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  1. I'll take I'm intrigued! Prize #51: So I'm going to do something a little different, hopefully it's okay. Even more than comics, I collect novels, mostly mystery and thriller and many of them signed. And since even after a bit over year on the boards, CGC grading remains a thrilling mystery to me, I offer up the following (shipped US or Canada on me, or I will split shipping wherever Fedex delivers - this is going to be pretty heavy): - donated by Bkd Reader Matchup: Great mystery/thriller collaboration book where authors team up their main characters for adventures - Signed by CJ Box, Nelson Demille, Christopher Rice, Michael Kortya, Steve Berry, Lee Child and a few others. Volks Game - Soviet noir spy mystery by Brent Ghelfi. It's pretty dark and one of my favorites in the genre - Out of print with a hard to get signature. The Last Oracle by James Rollins - One of my favorite books by Rollins, an all time great in the genre and a personal favorite. Explore the temple of Delphi. Signed including a little doodle he did. Deadpool 1000 - CGC SS 9.0 - Fun comic with a great noir mystery cover by Dave Johnson. Signed by Dave Johnson.
  2. I thought the movie was amazing. Very similar in tone to Taxi Driver. Phoenix deserves the Oscar, without question!
  3. I would think it would hold a small premium over any other sketch done by a creator just because more people could identify the classic cover. But it would not be in the same ballpark as the original art.
  4. That is the only way to get really good at something really fast! #IfYouFrenchFryInsteadOfPizzaYoureGonnaHaveABadTime
  5. This behavior is the other side of the same coin when it comes to shilling. Shilling is done to inflate the value of a product so that the seller receives more than the product is worth. What you have done is sought to depress the value by making the seller think the value of his product is lower than it actually is. Like I said before, it's unethical.
  6. My favorite was the law student’s complete lack of understanding of libel.