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  1. And Iā€™d bring modern weaponry. The more important question is who would Superman and Cap fight after I was successful?
  2. Wild guess. He bought books from someone who shipped Media Mail; however, there was postage due because comic books are not allowed the Media Mail rate and he had to $39.45 in order to take possession of the package and said books. Further guess - he did not want nor request that they be shipped Media Mail.
  3. Star Wars ROM GI Joe Marvel Team-up Strange Tales (if you're using 110 as the 1) Hell, even Avengers. etc. On a relative basis, most of the Marvel titles are pretty much on par given the OPs premise.
  4. And it says No Restoration Guaranteed.
  5. It's the pessimist in me. I see as either: 1. Where is the good stuff? (even when good stuff has already been posted) as if the items posted aren't yet worthy for the popcorn poster; or 2. "This ought to be 'good' so I'm going to see what happens" because pricing or grading is way off or because the popcorn poster knows that the seller has violated some rule.
  6. Popcorn emoji in a sales thread drives me nuts. Several negative inferences can be drawn.
  7. Agree to disagree. Both books are stratospheric, so it's not likely that a buyer of one would be stretching any kind of budget. For someone that could afford either, they live in an "and" world not an "or".
  8. If you could afford one, you most likely could afford both.