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  1. But...it really is though. valiant is correct about it being a combination of a running joke and a cult following.
  2. Not necessarily. People buy and sell stocks daily. Rally Rd equates it to the same thing in their FAQ's.
  3. One day a month? After an asset’s Initial Offering, we impose a 90-day “lock-up” period during which shares cannot be bought or sold. Once the “lock-up” period is over, the “INVEST” button is replaced with “BUY” and “SELL” buttons so you know the asset is Trading. You can sell your shares during “trading windows,” which open for each asset on one specific day each month, by submitting sell orders (“ASKs”) through the app. During the trading window, you can revise your order as often as you want. When it closes, the broker-dealer will match sell orders and buy orders (“BIDs”) at the market-clea
  4. eBay doesn't show lower offers accepted. Part of their own "marketing".
  5. on Aphra #2 maybe first full app of her dad, but I can't say for sure. Yes, #1 variant is Nihil in comics.
  6. Darkhawk has never been mentioned by a credible source. Spike Lee said he wanted to direct a Nightwatch movie. Again, I don't think it was ever actually in development.
  7. There is a first in #7. #6 was hot before it came out as well. There is nothing significant in it. Just a mix of a hot cover and hot character.