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  1. Great teams - writers & artists

    Yea, Bendis is pretty solid and I personally like Alex Maleev. Scarlet is a pretty progressive premis, but I do like it.
  2. Francesco Mattina Art Society

    WOW, really nice!
  3. Store Exclusive Variants Thread!

    This graphic, and I use the term loosely, makes me not want to pre-order. Should have used Comic Sans.
  4. Are counterfeit comics a real thing?

    Cry for Dawn #1 Teenange Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 Gobbledygook #1 Cerebus #1 You might notice that this very forum has a lot of prevalent information on these subjects.
  5. New Avengers #35 NM $4 sold via PM
  6. New Craigslist trend?

    $25, want me to put an offer in for you? ( newsstand)
  7. New Craigslist trend?

    Yes, and to further expand, the problem with giving the seller a number is that they will then use that to shop around for a higher price since they now have a base to work from. I'm really going to stick to the "what would it be worth for you to get rid of them" approach.
  8. New Craigslist trend?

    There is a person in my area that has been trying to sell an ASM 301 for at least a year. That's not big deal. The problem is they relist it about every 3 days.

    Two in a week......, Wolverine #145 Nabiso Variant CGC 9.8 $1,276
  10. question about rarity of a comic?

    Hmm, probably not a ton out there then and obviously people are not getting them slabbed.
  11. Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    Yes, nice call!
  12. question about rarity of a comic?

    There's only 1 9.8 on the census. "Rare" in terms of that. But how many were made if it was distributed with a major movie?