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  1. Right, and a recent high grades have been selling for $30-40. So that was the reason for my question. People are saying they would pay $15-20. I would as well. Double your money seems a given on a flip yet I don't know why someone would sell for half market price on eBay.
  2. https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/458961-baltimore-comic-con-photo-reports-october-2019/?do=findComment&comment=10904373
  3. When you hold a monopoly you don't make different deals for different people. Especially better terms for a much smaller client (BOOM).
  4. So not only have you seen the print numbers for ASM but you have also seen Marvel's contract with Diamond? Can you get ahold of BOOM's? They are under-printing and over-shipping (over-printing) regularly contrary to Diamond. https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/09/12/once-future-2-third-printing-massive-overship/
  5. If the publisher can tell the printer to under-print, they can also tell them to over-print. You specifically said they cannot and yet I've provided a current example in which they did.
  6. Not sure what you mean. I said second prints. The publisher is intentionally telling the printer to print less than the Diamond FOC orders. You said your "guy" told you that was not how it worked.
  7. Yes, BOOM has actually been manipulating the market on their 2nd prints in recent months. FOC numbers mean nothing. They are telling the printer how many they want printed which is shorting the orders and causing allocations.
  8. I've told you this before. The list is not based on pricing but sales volume. Do you not believe me?
  9. Yup, I had one of those situations myself with a damaged copy. But you know this and are stating "print run"? Also, yes, honest shops, I see at least one on there that has gone against what they have said they were offering before.
  10. Great list and there are a number I would like, but I'm not going to touch any. Also, I don't mean to derail yet another thread, but simply state some information for some that may be unaware. The numbers listed are how many they are supposed to be selling. They print more than that.
  11. Sold for $555 which was over $100 more than any of the other 10 sales this year. Seem odd. But yes, good book to be on the lookout for.
  12. So I provided facts, you did not and yet you are "choosing" to end the conversation. Convenient.
  13. Do people really want more, different labels floating around? I like the gold one, but it's completely different. Option 4 which adds the gold lettering is a nice idea, but the pedigree name could get lost in the background for some people with not as good of eyesight. Just stick with #1 to keep it close to what's already been issued. Here's the original for reference. https://www.cgccomics.com/resources/pedigree/
  14. I just checked a dead account that I was using a while back to lookup a listing and low and behold there was a coupon on that one. Definitely trying to entice people who are not regular buyers.
  15. https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/450906-dceased-by-tom-taylor/?tab=comments#comment-10675369
  16. I hope we can preserve this thread to show people what pump and dump actually is.
  17. No, that was BatGIRL Beyond. Totally different!
  18. In Feb. of 2018 there was supposedly a sale of a 9.8 blue for $1,500. That's an outlier as the last sales of 2017 were between $800-950. But the average for 2018 was around $1,100. In March of 2019 there was a low sale of $620, again an outlier. But the spread is much bigger now, from $770-$1,200 this year.
  19. October 17, 2017 there were 75 9.8s on the census. There are 128 9.8s on the census as of October 8, 2019. http://www.cgcdata.com/cgc/search/comicid/64551 Market price is subject to supply and demand numbers. I have provided factual data to my assumption, please do the same for yours.
  20. OK, question though, why do you care so much about someone that obviously doesn't care about you? You've been getting trounced for years on here for this claim and yet this other boardie won't step up in any manner?