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  1. It's had manipulated highs the last few years. Lows have been hovering just above $100 though. It was half that before 2016 though. Which is when I'm assuming the announced the animated movie that was in theaters for a few days. Its also a very common book. I need to check Valiantmans site to see what the submission results have been the past couple of years. 2,750 9.8s total for just a classic story, one shot, no first appearance. Good book for the thread though.
  2. This is the mark of someone who should be spending $2k on a comic.
  3. I'm saying they are equally ridiculous as a character. People like animals, so it makes sense to me.
  4. Ah, I don't think that is available when using the "seller hub". I must be a "professional seller" according to the bar above the word "active" on your screen.
  5. What exactly are you doing? When I go to my active listings I only see a way to "promote" the listing.
  6. $500 isn't significant? 26k over two covers is common for a Big 2 book #1?
  7. My Comic Shop is a well known store and many buy from them daily and believe their grading is very accurate. They are one of the biggest online retailers in the industry.
  8. Right, they are holding the dealer hostage to buy their stuff at their demand. The dealer has no leverage except to speak with their wallet until things change.
  9. Or shops could just not buy them As long as people are buying them, why would they change?
  10. That comment was in reference to the Dark Red variant which does not come out until March 20.
  11. Possibly, but it's also the 1st Joker's Son? Something weird is going on. Or is Geriatric Joker the son? The last page has a different character.
  12. He appeared at the end of issue #4. It's the last issue of the series as well. Especially for books that haven't even been released yet. As I stated previously, FOMO is driving market prices. People think they can't get books because a pre-order sells out. Wait until the books are actually released and in hand to determine what the market price is. Right now it's market manipulation because some people don't pre-sell, therefor true supply and demand cannot be evaluated properly.
  13. Probably market perceived "rarity" along with a hot show. Demand > supply I will say however, that book has always sold well.
  14. Do you think the market in general wants to purchase a FCBD? I don't believe so and some probably don't even know about it. Remember that Spider-Ghost #1 variant that was selling for about $1k? There was absolutely nothing tied to that other than the cover. This is the volatility of the market and has been for a few years.
  15. You don't understand the variant market or what? Not sure what to tell you.
  16. Looks like someone was feeling a little nostalgia recently: Star Trek #53 CGC 9.8 $897 Star Trek #55 CGC 9.8 $1,200