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  1. The Book has Gained Some Steam recently due to Oblivion.. Could be fluff
  2. Jaydee

    Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Call me Crazy but I like this one a Bit More Zoomed in Secret Wars
  3. Books 101-104 Dark Reign: The Hood: 2, 3, 4, 5 Please sir no Burn the Marko Covers
  4. Jaydee

    Stan Lee RIP

    Excelsior my Friend
  5. Jaydee

    Fake CGC Books

    This may win the internet for today. BTW Date Stamps arent defects unless it has the wrong date, Finger printsare someones dirty grubby hands on a book. Now Please Continue Rant..
  6. Jaydee


    Incestually! Pun Intended
  7. Jaydee


    Sounds like you have a few of my Ex GFs coming up Rick. I may have to pass