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  1. Typically how it goes. Can't win them all, but if you do that you will win more than you lose.
  2. Is that what you get from not cleaning the bench after you use it?
  3. I am assuming this is the same person on FB as they have the same name and are posting in a comic book group. There is no bubble when you don’t pay for things and rip others off.
  4. Pokemon / gaming cards and comics are often sold in the same stores.
  5. Where at? Not seeing it on the bay or GPA.
  6. Again, surprising b/c Marvel hyped the heck out of that book. Biggest hype for a character since Red Goblin. And again they didn't make it clear cut. Seems like X-Force #13 is 1st full to me.
  7. There are a lot of store variants that don't end up selling for more than the initial buy-in. I'm seeing a lot of new blood get caught up in these and the later Marvel printings that are in abundance now. Store variants can be $40-$100 which is way too high for me personally.
  8. Crazy what these are pre-selling for. Perfect example of how people shop, eBay only. The Kickstarter was open order, all you want, for 30 days. The classic figure and comic was $40 + shipping. It's pre-selling for $200+. I expect them to drop some when people get them in hand. Nearly raised $3.5 million through that campaign.
  9. Is that like the 10th new Batman character in the past month?
  10. If you didn't sell any then they aren't worth that.
  11. I didn't think they changed much myself. Nothing detrimental. When I go on other boards that haven't upgraded they look ancient. However, I do see people say they left and haven't come back. Oh well. Thing with GPA is they wanted a cleaner look. Nothing was broken. It was not a chat board and worked fine. I can accept that, but they actually changed the entire functionality and layout for no benefit of mine.