM with any questions!