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  1. that's not water.....
  2. Low compared to the Big 2. Only 2 Valiant books sold more than it and that was just barely. You would think Valiant would kill an independent like Albatross.
  3. Oh, got it. Very interesting concept. Certainly a sign of where the variant market is and the hobby in general. Do you have Bezos on the phone for the next one?
  4. Was this at the con? I saw you walking out with a shortbox. And, if it was that guy in the back corner I bought from him a couple of years ago at the same con when it was at the movie theater. Got a Marvel Preview #4 for $20, Uncanny 266 that graded 9.8, etc... He was asking $30 each and had 3/4 of a longbox of New Mutants Annuals #2. Great if they were NM but unfortunately you could see all the water damage just looking at the top of them.
  5. I would say all of these besides Spider-Man #1 have been steadily going up over the past couple of years. Especially in high grade. In general, almost any Marvel copper in 9.6-9.8 is pulling nice returns. Media events have, most likely, pushed some of these up: Wonder Woman - movie Watchmen (Rebirth / button) had previously been down New Mutants - movie
  6. Let's not take what I said at face value of an original art piece. What if I said an original art print which still holds value? Tombed comics can't be read and they sell for more than raws.
  7. Shoeless Joe cards went through the roof after Field of Dreams. (I have no clue if this is true)
  8. Same boat as Baby Teeth for me.
  9. How much did you get for that giant ad on the back?
  10. That's not what the comparison was. The OP stated that people stopped having an interest in cards because they bought them for statistics which are now available online.
  11. I see you Chuck!
  12. I have a bunch of the Bloodstone arc that I would sell for less than my cost. Interested?