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  1. 4mm Mylar in 2012 and whiskey i am sure. I was hoping for a 3.0 . I never noticed a peace reattached and I have had it since 2007
  2. Hey Everyone, Doing a SA CGC Graded Sales thread for a Bit will be adding some as we Go Along Usual Rules Apply No HOS or POS US Priority Shipping Only is Free For my Tim Horton loving Canadians it will be at the Cost First Trumps any PM deals or discussions Offers are accepted I hope everyone is doing well, Staying Safe and of course enjoying Comics So Come on in and Lets take a look
  3. Man I read everything it was like a one of those tear jerker movies, the relationship was great things were going to well then it started to turn. This is like a Lifetime movie. You should be able to work this out.
  4. Pulps are spredding faster than the COViD...I dig it. Show me some Startling Stories