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  1. Hello, fellow Comic Art Addicts! I am once again posting an ad for my friend Mel. He has for sale four different Doctor Who illustrations. Each head shot made a composite of a limited edition print. I am attaching my copy of the print as reference. Mel says he will include a copy of the print with a purchase. Each piece of art measures 11"x17". If you look closely some of the pieces have crinkles. The print also measures 11"x17"! The asking price for each is $1,000 or best offer. If you are interested or have any other questions, please contact Mel Smith at wildcardink@yahoo.com Thanks! John Espinoza
  2. Jay Olie Espy

    Action Comics #1 Cover OA...still exists?!?

    Authenticated by Wikipedia 🤔
  3. Jay Olie Espy

    Best of 2018 - Discuss your nominees here

    @chefkv That is some quality art you picked up this year. I especially like the East of West cover.
  4. Jay Olie Espy

    Where's all the GI Joe art? (#1-50)

    Here’s one example from the estate sale:
  5. Jay Olie Espy

    Grail Piece Finally Acquired-ROM Spaceknight

    Trust me: I wish Sal wouldn’t sign his name inside every freaking page he got back. When I first paid attention to the fact that his name rests inside the live area of every piece of art he ever laid pencils on, I lost weeks of sleep. I’ve only seen one page untouched by his John Hancock, and it’s probably because it belonged to his inker. Just saying that I don’t notice it anymore because it’s simply a fact of life I accepted. My therapist made me understand that as well as my sleep coach.
  6. Jay Olie Espy

    NYC Comic Art Expo 2019

    Okay, I’m not the guy you’re asking, but—- the one show I attended Mike wasn’t sketching but he did bring small, ~4x6 pencil sketches to sell for about $200. This was about 4-5 years ago. If this turns out to be a small show attendance-wise he might sketch—but being that this is a show about making $$$$$ off the art of others, maybe not. Also, if non-OA collectors/Hellboy fans catch wind of his appearance, they might crowd the show, making less likely he’ll sketch. I know you didn’t ask me, but sharing my experience. (Frank Cho was at the LA Ultimate Show, but as far as I knew, he didn’t sketch.) It’d be cool if Mike does—never hurts to ask, unless it hurts to hear No!
  7. Jay Olie Espy

    Grail Piece Finally Acquired-ROM Spaceknight

    He does this all the time that I don’t even notice it anymore.
  8. Jay Olie Espy

    Grail Piece Finally Acquired-ROM Spaceknight

    Congrats again. Not only is this a grail for you, but for a lot of us. Whatever you sold was well worth it!
  9. Jay Olie Espy

    Where's all the GI Joe art? (#1-50)

    Gene has a group photo of the interior pages posted on CAF, so it’s no secret. When he got his 11x17 scanner he said he’d scan each individual page and post them. Still waiting for that
  10. Jay Olie Espy

    Where's all the GI Joe art? (#1-50)

    GI JOE: ARAH #32 is a grail of mine That popped up at auction this past fall. Not a price I could afford. Sadly, it’s up for trade bait now. Never know when yours pops up, just be ready for it.
  11. Happy New Year, Comic Art Addicts! I am posting another listing on behalf of my pal, Mel. For sale is a Deadman illustration by the great Michael Golden. Looks like pencil and ink (I don't see why it wouldn't be otherwise). The art measures 9" x 12". The asking price is $500.00USD. If you are interested, please contact Mel Smith directly at wildcardink@yahoo.com -John Espinoza
  12. Jay Olie Espy

    JADEGIANT COMIC ART coming soon

    Admittedly, when I saw jadegiantcomicart I thought it was from your own collection, which as you state, would be a complete departure from your selling (or lack thereof!) postion It’s why I asked! Your artists are lucky to have you as a rep. No one knows Hulk art like you!
  13. Jay Olie Espy

    JADEGIANT COMIC ART coming soon

    Very cool! Congrats on this new endeavor! I noticed obviously that you will be repping an artist, but will you be selling your own art? I ask because I know you prided yourself on never selling!
  14. Jay Olie Espy

    Taurus Auctions

    Looks like the winners made out like bandits. I wonder if this will happen a second time. I’m certainly going to keep a closer eye next time.
  15. Jay Olie Espy

    Where's all the GI Joe art? (#1-50)

    Paging @comiconxion Chuck is the world’s leading expert on Joe art. He schooled me on this exact topic at the L.A. Ultimate show. I’ll let him chime in on the details, but to whet your curiosity, much was given away.