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  1. Just a Suggestion (just trying to help and I used to Keep one at Work It helped me a Ton and While it may not be CGC exactly it is pretty close)
  2. Odin I think it isn't poorly Graded. 4.5 is not Poor for a Book from 1942 There is a 3/4 Inch Triangle Piece Missing on Bottom Right Front Cover...However It is an Exceptional 4.5 Beautiful book GLWTS!!!
  3. Most Heart wrenching panel in Comics. GLWTS Nice Book
  4. Jaydee

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    I think all of TOD's and Undervalued and Cates bump or Not..pick them upwith Morbius movie coming out might spell for a TOD reboot or MCU Marvel TV series. I for one Loved the Original Run and Consider that and Frankenstein Monster some of the Best Books Art and Writing,) from I know Cates is Great, but Tall order is Wolfman and Conways Masterpieces. Honestly I look forward to it.
  5. Jaydee

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    If I sell Moderns that are "Heating up" or "hot" based upon Sales on sites or speculation sites to fuel my Golden and silver age Addiction.....Good for me and them. They get the first Rescue or Riri or whatever graded a 9.8 and I Flip that to a Schomburg or Wood or Elias or Everett....It is their money. Spec Sites help the industry as a whole...I for one Like all participation.
  6. Jaydee

    GG feedback

    Purchased 2 PCH books, Safley Shipped from the UK to Nebraska in great Fasion. Looking to Do Further Business with a New friend from across the Pond
  7. When Gamers Turn too. It was a Hot Mess... 45 Minutes was irrelevant. Rian Johnson will never get a Decent -script again and doesn't deserve one.