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  1. Where is the trim and how are you deducing that it was indeed trimmed? Also, this is a Copper. https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/470461-asm-300-heating-up/
  2. Harley's current series is ending at #75. Somebody somewhere has surmised that she will be killed off in favor of Punchline. Thus more people investing in Punchline. That being said, I doubt they would kill off a character with as much mass appeal as her, multiple movies, etc... (like Wolverine...wait, he was killed off...)
  3. I'm guessing people are speculating on the new TV show. No details yet.
  4. Excellent advice. And I will pay you triple when you find them for cover. You would be “stupid” to not want to triple your investment.
  5. I wouldn't personally be taking advice on a $1,000 investment from random people on the internet. If you need to be convinced of something, it's probably not right for you. To each their own though.
  6. Says cameo of first fight. They may be on the cover but this is really a cameo appearance for the first fight between the Aliens and Predators. Have at it debaters of cameo / full, etc... (looks like a full to me )
  7. Interesting. First time they have done that, that I am aware of since there is no label designation. Unfortunately the conversation started with Go Collect's average value.
  8. IDK, GPA doesn't tell you where the sale was like Go Collect does.
  9. Great communication and fast payment as always!
  10. The Newsstand is not differentiated from the Direct. The $4,500 sale skewed the recent results.
  11. Great pickups. Just an FYI, Marvel stopped distributing newsstands at the end of 2013.
  12. Cool, where is this information from?