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  1. I would suggest that it is inappropriate to discuss someone's mental health especially when that person is not permitted to respond.
  2. Dylan would have had adequate time to express his position if he had not gotten himself suspended for a separate issue.
  3. As one of the actual 11 No votes, I would like to change my vote to yes. What a tool. Who makes 40 shill accounts?!?
  4. I would have one my shills out the other shills to throw the scent off of the primary shill. just saying.
  5. I was wondering because based on the YouTube video I saw of Dylan being interviewed he was only 16 or 17 when he started posting.
  6. Nothing says contrition like showing off a sweet collection of valuable books!
  7. So much winning! Lack of self awareness is a magical thing.
  8. Happy to see the buyer and seller working towards a resolution.
  9. No it does not. What you have here is the equivalent of anticipatory breach. The buyer has stated his intention not to proceed and therefore there is no reason to wait the 30 days.