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  1. Going through my books and noticed this. Could this be a River City copy?
  2. A couple of my favorite AITU books...
  3. Horror in general has always been popular. Whether it’s movies, posters or comics there are always fans out there looking for more. Prices are high on almost all PCH books and if there are some posted for sale here that are not selling, I can think of only two reasons why. 1. A lot of average collectors are priced out (this includes me on certain books). And 2. They already have a copy. As Robotman said, a lot of collectors graduate to PCH after they see just how cool the books are. After collecting all my Bronze Age horror books I got interested in finding the original books the reprint stories came from in the BA Marvel horror books. Once I got a taste, I was hooked!
  4. Consensus is that this is a River City not noted on the label. Cross posted from the Norman Thread!
  5. Accurate description, fast to ship and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again!
  6. Yes to this and also Ditko’s ink washes! Blew my mind as a kid seeing this other side of Ditko’s talent away from Marvel! One story (I can’t remember the name) had awesome Ditko ink wash art with a man reliving a tale and you kept seeing a closeup of his face throughout The story. As the tale ends you see it is a big axe lodged into the man’s skull. Incredible artwork!
  7. NO TAPE! Tuck those flaps inside! I do the same for mylars and mylites. I just cut the corners of the flaps at a 45 degree with scissors for those... I’m probably going on a good 20-25 years not using tape😊
  8. Thank you for the examples! My copy definitely seems to fall in line with the ones you’ve posted. The RC ped markings are hard to recognize (for me), as this is a cracked out River City (says on the CGC Label) but looks just like a squiggly line to me. And then I think I’ve seen slabbed copies with no marks at all!
  9. The Terror Beyond Time! is a great story with art by Neal Adams in Creepy 15. (Another cover story! )
  10. Many thanks for pointing this Ped out to me! I think I will resubmit and would never expect any payment no matter what result!
  11. Well they obviously didn’t think so the first time. I’m not familiar with all the telll tale signs of the Ped. myself.
  12. Don’t know. I purchased it slabbed. Any opinions here? Maybe @adamstrange would know?
  13. Love the fact that the King Kong ad is on the back of this issue!