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  1. Butthole-o: A Butt Hurt Story Wait... what are we talking about????
  2. Ron Frenz, Erik Larsen, and Mark Badger.
  3. I'm doing a cheat here. If I was commissioning The King with investment/flip in mind, I'd have him draw Captain America vs Red Skull with the American flag and a Na'zi (insert Aldo Raine voice) banner draped in the background. Of Kirby's creations, O.M.A.C. is my fave so how could I not? Brother Eye would have to be in the background. If I was going for something with personal meaning, I'd have Kirby pay a homage to his cover to Super Powers #6 (v. 2, 1985). Not a recreation, but a homage to Superman battling Darkseid with Earth in the background. Of course, I'd have to travel back to 1977 and then wait around for 8 years as a man out of time for that to happen. I don't do commissions often, but I do get to tempted to see how artists will interpret a character that I think is good fit for them, but they have never drawn. In this case, I think He-Man would be a good fit for Jack. But He-Man's design itself, although iconic, is kinda boring, so I'd have Jack draw He-Man riding a Wind Raider to get that Jack Kirby vehicle in there.
  4. Man how’d I miss this one??? Classic match-up!
  5. Is something up with CAF tonight? More than half the images I click on won't load.
  6. was nicely colored and the “S” added and it still couldn’t break a $150 bid???? My guess wasn’t too far off then. Also looks like someone cracked the slab to get it colored and paid again to slab it...the slabbing alone is almost $100
  7. I can’t speak for your piece but mine is likely blueline.
  8. I wish! That price applies(d) to I Hate Fairyland and “C” pages for AvX. The good AvX pages were $500+. Or $550 after tax and shipping 😭
  9. Speaking of the Felix Comic Art podcast, IIRC, David Mandel has a Skottie Young cover in his collection. Sure it’s a Star Wars wraparound cover. But if SY is good enough for David Mandel, then...
  10. I would not argue with you that this is untrue, but to be fair, when I bought my SY page from Felix for $500 it arrived with a price of $600 on the back. I asked Felix about it and he said he had talked Skottie into lowering his original asking price.
  11. Those were pretty good prices. If only we were able to foretell the future (that SY covers would be attainable at a lower price point).
  12. I believe you can vote for your own piece(s) but many participated and didn’t bother to show up at the polls.
  13. Wowza! My idea of due diligence is printing out the consignments page from the HA website and taping it to the inside cover of my Itoya with a note that reads: “Send here.”
  14. I’m on the fence with this phenomenon leaning both ways. “A” material is always going to perform well no matter what. And then it’s a matter of who or who doesn’t show up for auction, regardless of “freshness.”