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  1. Huh? What? Huh? Can you please post your eBay ID as well?
  2. You totally missed the correlation obviously. Shame because it was relevant. And your comment as to what Moderns consist of also shows a strong lack of knowledge about comics in general.
  3. Ah, that says a lot right there. There are aggressive portfolios and conservative. Depends on where you are in life as to what you would choose.
  4. You should probably read his letter as to why it ended. He actually wanted it to run for half the time it ended up at. Definitely was worth his time.
  5. They have to be available for sale first. Then they can be sold. The Red She Hulks are good ones. Don’t see those in the wild very often.
  6. That book has been hot for over 6 months. Just speculation...
  7. You're right after I've read the context again. I don't think anyone button humped. Just someone being overly aggressive. Sometimes it would be nice if mods showed up in the Modern section.
  8. Um, yes, He wasn't sure if judges were elected or not. And apparently that was enough for a warning? Um, yea, ok....