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  1. With all the sequels already planned, its going to be pretty funny when Avatar 2 bombs. (And yes, "bombs" is relative, but in this case I expect it to make less than a billion worldwide. In the age of Marvel, there's no room for Avatar 2, 3, 4, ...)
  2. Right? Why they would send that email and then not make any announcements is beyond me.
  3. It’s literally just an opinion that you’re purchasing. From the CGC website.
  4. They probably should have done that before sending you an email saying that scratches and scuffs on new books were acceptable.
  5. Red84

    i give up

    I don't believe that there has ever been a case of CGC missing a counterfeit. They have missed restoration; though it is rare. There is a thread about a Journey into Mystery that went from purple to blue to purple or some variation of that. However, in the rare circumstance that restoration is missed I would expect that CGC would make it right through compensation (which I think they did in that situation) just as they would if a comic were damaged in their possession.
  6. Red84

    i give up

    A CGC grade is 2 things: (1) a subjective opinion (2) given at a moment in time. (1) As to the subjective nature of grading; that’s why CGC has multiple people examine each book. They know that opinions will differ and more eyes on a book reduce (but don’t eliminate) variance. (2) Comics are fragile and constantly in a state of deterioration. All books will eventually turn to dust. As others have said, they can fade in sunlight, get damaged from bumping against the edges of the case, detach from the staples if handled or stored improperly. That is why the grade is valid at the moment it’s graded and should be taken as advisory afterwards. Unless you seal it in carbonite that is just reality. CGC could not logically guaranty anything.
  7. Last but certainly not least! Special Edition Comics #1 CGC 4.5 Conserved Cream to Off-White Pages Conservation includes: tear seal to cover, cover cleaned, cover & centerfold reinforced, staples replaced $3800
  8. Captain Marvel Adventures 85 CGC 9.2 Off-White Pages Crowley Copy HIGHEST GRADED - 1 of only 2 graded a 9.2 by CGC $1200