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  1. 4.0-5.0, but in the end does it matter?
  2. The fix is: go to bottom left of page, click Theme, then choose larger font
  3. Smooth, easy sale transaction with Charlie. Great communication and quick payment. Would gladly transact again with him.
  4. I will humbly and graciously pass on the prize. Sorry for the delay. Great contest Andy and Shin!
  5. TOS #45 - $300 Shadow on back lower right is caused by my big, fat head
  6. Avengers #3 - $200 Stain visible. Some ink transfer from being stored w/out bag
  7. A few books tonight. Shipping is $5 CONUS. Rest of World at cost Paypal w/in 3 days please Returns ok w/in 10 days - buyer pays return ship. 1st in thread takes it. GI Combat 69 - Greytone cover - VG - $40 Avengers 3 - VG/FN (stain on inside cover and 1st wrap brings it down) - $200 Tales of Suspense 45 - 1st Pepper and Happy. FN+ (back cover has crease that is almost a tear but it is still together - otherwise this looks like a 7.0-8.0) - $300