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  1. Selling less than was ordered? I think your math may be off.
  2. You’re impressed buy creating a false demand by limiting the print run to less than was ordered? What’s next, we believe Eanic #1 was printed before they knew the order numbers but then released the second print the same day?
  3. I guess, I don't base much on a trailer besides "looks cool" or "doesn't look cool". If they can put all of the good parts in a 3 minute trailer for 8 hours of content, I would agree with you. But I wouldn't know until I watched it.
  4. No, but it would give you perspective if you wanted to watch it. Basing 8 hours of content off a 3 minute trailer could be considered short sighted by some.
  5. I agree and so do the people that I know have / had a Cap #180. It appears as though they are doing something with him. It is not apparent when.
  6. In between January and now, Marvel Studios announced The Mutants. So no, not manipulation. Nomad was trademarked by Marvel Studios last year.
  7. On the previous page the Owner describes when it came out. Looks like Dec. 2003 while the 1st was Jan. 2003.
  8. It worked for Falcon everytime he donned the Cap costume. Or does it only work when it's Marvel characters?
  9. Yikes, 1k copies? Sounds like you might be surprised by how many were actually distributed. So we agree, Steel is Superman.
  10. https://comicbookinvest.com/2021/03/06/the-top-5-star-wars-key-back-issues-you-are-overlooking/
  11. Thanks. I figured she had appeared with the Dora Milaje before.
  12. Been a good seller for a couple years now. Why now?