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  1. Jayman

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Great books Mr. Ill! Nice centering on that MT5!
  2. Jayman

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Underrated shrunken head / atomic explosion cover!
  3. Jayman

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Great book! I'm not one for dialogue balloons on the cover but really like the discussion that's going on here!
  4. Jayman

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Somehow that book looks nicer in the slab with that green label!
  5. Jayman

    The Undead Thread: Pre-Code Horror

    False! There is no lousy copy of Menace. Every issue is Precode Gold!
  6. Jayman

    The Undead Thread: Pre-Code Horror

    Don't give up hope! I felt the same way about this book until recently a copy popped up at the right grade and price!
  7. Police getting shot in the face!
  8. Yes, thank you for posting this!
  9. Not minded by me. Very disturbing!
  10. Jayman

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Yeah, it's hard to stay focused. I snagged this issue only because I saw you posted a comment that the cover story would scare Dracula himself. So of course when Bunky listed it FS, I had to get it to read. It didn't dissapoint!