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  1. Werewolf By Night #32

    Hello, I wanted to bring Werewolf By Night #32 to your attention... The scores in the registry for Werewolf By Night #32 need to be looked at. Price wise it's right behind Giant Size X-Men #1 & Amazing Spider-Man #129 & its registry scores aren't close. Another good comparison is Marvel Spotlight #5 (1st appearance of the Ghost Rider)... Werewolf By night #32 is selling for more Than Spotlight #5 & isn't close in registry points. Just thought someone should take a look at this... Thanks for your time.
  2. CGC reholder Grade 0 Hey guys.. just had a book reholdered & its listed as "Shipped Safe" but under the grade it says 0... Could someone please tell me what this means?
  3. HULK # 1 CLUB

    Great looking Hulk #1's guys... This books getting tougher and tougher to find in any grade.
  4. PGM Avengers #4

    I don't get it...? These are the only photo's of this book I have. I was curious too see how you guys think it would do at CGC? I had two copies of Avengers #4 a few months ago. I'm hoping I sold the right one? The more I'm learning about CGC grading I'm starting to think I sold the wrong one...? This is the second time I posted on this board to have someone make fun of me. I expected a little more class from this forum.
  5. PGM Avengers #4

    What's so funny?
  6. Sending this with my next batch of comics to be CGC certified... The photo's aren't the best. Any ideas how this book will do?
  7. Avengers # 1 and # 4 Club

    Will this get me in the club? Getting this bad boy slabbed after the holiday. Not the best photo... Any guesses as to how CGC will grade?
  8. CGC v. PGX?

    A buddy of mine was showing me... Well showing off his PGX 9.8 Amazing Spider-Man #700 1:200 Steve Ditko variant. I own a copy of this same comic slabbed 9.4 by CGC. Side by side mine wasn't just the cleaner copy it was the clear cut choice. If I had to pick between the two not knowing the CGC 9.4 from the PGX 9.8. I'd take the 9.4 every time. The PGX 9.8 had visible cracks in the upper and bottom corners of the book also some light breaking on the spine. I was horrified this book had received that hi of a grade... This could be an isolated incident. FWIW I'll never spend my money on a PGX comic.
  9. CGC White Pages/Centuring vs. Grade

    The fact you had time to go out of your way just to insult a fellow board member speaks volumes about you as a person and your self esteem. Have a great Christmas.
  10. CGC White Pages/Centuring vs. Grade

    I picked up a copy of X-Men #96. There wasn't much difference in price between 9.0, 9.2 and 9.4... I opted for the 9.2 The 9.2 looked to be the cleanest of the bunch. Well centered with brilliant color and nice white pages and a nice clean slab with no scratches or cracks. Obviously it comes down to personal preference. It got me thinking...? What other CGC enthusiasts look for when buying slabbed comics.?
  11. Hello, I'm curious as to what most of you would prefer when buying CGC certified comics... Lets say for fun you were buying a copy of 1963 X-Men #4... Would you prefer an 8.5 off centered with off white/cream pages or an 8.0 with perfect centering and white pages? I know what I'd take... Curious as to what the masses would prefer?
  12. Collections Keys vs. Sets

    Hello, I'm curious to see what most of you collect.? Do you guys collect key issues or do you collect full sets of comics? Perhaps both? I collect both. I do however have a lot of friends who just collect single CGC graded books. There collections consist graded key and first appearance issues and rare variants.
  13. Wolverine Limited Series #1

    Came by this topic and thought I'd reply. Of course this is a a key. . It may just be Wolverine's most popular adventure to date. The cover to #1 isn't just one of the most iconic Wolverine covers ever. It's one of the most popular images of Wolverine period. It's been reproduced and paid homage by numerous artists over the years. Just as recent as a couple months ago as you can see from the images I've included. Lets not forget it's also the first "ever" Wolverine solo comic.