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  1. Up until two years ago I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years where Kelley lives. From my time collecting there (2013-2018) Kelley attended one show in 2014. He didn’t bring any art with him. This is to say that he doesn’t sell his art at all. What you see out there is the inker’s share. I believe—which I can’t prove—he’ll send Heritage a cover for auction every now and then, but that’s it.
  2. Ok I’m going to commit the sin of thread drift. I can’t find the post where you talk about purchasing a likely counterfeit soccer card, but you wouldn’t know for sure until you received your for-real-legit card to compare it. What was the outcome of that?
  3. But that’s my point. I’m not a fine art collector. I’m a “nostalgia” collector. Granted, there is comic art that I won’t buy because it’s “ugly,” and there’s art I want that I won’t overpay for, but at the end I’m buying to own the origins of my memories and the warm-and-fuzzies from my childhood. Sometimes I get to underpay, sometimes I get taken to the cleaners for the privilege. I simply reject treating this hobby like it ought be fine art. You shouldn’t need an art history degree or have to read esoteric books on art to enjoy this hobby. All you (a newbie) have to know are three things: 1.
  4. Can’t I just be a “nostalgic collector of original comic art?”
  5. I think Bill Cox said in his weekly livestream market report that the first issue sold for $50K. Anyone, feel free to smack that down if I misheard.
  6. Byrne Superman has always been expensive. At least I’m talking last year or two. This is nothing new to me or surprising.
  7. No, bless your typos because now I have my commission request for Ramona. All hail 👑 🍇 🦍
  8. I think Covid shut down the San Fernando Valley production of Metamorho.
  9. When the Bruce Timm factory-made Harley head shot on a sketch cover just doesn’t cut it anymore.
  10. Sorry, the last number I saw before they moved on to the next lot may have been the *next* bid with BP or something.
  11. That 1950 Peanuts entered live auction at 9.5K without the juice and ended at $205k with the juice. Ai'ight TTH2, ya got me
  12. And you’re an extent. One or two days before auction that Jim Lee cover was at about 150k. It then ends at 300k. So double. The Deadpool cover stayed at $1,250 for the longest time, then it ticked up at $1950 the week of. I’m already out of the running, but if we’re doing “Jim Lee” performance then it should end at $4k. But that’s too low. So maybe 6k-7k? 10k being high but understandable. The OA is after all one single figure with no background. But no, it ends at 21k or 25k with the juice. So yeah, as a rational person I still say that was deceptively low!