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  1. Yes, just PayPal. Though per Bird’s experience it might not be in effect yet. Just bought 3 trading carding for a whopping $3.57 to finally complete a set. I was thrown off to find out that the seller did not accept PP but rather standard debit or credit cards. I was irked because PayPal is where I keep my play money. Just glad it wasn’t $357. For purchases of $99+ I’ll use PP Credit (even if I do have the money, Vudou ) but I won’t be able to if the seller selects “managed payments.” As to avoid thread drift, at least there is a chance for seller’s who buy their own stuff to finally feel a pinch. And Managed Payments may help a seller eschew PP fees, but it may drive away buyers/customers who rely on PP, esp PP Credit, ostensibly buy a flip on pure credit and pay off the balance with the profit.
  2. I was just recently notified through an eBay policy update that fees would not be refunded when there is a return. Not that I’m happy about it but I read it as a deterrent against “fraud” against eBay. Edit: just looked it up. If a “buyer” (because it could be you) makes a return, and you refund their money, you will not get back what you paid in PayPal fees.
  3. This is my understanding too. Learned it via a couple of OA veteran collectors at an OA panel.
  4. Why is Robert Rodriguez’s name being thrown in the mix of potential buyers?
  5. Ha! You and I were writing that at the same time. Great minds....
  6. Throw it up on eBay and see what happens. What d'you have to lose but your lunch? That's what I'm saying: too many puns to not make this something special in a tongue-in-cheek way. This is also how I see it: you have Curt Swan, who's closely associated with Superman, drawing on an airplane. The airplane is closely associated to Superman ("It's a bird! It's a plane!...) The invitation on the inscription reminds me of Lois Lane/Margot Kidder's flight with the Man of Steel in one of the Superman movies. Because really, had one really flown with Supes in that way, the first thing that would've happened upon landing is the tossing of the cookies. This brings us back to the barf bag. This is a joke on par with a veteran astronaut writing "You ready to go?" on a barf bag to the astronaut first-timer. This is why I think the barf bag makes the sketch more interesting than if, say, it was written on hotel stationary. But that might just be my twisted mind. I've had many of my descriptions recycled on eBay so copyright Jay Olie Espy twenty-nineteen.
  7. Yeah I wouldn’t bother with authentication. No one is going to fake a Swan sketch on a barf bag. Curt Swan’s published work is readily available at all price points. I see something like this closer to $50, but with auctions, you never know. $100-$110 wouldn’t surprise me either. Anything around the $200 mark would. If your pal has zero money tied into this sketch, it’s a win at any price. If he dumps money on JSA then he has expectations that may not be met. What I think this piece has going for it is the flying/nausea thing. There’s a lot to break apart there. That uniqueness can be the deal maker to the right buyer.
  8. If I look at what I post on CAF, which is the art I consider worth posting, then my published to unpublished ratio is 1:1.57. In other words, I have slightly over one-and-a-half times more unpublished art than published art. However, in terms of dollars spent, published art outspends unpublished art at a ratio of 4.82:1, or almost five dollars is spent on published art for every dollar spent on unpublished art. I think that ratio is what tells the real story. I like this type of topic. It helps me see my collection in a different light.
  9. If you’re collecting pages written by Alan Moore, then what’s cool about this page is that his dialogue is right on the page. And it looks to be hand lettered, too, which is always a big plus in my book.
  10. I have a feeling it’s even younger than the Liefeld demographic
  11. I knew by your collecting focus that we were the same age—only a month apart actually. You paint some really nice work. What are doing collecting ugly comic art??? (That’s me trying to lessen the competitive field.)
  12. I remember when I started collecting 6 years ago Snyder repped Walt Flanagan (not that he has a lot of output) and I wanna say JG Jones. Then no more. Maybe others I missed? Wonder what’s going on.
  13. It was a great podcast, Felix. I could’ve listened to another hour. I hope all is well with your family now.
  14. I had my house tented while i was a collector. I don’t recall what gas it was but I did take my collection with me to the hotel. I just wasn’t going to risk it. Otherwise I think the gas is harmless.
  15. It wasn’t the back cover to any of the Concrete #s 1-10. #s6-10 is where “Heights” was published and it doesn’t show up there.