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  1. Nice transaction! Crack it, put it in Mylar, and call it a VG-
  2. Of your examples, I'm all in on the pin-up. But then I'm a sucker for radar-sense DD images. All three are great, however.
  3. Unpublished art not disclosed in the title. Hypothetical example: "JRJR Daredevil". Click and find out it's a commission.
  4. What is “pre-graded”? Is that like pre-screened?
  5. I think they meant lower “q” qualified.
  6. Nah. Disappointed at the lack of humanity.
  7. Not so much as a thank you from the OP.
  8. I had high hopes of my youngest taking things over. He helped me with purchases, worked shows, memorized ASM guide prices from 1-300. Then he discovered girls.
  9. That ^ except I would use Iron Man instead of Thor
  10. But you bought 50 copies. Was it with the intent to give away?