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  1. Great detective work! My research skills got nothing on yours!
  2. This 👆 Get it while it’s cheap.
  3. I wonder how much of the art sold this weekend was used to pay for the crazy prices in the last auction
  4. I was at Target today and I saw something I’d never seen before. An employee stood in the middle of the main aisle with a shopping cart full of boxes of basketball cards and a long line of (mostly) men in their 20s-40s waiting for them. Each was allowed to take one box. They grabbed one and went back in line. The cart was depleted and they waited for another cart to show up. Target is the new Con I guess.
  5. Yup, weren’t Moy and Burkey selling these for $9k-12k a year ago? It was the Wolverine covers that were reserved for $25k+ tier
  6. I know Stuart has been a sought out artist at least since I’ve been collecting in 2013. Though I’m sure his prices weren’t at that level 8 years ago, he seems to have gotten much better over the years to drive up what he charges. Otherwise, not an artist in my wheelhouse as to the why.
  7. I file this under: "Is it legal?" "Well, it's not illegal."
  8. Just to be clear, you mean when two collectors "collude" for one to step aside, the intention isn't to harm the consignor, but for one to get the art for less than market price? Although the harm is not intentional, harm is still done--I just want to point that out. Maybe because I don't dive in the deep end of the pool where shilling may or may not be a problem (I think it's lesser a problem than what it is made out to be), the whole "please step aside for me" really, really irritates me more. I don't think it's a prevalent problem, but I hear about it often enough over the years, most
  9. I was and am doing just fine without it.
  10. Ah, I misunderstood your question. And, of course, by any stretch, I didn’t think you were looking to cash in on your cover. To your question: to me, when I think of Green Lantern I think of Hal Jordan. I was in high school when I read Emerald Twilight which is a lead in to the introduction of Kyle Raynor. I followed Kyle’s exploits for about 6 month and he has a sort of nostalgic soft spot to me. But is he still even around? Did DC do anything interesting with him? I’m also curious to know where others stand, too. I do like John Stewart but I have that Justice League animated s
  11. FWIW, if you put up that cover at auction I think you’d do well. But $225k well? It’s not where I would place my bet. This isn’t to denigrate John Stewart (who has a lot of media crossover btw/obviously), but he’s not Spider-Man...and anything Spider-Man has the 🔥 factor. Spidey fetches a premium as does Wolverine (see: X-23). Spidey and his off-shoots are going to get a lot of media saturation which is going to attract the attention of the deep-pockets.
  12. That was my point, that diversity is nothing new and the “idea of championing diversity... [goes] back...further” than an arbitrary year like 2011. There we have common ground. As I mentioned before, the popularity of Miles Morales...and the prices paid for his first appearance...and the first appearance of other “diverse” characters like Silk (as we watch unfold) and Spider-Gwen, has more to do with being Spider-Man or Spider-something, more than diversity. Because, I believe, if the premise was true, we’d see some Pearl-clutching uptick cash-grab in characters like John Stewart or
  13. I actually don’t believe in cancel culture. But c’mon, “diversity is fashionable?” Since when? 2011?
  14. Or...or...we can just say...anything 🔥 🔥 🔥