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  1. I disagree, and Umbrella Academy is my proof! If the show is good, the demand CAN build. Not that it will, but it can. And of course, there is TWD. I find it odd that UA has increased in price even though all the shows were released at once and Deadly Class, released weekly, has not seen that increase.
  2. Thanks, appears I didnt have to post in General for a little reaction.
  3. Yea, like completely going 90 degrees on the comic. I can't imagine why it's being received well, ha. On the high level view it's the same. But, let's get away from that as we know most that watch these shows haven't read comics. We have to assume it was made a show because of the comic. Not because Seth Rogan pitched this garbage -script with a decent budget and and actors that was made a show.
  4. I really want to post this in the General section, just for the comments. But I'll leave it here.....for now.... Die #1 Virgin Variant CGC 9.8 $800
  5. There are still seats left on the Outcast #1 train if you are looking for a place to land.
  6. Wow, in trying to find some info. on the issue with Spawn 10 over the weekend, I stumbled on a bunch of articles. He is truly a unique character.
  7. Ah, like you aren't a "true fan". Did you ask him what the air was like up on his throne?
  8. 1st Carl Brock who has appeared in multiple issues of the new Venom series. (Also 1st Anne Weying who was in the movie).
  9. Thanks, so about 5% more than where the auction ended.
  10. If you look at the counterfeits from that era, you can tell why they were done. They were not of the quality of the Big 2. And this could be reproduced easily and look similar, because, well they were probably using the same machines to make the counterfeits as the originals.
  11. At least one person thinks so.
  12. No response to the board memeber who said theirs did NOT sell for the $5k he mentioned. Make the list or don't. You're looking real thirsty...
  13. No, there's not a way to track that from what others have said regarding GPA.
  14. If you can find all those graded 9.8 for $2k, please PM me your source.
  15. LOL, right. I've seen auctions end during the middle of a workday that go over GPA. If people want a book, they will find a way to get it.
  16. Yes, I start my auctions at 7 PST. But two hours did not make a difference on a book like this. If it was something odd like 4 AM or noon, you might possibly have a case. But still probably not.
  17. Not sure what to tell you. If you start it earlier the people on the west coast aren't out of work.
  18. Seems like a decent time to get everyone in the U.S. bidding.
  19. I'm actually surprised that it doesn't seem there was any one year that had a big spike in the number of 9.8's being graded. It's been very steady year over year. http://cgcdata.com/cgc/search/comicid/593
  20. Yikes, 16 month low. Batman 608 RRP CGC 9.8 $3,800