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  1. Red84

    Cap 1 vs MF 73

    Cap 1 all day every day. It doesn’t hurt that it’s most patriotic cover of all time.
  2. The value is entirely what it can be melted down to. Manufactured limited edition collectibles are not collectible.
  3. Red84

    Lichtenstein's "Whaam!"

    Interesting discussion going on over here.
  4. I make artwork by cutting up bulk moderns and forming the pieces into a new image. (See below) I’m looking to buy 500 to 1,000 modern books with minimal duplicates from the years 2006 to the present. 2006 is approximately when the publishers switched from newsprint to magazine paper so if you have slightly older books with the magazine paper that is fine too. Im looking to pay $100 for 500 books or $200 for 1,000 books. I prefer DC and Marvel though some other publishers are ok. I actually prefer no bags or boards but it’s ok if they’re already bagged and boarded Based on weight I’m looking for a local sale purchase in Chicago Here’s what I will be using them for.
  5. Red84

    Chicago comic shop to be given away

    I just don't see any chance that 500 people apply. The whole thing seems sketchy to me.
  6. With Pennyworth taking place years before Batman they might as well have just created an original show. The only link to comics is the name. If Solo couldn't bring in an audience, Pennyworth sure won't.
  7. Red84

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    My comic art wall is growing.
  8. Red84


  9. For me, Tier A: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman (Everyone knows them) Tier B: Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman (Most of the general public has heard of them) Tier C: Atom, Hawkman, etc. (Only comic book people know them)
  10. Hi Everyone, I create artwork by breaking comic books down to their pieces to then recombine them into something new. Check out my website for prints and an assortment of other items. -Josh
  11. I would say that Season 2 was more consistently good but that Season 1 had higher high points.
  12. Hercules, Wolverine, and Venom make multiple appearances; but I genuinely don't know all of the characters.