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  1. I’m currently collecting pages of a title that had, like many others, various pencillers over the years, with the goal of collecting examples of as many of those pencillers as I feasibly can. In some cases, a big name artist only worked on one issue so examples are hard to find or very pricey. However, that artist may have pencilled the character I like but in a different title, for which pages go for much less. I see having the “lesser” piece more as a placeholder, but second guess having it at all. Just wondering what the OA guys think - are you ok with having the character by the artist but outside of the character’s title?
  2. If you drop the price, show the original price - otherwise I don’t believe you dropped the price and I don’t feel like I’m getting a deal. Rant over.
  3. Have trade material if that helps including Breyfogle, Andru, Giordano Batman/Tec pages.
  4. Grammar police here. You are = you’re To as a preposition = to (and not to end sentences) Too as an adverb = too sorry, you’re using too many words incorrectly to ignore.
  5. KPR will be setup and making deals. Selling my remaining inventory and personal collection. Full runs of Iron Man (TOS 40 on up), Thor (JIM 84 on up), DD 2 on up, Avengers 2 on up, X-Men, ASM, and Bats and Tecs. Keeping my 39, 83, and 1s ;). Also, tons of DC War including OOAW 83. Will have Original Art as well. Hope to see you there.
  6. Paying $300 for graded 8.0. $200 for raw.
  7. Triple once you add it up. That’s a lot of longs!
  8. Congrats on almost completing. I finished last year. The 18 was the hardest for me, and I’m impressed you have one in 9.6/9.8. The 5 should be a piece of cake 😄. There’s a 9.8 on eBay that is priced in the stratosphere.
  9. Looking for volume 1 panel pages by JRJR, Byrne and Infantino. Dont have to be an A level pages, but need DD to be prominent. Radar sense a plus! Thanks