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  1. Superiors are Superior - so post 'em!

    Maple leaf??!? I thought the logo was a Marijuana leaf and read "Superior Chronic"!
  2. Hero for Hire #1 Over valued?

    Also interesting to note that the title refrained from adding the word "Black". i.e. Black Panther, Black Goliath and Black Lightning.
  3. Show Us Your Atlas Books - Have A Cigar

    Love how the buildings and fence wrap around to frame in the werewolf on the Astonishing. You can just here the editor saying " I said vampire, not werewolf! Ah, let's just go with it!"
  4. Me too but I jealously don't care! The geek in me is loving it. But you are right, the average viewer probably only recognized Stan Lee while saying "who the heck is that guy?" About Jack Kirby!
  5. As they even mention in this episode, the magic couldn't have happened with Stan alone. But I totally agree Stan was the showman, mover and shaker that propelled Marvel into greatness. Kirby just didn't have that personality going for him. Doesn't make it right to cast him aside in the credit where credit is due department!
  6. Oh man, this could be so great if they don't screw it up! I would love for this to open the door for Werewolf by Night, a BETTER Man-Thing or a possible Legion of Monsters movie!
  7. I thought the best part of this episode was when Stan was asked why Jack Kirby left Marvel. His facial expression really changed and I didn't really buy his answer. Same thing when he then mentioned Steve Ditko. The old footage and the radio interview phone call between Stan and Jack made this well worth watching! 👍
  8. Infinite Bronze Horror Thread

    To be more clear, Jeffrey Catherine Jones was born male but underwent hormone replacement therapy. One of my favorite artists!
  9. Eerie Crime

    @lbcolefan NIce! I don't think I ever saw those first four CDNP issues!