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  1. Is there a consensus (or interest?) to add J. Scott Campbell Gen-13 in the $3k-$5k category? That price seems unprecedented, but it’s not a market I follow closely. Remember, verify with comps or it’s just self-interest
  2. And of course prices are all relative. I believe it could’ve been $2500. Put me on record as saying I’d never back away from an auction for a friend. I hope your friend returns the favor in a big way. Back to the topic. To me a steal is getting that Parobeck page for $1200 because it flew under the radar. Noting flies under the radar today. Maybe the BA12 page was a discount, though not a steal, only because someone was asked to back down. I guess that’s what it takes to get a discount. But wait, did your friend win it after all? back to prices being relative: I recall some card art selling somewhat recently for $1900 on HA and me thinking it didn’t fly under the radar. Then it pops up on Romitaman for $4k and sells. Did the piece really fly under the radar or does the platform on which it is selling helps? I bet you I couldn’t get $4k for it if I posted it on CAF classifieds, especially if someone found the comp.
  3. It does look like a backing board but the measurements say it’s almost 11x17 with the frame even bigger. I’m not following the Garfield stuff but if I forget to check the week’s offerings on HA until Wednesday or Thursday, the Davis stuff already seems strong midweek for such a flood in inventory. I agree that you can sink a few hundred dollars into a piece and not look back. At some point there won’t be any on a weekly basis—just like those Don Newton pages on eBay.
  4. It’s funny to think that a move to Monday would depress prices because I’m still not seeing any steals—by that I mean A pieces for C prices, or even B prices for that matter. Now the stock market tumbled and prices are still strong as of Monday, March 23, before today’s Dow 2000 point increase. Comic art didn’t get the memo that the economy is tanking. Now that investors are buying back into the market, prices are less likely to fatigue. Maybe OA is seen as a safehaven? This week saw an eBay sale of a Batgirl page by Parobeck from Batman Adventures #12 for $2050 in the middle of a tanked stock market. Was that high or low? Don’t know 🤷‍♂️ But it’s a strong price for Parobeck page without Harley. If a dealer bought it, betcha it’s gonna have a $4k+ price tag on it by the end of the week. Then there’s a $2500 sale for a McVenom sketch. My point is that if a market tumble doesn’t have an effect on prices, I doubt the day of the week will either.
  5. The draw here is Liam Sharp, especially since he’s enjoying a reemergence with the work he’s doing for DC in the last few years. The splash page aspect also helps. Unfortunately, there’s not a (strong) market for Gears of War comic art. Liam’s art from the 90s doesn’t command too much and we’re talking about his heyday. So my estimate for something like this falls around $250. But I’ve been wrong many times. If you really wanted to try your chances put it up on for $1500 OBO and see if you get any bites. Maybe this is a $600 splash? We all can be surprised by what might happen. If you wanted something different in your collection, try trading with Anthony Snyder, but I’ll warn you that if doesn’t recognize the property he won’t be interested. Oh and there’s Comic Link.
  6. This was just another way to get eyeballs on stock. A lot of it old stock. No discounts necessarily unless the seller intentionally did so to move old inventory. In fact, I spotted 3x-5x markup on pages I’ve seen sold here on the boards or at L.A. Comic Art Con 😒 I didn’t buy anything but I did tune it. Overall, I thought I was a fun idea and wish it was longer than 24 hours. Maybe it’s something that should run Friday through Sunday? I’ve let my CAF premium membership lapse so I wasn’t able to participate. I wish there was a longer notice to get my 🤬 together. I swear this hobby is in dire need of low to mid 3-figure selections if it wants to stay healthy.
  7. I enjoy the Thursday preview as much as enjoy the Friday reveal.
  8. $1200 is still a good price. Congrats. It’s a good page.
  9. Sounds like a way to get us to reveal what is permanent collection and what is not
  10. Ah yes that’s the correct name
  11. Yeah I think he was quoting a collector named Richard Sanchez(?) who said “one great piece a year would make for a great collection in 25 years.”
  12. Your handle “DeadpoolJr” probably says it all. I’m actually surprised that these DP pieces went for prices that didn’t break the bank. Do you think with DP2 movie being 2-3 years removed and the movie property (DP3) being in limbo, prices have cooled? I just think a lot of the recent stuff could’ve fetched at least 33% more if it was sold during the movie hype. My disclosure is that I don’t collect Deadpool art. I’m just interested in the 90s art market.
  13. I know this is not what you’re asking but I want to add that artists will sometimes gift art to writers. This info may especially come in handy looking for “lost” art be it that writers tend not to share their art on CAF or talk about what they have or be asked if they have any. Jim Kruger told me Alex Ross gifted him the cover of Justice #1. I think Jim may have had another Ross cover that he may have tried selling on eBay.