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  1. I’m surprised no one identified Joe Rubinstein on Bullseye. Am I wrong? edit: oh my bad. He did DD. Kinda looks like Bullseye!
  2. That Joe cover is suh-weet. I share your sadness too, Timely 😭
  3. Every wonder what artists did with that money? Pay bills? Pick up the tab at the bar?
  4. In that thread drift about bb cards and d&d it’s what Bronty calls “‘Who cares’ money.” That’s the term I was looking for. I guess it was all “Who cares” money put into MP.
  5. I’d love to know who’s dumping all that FCA art. It’s crashing the secondary market and yet no one who’s “invested” seems to give af. I guess it was all...what do you call it Vodou?... play money.
  6. ASM 129 now a $400k cover! Thanks for weighing in, t
  7. I thought about ASM135 too. That’s why I’m wondering if it’s an “original” statted cover. Just wish it had a better resolution or informative copy written by someone other than a paparazzo.
  8. That’s exactly where I was looking at. I wish the scan was higher res.
  9. The more and more I look at it the more I see something off. That Punisher does look like a stat. In fact this resembles a statted cover. It’s hard to tell without a hi-res scan. If only we had a Romita/Kane expert in the house
  10. I thought the large border was unusual too, but I’m not an expert in this era. Or any era.
  11. I wouldn’t have been expected that level of staining either but I don’t care I STILL LOVE HER