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  1. Books for sale: Batman, Catwoman, Harley, GI Joe, Preacher, Tec
  2. Megatron9223 is no longer a valid ID
  3. I would add something under Cavill to make it the same level or even higher.
  4. Detective Comics #1000 (1940's Bruce Timm variant) s/s Bruce Timm, Tom King, Joelle Jones, Dustin Nugyen, Paul Dini, Doug Moench, etc. - $175 x 1 - s/s
  5. When Carrie Fisher got sick and then passed almost 2 years ago, her signed Star Wars photo variant comic book went from about $300 to $700+. It still hovers around that price today.
  6. Statues added too: Catwoman, Zatanna, WW, and Harley