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  1. On 11/9/2019 at 8:32 AM, showcase4 said:

    @SecondBlight , did you ever think .......... ( that should keep him in bed for the next 4 days with a migraine :gossip: )

    For the rest of you .... familiar with the ‘iceberg theory’? You ONLY see the 10% above water - if you saw the other 90%, an iceberg would take on a completely different size, shape, SOPHISTICATION and complexity. A peak at me “below the water line”. I collect ( in part / with passion! ) factory sealed Comics, and Sportscards - all either key issues, Rookies, Origins, etc etc - all with limited / preferably  loooooow production numbers. Over time, this population of sealed items will ALWAYS get smaller, as Collectors can’t wait to tear open that packaging, and grade those items. Well... you can open a sealed bag to grade a comic, but you can never “ungrade” it, and seal it back in the bag! Now... I ALSO collect some pretty sweet, non-bagged, KEY Moderns that I DON’T post here — only post a small percentage ~~ iceberg!
    Pics- some of my recent “factory sealed” eBay purchases ...

    Are you still paying $31 for 2018 Update Fat Pack? I have some I will sell you.

  2. I'm calling all of these VF\NM. Some will be better, some may be VF, lower grades are noted. If you want to know more about an specific one, please let me know.




    Airboy #5 (Stevens cover)  $7.50 (3 available)




    Amazing Spider-Man #12 $8 (4 available)


    Blade: Curse of the Mutants One-Shot (Wilkins cover) $2.50




    Blade: It Takes One to Kill One #5 $2




    Falcon / Captain America Lot $12.50

    All-New Captain America #1

    Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #8 & #9

    Il4O51pm.jpg 5BI1Mw0m.jpg UIW0dwFm.jpg



    Captain Atom #42 $12




    Chosen #1 $2.50 (4 available)




    Daredevil #508 2nd Print $2.50




    Excalibur: Special Edition One-Shot 1st Print $2.50




    Fear Agent Retailer breakfast variant FINE $3 (3 AVAILABLE)




    Gargoyles lot all FINE $8
    #4 & #5 (slave labor graphics)
    #11 (marvel)

    INqI4qum.jpg X5gwdu4m.jpg dS4m5snm.jpg



    Guardians of the Galaxy #23 $3 SOLD







    Iron Man 2020 TPB $3




    Marvel Now Point One $1 (6 available)




    Next Men #14 FREE w/$50 spent and claimed (one per person)




    Marvel Age Annual #4 $4




    October Faction #1 $2.50 Copy A




    Reactor #1 (Cates) $2




    Rot & Ruin #1 $2




    Rune vs. Venom $4 SOLD







    Savage Tales #1 FINE $3




    Shadowman #8 $2




    Sleepwalker #1 $2.50




    Static Shock Vol. 2 #1 $15




    Supreme #41 Variant $3




    Velvet #1 $2 (2 available)




    World War Hulk Prologue World Breaker $2.50


  3. Quickidation 15  :insane:


    Quickidation - I bought them at a good price and look to move them quickly to you at a good price!


    1. Disputes on claims will be honored as they appear in THIS THREAD only! (Not via PM timestamp).

    2. No HOS.

    3. Shipping, on top of price, determined by weight, service up to you, we will talk upon deal reached.

    4. PayPal payment.

    5. Reasonable returns accepted.





  4. 1 minute ago, frank_newman said:

    Amen jimjackjett and NewWorldOrder. Please contact GPA directly as I think it will be more effective towards remediation if they accumulate a pile of customer complaints.

    Damn, must be important for a 1 post / 18 months user to show up.

  5. 1 hour ago, Transplant said:

    I'll reserve final judgment until I live with it for a while.  That said, my initial impression is that the redesign is creating a lot more clicking.  I wonder if that was intentional to drive page views?  No idea.  But information is more spread out.  Hopefully, the mobile version is as compact as it was.  

    I agree.

    1. Why were are all of the expand tabs moved to the right side of the interface when your eye is focused on the left?

    2. Why is the year not linked to expand the sales for the year like it used to be?

    3. Why do I have to click the expand buttons twice just to get to the sales data?

    4. Why is the first expand tab reveal only the graph? Do people really use the graph more than the actual sales data?





  6. 6 minutes ago, GLCBrad said:

    USM 33-36 did yes

    My question was- do you see any OTHER books in that universe heating up?

    Ultimate Spidey besides those 4 books and Miles stuff has been tumbleweeds for a long time now

    Not sure why Ultimate Spidey would have renewed interest now that Miles is solidified. Maker has been integral for a while to the Venom story but too many Ultimate FF 1s around. Anything else significant in the Ultimate Universe? They are just different iterations / updates on existing characters. Like the Ultimate Taskmaster "look" in the Black Widow movie.

  7. 5 hours ago, GLCBrad said:

    Finally read Venom 20

    Cates is clearly going to bring back the Ultimate Universe in general in addition to the “Ultimate Symbiote”

    Anyone think this will lead to renewed interest in any of the original Ultimate titles?

    1 hour ago, divad said:

    hm Good point . . . (but they're too busy discussing MCS at the moment) lol


    :gossip: already heated up....


  8. 14 hours ago, StephenWA said:

    Originally, that WAS the case. You could obtain it for a donation (including $0) from Panel Syndicate.

    NOW, it is definitely a real comic which was released for the 5th annual Local Comic Store Day (LCSD) on 23 November 2019.

    I am well aware of that. The point of my post was that it was not going to be printed. Now, low and behold, it is.

    They did the same thing with the Negan story in the Image Firsts magazine.

  9. 45 minutes ago, cd4ever said:

    First appearance of second Isis. Adrianna Tomaz.  I've been picking that book up where ever I see it for over a year now.  It's only a matter of time. If she pops up in either a Shazam or Black Adam movie, I am pretty certain this is the version they will use. 

    But where has this been "rumored" at? Nobody will say, it just starts showing up on fake news sites.

    It's not hard to connect the dots of Isis and Black Adam. When the first rumor of Black Adam dropped many years ago now I was able to grab some Shazam #25's from back issue bins. Today, I don't see them using any character named Isis, but it will be the same character with a different name.

  10. 5 hours ago, Crops068 said:

    Not sure if everyone is aware but the formerly digital only one-shot The Walking Dead - Alien comic released last Saturday.

    I know in my area only 1 shop ordered any.


    Vaughan says that The Walking Dead: Alien is "exclusively" on PanelSyndicate, which would rule out any print edition.


  11. 31 minutes ago, Shoomanfoo said:

    Well why not? 

    How many ratio variants are there? How many LCSD “limited” lol ?

    What can I compare it to then?

    Are the words “ratio” or “limited” confusing you?

    Are you giving them real world meaning?

    great for you...good luck.

    I'll try and help you out here, but I have a feeling it's going to be a challenge.

    Here is what the original poster said:

    On 11/24/2019 at 2:15 PM, IbukiLord said:

    This seems to be getting some high numbers, not sure why, I know the book itself is limited but I didn't think New Mutants or Magik were popular enough to hit these numbers. From what I can see it looks to be fetching the highest return of the LCSD books that came out.


  12. 11 hours ago, lightninglad said:

    I'd keep an eye on Thunderbolts #1 2nd Print. This is purely anecdotal, but there don't seem to be nearly as many of those floating around.

    Also The Bunker from Oni Press is in development for NBC. Those issues seem to be selling well. With only 19 issues and the last few being pretty low orders, I can see full sets being solid buys.

    Marvel Zombies books are selling well with news of them being. Involved in the Disney+ 'What If' series. There have been solid sales on Ultimate FF 21-23 and 30-32

    And of course anything related to bourbon sells well

    Ah, Bunker. I remember the first option. When options used to sell books...:cloud9:

    10 hours ago, mr_highgrade said:

    I heard through the grapevine that Absolute Carnage #5 might be a book to be on the lookout for tomorrow. :gossip:

    Pass, nothing more than has been happening for the past 12 Venom / Cates issues, more or less.

  13. 17 hours ago, Mercury Man said:

    Good lord, how do breathe sitting so high up on that horse of yours?!   I have been collecting comics since the 1970's.  While my collection pales in comparison to many of the respected vets (of which you are not included), let's not pretend you know me and I know you.  Modern comics are a roulette wheel at best, fueled by a lot of pump and dump, brought about by infomercials and manufactured collectibles in the 1990's, which carry over to ebay and message boards on the net today.  Congrats to those who make a buck.  I'd rather spend $1000 on a decent Silver or Bronze key, that has a track record of value increasing. 

    Thanks you for pointing out my 'lack of knowledge'.  You bring so much to the CGC message boards, how shall we ever thank you?! 


    high horse 2.jpg

    Yes, definitely me on the high horse. You've been collecting for a long time but don't understand that modern is a term applied to current day. Not an era specifically devoted to comics. Meaning, that in any currently defined era of comics, they were once considered modern. You continue to belabor that that modern comics are "pump and dump" and hype. Thus, my statement that you are misrepresenting the comics in a blanket statement.

    adjective: modern
    1. relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past.

    I've definitely brought more to the Modern section than you. But thank you for your continued fandom of my posts.

  14. 2 hours ago, SSuperman said:

    What a pain, sorry you had to deal with this...it sucks,...HOWEVER, if the "buyer" asked to return it immediately then it is his-her prerogative. It does suck, it is a hassle, you don't deserve this time wasting nonsense

    from a buyer however move on rapidly & give this "tire kicker" no more of your valued time of any sort, that's is my .02 cents. Re-list it while it's on the way back from Mr. Picky Pants and move on.

    This guy doesn't deserve a "good guys" time!  If he was serious he would have asked the case be replaced, a credit of $35 or $40 depending on the books value? Or split the cost of a new case since most

    cases are "brand new", they have a little bit even if a tiny amount. : - )   Please promote him to Amazon, offer him a 10% coupon, an e-coupon to switch to Amazon exclusively?




    Can you please post your eBay ID as well?


  15. 4 hours ago, Mercury Man said:

    I am the point in life, where I choose not to spend $1000 on an over priced comic book, due to a hyped possible movie appearance, phantom print runs or variant covers. 

    You totally missed the correlation obviously. Shame because it was relevant. And your comment as to what Moderns consist of also shows a strong lack of knowledge about comics in general.