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  1. GLWTS MY FRIEND!!! VERY VERY TRUSTED SELLER!!! Have Purchased and Sold to Greg a Few Times.. CLASS ACT!!!
  2. Own a few copies...THANKS for Remembering the Elephant Guy1!!!
  3. I love Korvac and yes he is a Good baddy in the COmics and like Thanos was not the most popular or well known of all the Villains before Avengers Post Credit. But GS Defenders 3 is along the lines of a Poor man's FF Annual 6. Still a Great Book but until it is assured don't be overpaying for a Speculation book that is Tough in High Grade....That being said, I have 2 Copies but 1 belongs in my Set (Finishing whole defenders Run). A Key in the Korvac Saga is the Avengers books that Transcend the One Character. I still think Kang, Annihilus, Galactus, Doom and Mephisto would be more in line as a Major Phase 4 Villain. HOWEVER being part of the Badoon (Baddy Skrulls) it may seem more in line for a Cap Marvel Villain so basically if you love SPEC this is a No Brainer (and a Good Story to boot)
  4. What has happened..It stinks like sex in here now....
  5. Picked up a GREAT Grail Slab, Awesome transaction. a Class Act
  6. Just had George Perez Sign my Creatures on Loose 34. 1st Marvel work
  7. Looking for a NM 98 CGC Graded 9.8 for a Charity. We will pay just giving it as a gift.