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  1. GET READY FOR PULPS.. Tune in Tonight for the WEIRD TALES of an AMAZING STORY 10PM ET 7PM PT Comic Corps YouTube
  2. Hello all, I am a long time collector and Host of Golden Guys. As a Huge Pulp fan of Lovecraft, Williamson, Bradbury, Saunders, Brundedge and Finley. A shop owner called and said..do you know about these. Well Tommorow night on YouTube Comic Corps I will be Debuting the first part of the Collection.
  3. Normal Rules Apply Shipping is 50.00 Includes Insurance Split No HoS or PoS Fast Payment Preferred in PM Offers. $3800 CGC 5.5
  4. Great Transaction, He purchased a very nice book, paid promptly and was understanding of the deep freeze in the Midwest of 2021. Pleasure to do business with. I look forward to more!
  5. Absolutely Perfect transaction. Mike was patient with the Deep Freeze in the Midwest. He pays promptly and a pleasure to do business with. TOP KNOTCH!
  6. BTW Because Someone Asked I will Share $2000 for all Shipped
  7. This is an Avengers 6 5.0 $300 1st Baron Zemo and a Paste Pot Pete appearance (he saves the day...seriously)
  8. Avengers 5 CGC 5.5 (my Favorite Grade BTW) $250
  9. Avengers 4 CGC 4.0 Restored..$800 hmmm The Small amount of color touched was missed by the original owner, myself and the professional Presser. He was willing to fight but my deal was, It is was it is.