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  1. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    As much as I like the No 1 with that colored pencil look, I love the 7 more! The whole gang gathered to read the Spooky book and throw in a big ol' rat just because! Sweet pickups!
  2. Archie comics

    Growing up, the Archie's were my older sisters comics while I had my DC horror books. We cross read our books eventually and besides the gags and puns (some of which are truly classic), there were some good heartwarming storylines in Archie. One I still remember was when Riverdale High was going to be closed down for some reason. Archie broke into the school at night and Mr. Weatherbee (who was still in the building) burst in ready to scold the intruder, only to find Archie crying at his desk over losing his beloved school. It's been probably 40 yrs since I've read that issue but it still sticks out in my mind!
  3. Archie comics

    What is the current theme in Archie comics today? You tube, Twitter, Facebook, social issues? I voted I don't read Archie because that's true now but late 60's and 70's Archie comics will be forever (Veronica) lodged in my head. I'm sure ol' Arch doesn't ride around in his jalopy anymore, that seems pretty sad...
  4. add this too please!
  5. This week in your Magazine collection.

    @ADAMANTIUM Great book! I personally think 8.0 is the perfect grade for sigs. Can't this just be sent right back for free reholdering?
  6. There's a bunch that are claimed that have not been marked as sold.
  7. Sorry, I took this one over a week ago. The Unexpected that is...
  8. Who's badder ? Conan or Tarzan ? Why ?

    I think part of the answer to this is that straight up jungle movies just don't cut it anymore with readers/audiences. 40 years ago the African jungle still held some mystique and captured the imagination. Sadly not so much today. To bring him back? Possibly send him to Pellucidar and team him up with David Innes. Take him to Mars or Venus with Carter or Carson. Get him more mythical or magical. My