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  1. So true! I have the original β€œSwamp Monster” story in my Weird Mysteries 5. But now I have a blown up reader copy in black and white to read and re read again!
  2. Such a great issue! Ralph Reece’s art on the Phantom of the Rock Era is so moody and stunning! I’ve searched for years trying to find any OA from that story to no avail! Also Sutton is right up there in quality with Hag of the Blood Basket!
  3. Correction noted! Funny, as I was typing the reply I was going to say Spanish artists but wasn’t really sure, so my brain decided on Latin American in stead of European.
  4. Vicente Segrelles on 7 and Prieto Muriana on 21. Skywald hired many lesser known (but still very talented) Latin American artists to do many of their covers and interior stories.
  5. Congrats! Which was the last one you needed?