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  1. Might need to pay half today half in 30 days depending on asking price. paying 1 year average.
  2. @Supa-Bad-Mofo how long after "Grading/Quality Control:" were you able to see your grades online?
  3. Perfect transaction! Great guy, I think I just made a friend. Really awesome dude to work with.
  4. @comicdonna thank you for your feedback. your support to the community is much appreciated.
  5. @comicdonna that 100% valid, but why not tell me or make a suggestion then try to discredit someone. Many people post pics in bags and boards. I didnt claim any grade or condition. simply a book, a title and a price. But I will improve this when i am home. seems kinda jumpy to me.
  6. @comicdonna Hey bud.If you have some recommendations for me, please let me know. I dont sale often so its an opportunity to learn and do better. But you definetly dont need to call me out as if im misleading someone. But thanks for teaching me of my areas of improvement.
  7. @Finhead ill send you some pics in the pm if you like. ill do that as soon as i get home