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  1. MultiSig Mike


    Megatron9223 is no longer a valid ID
  2. MultiSig Mike

    Statue Collections

    I would add something under Cavill to make it the same level or even higher.
  3. Detective Comics #1000 (1940's Bruce Timm variant) s/s Bruce Timm, Tom King, Joelle Jones, Dustin Nugyen, Paul Dini, Doug Moench, etc. - $175 x 1 - s/s
  4. Extended until Tuesday. GI Joe, Thundercats, Detective Comics
  5. Auctions end on Cyber Monday
  6. MultiSig Mike

    Stan Lee CGC SS and the Vultures (not the Spidey Villain)

    When Carrie Fisher got sick and then passed almost 2 years ago, her signed Star Wars photo variant comic book went from about $300 to $700+. It still hovers around that price today.
  7. Statues added too: Catwoman, Zatanna, WW, and Harley
  8. MultiSig Mike

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Moon Knight #1 1:75 Bill Sienkiewicz Variant (2014) - @$400+ for a raw. Signed and slabbed over $1K for a 9.8?! Been on the "rare" list for a while, but these prices seemed to have really skyrocketed lately.
  9. X-Force #16 signed by Clayton Crain Lone s/s on the census