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  1. And just because it’s the new terms of services it doesn’t mean that it’s fair or... legal.
  2. You had a lot of art with you. How did you do moving stuff? Would you set up again?
  3. Mr. Halperin, I believe the cyber attacks on October 21, 2019 were merely Neal Adams’ test run. Sincerely, John
  4. Early in my collecting I was fortunate enough to buy the cover to the Super Powers mini comic for The Penguin for what was a lot of money for me then. I mentioned this to a collector I had met and at the same time I mentioned that I was trying to put together the complete issue for Azrael 39 because I had 4-5 pages. Well this guy found the cover to Azrael 39 and wanted to trade me for my Penguin. Only it was supposed to be a three way deal, sort of. He was going to take my cover and trade it for some Joker Super Powers merchandising art to a collector who had the complete interiors to the Penguin comic PLUS the complete color guide (supposedly). The Penguin cover by Ernie Chan is small art about 8-1/2” x 11” and a bit underwhelming vs 11x17 with nice action. But most of all this was going to bring all these pieces in one home. It was one of those “between a rock and a hard place” and decided to do the trade almost based on ethics. Well the third collector didn’t budge on the Joker art (apparently) which is kind of ballsy. That was huge trade bait. So then the original collector just sold him the Penguin at cost of the Azrael cover which he later told me he paid 2/3s of what I paid. Back then I told myself that I had to make peace with letting this go so the sting is minimal. I wish that that I could have kept both pieces. If I was faced with this decision today I might say that he needs to make sure the other party agrees to the trade first and not just assume. Otherwise today I would just flat out say No, regardless of how it could bring all these pieces together.
  5. This is my sole pick up from L.A. Comic Art Show. I knew Bechara had it from the first Ultimate Art Show as well as a Frank Springer page from #30, just kept that info to myself during this thread bwahahaha 😒 The Spinger page, my first choice, was sold. Kicking myself for not picking it up then. Since then, “early” Joe art (depends on how you define “early”) has been going for healthy prices, so I’m glad to have picked up this example. The original owner of this page was our very own Chuck Costas aka comicconxion. I talked to him about Joe art at the show and he says that early stuff was snatched up quick due to GI Joe’s immense popularity at release and really hasn’t been seen since.
  6. Some iconic art pieces by Quesada right there. Thanks for posting the Charlotte’s Web art. Now that’s some non-comic art illustrations I’d love to own. Glad the whereabouts are known.
  7. He does not have an online presence and doesn’t do “many shows” in his words. There are two art shows in LA and that’s probably about it.
  8. I didn’t hear of any major sales (not to say they didn’t happen) but I did see folks walk away with a few vintage pieces. I did have a small small chat with a first time collector who wanted to jump head first with a BWS Conan. He was so green that I, of all people, gave him a little guidance (as I furtively folded Gene’s market report and tucked it in my back pocket.) Based on the scientific study of looks and appearances, It may be that a pool of younger boomers may be ready to jump in the fray. I also saw a younger Gen-Xer buy his first Kirby, albeit budget Kirby. Mignola sketches sold well, but not sold out. He had covers (priced $6k-$8k). Says he doesn’t like schlepping that big portfolio to busy shows but will for small ones. Good turn out. Very busy. Lots of good art for sale not on the internet.... but those “A” pages still tucked away somewhere.