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  1. Keep it till another one comes along you like better.
  2. Always liked this cover, very Lovecraftian! To the guy on the cover: Throw a wrench at those lights and break ‘em, screw the switch!
  3. I’m pretty sure I bought your raw extra/under copy from you a couple of years ago. Still one of my favorite board purchases! GLWTS on this one!
  4. BTW, Archie’s Mad House did have its fingers in the Horror bowl long before those 3 issues of Madhouse. Albeit in a humorous way...
  5. I could see the Suspense 8 doing that. Not that I have high hopes for this book reaching those heights but I’ve always thought of BBWT 111 to be the poor mans PCH alternative to Mask 2.
  6. You mean Madhouse? Only three issues of horror (continued/in between The Mad-House Glads or Archie’s Mad House) IIRC. 95, 96 & 97 with Gray Morrow covers. 95 is still my favorite!
  7. If you’re going by head count, the WM wins with 13!