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  1. I cannot think of a single reason to send in a Jordan rookie card to CGC. PSA is #1 in the hobby.
  2. Large crowded indoor public gatherings are a MASSIVE mistake. I wouldn't go if they paid me.
  3. So a mediocre movie is going to have an hour and a half of extra footage added that was previously cut because it wasn't good enough. How can the four and a half hour version NOT be citizen kane?!?!
  4. You are taking my statements way too personally. I like signed cards. I'm just saying that I don't think CGC can do a signature series style service for sports cards profitably. If they can, good for them. If you want signed cards authenticated by CGC in person, good for you. I'm giving my opinion.
  5. Please read my entire sentence. "I THINK there is almost zero chance of an in-person signature series type of service for cards being profitable." Some people will want the service. I don't THINK there are enough people to make it profitable to CGC to create the service.
  6. Given the state of the sports card market, I THINK there is almost zero chance of an in-person signature series type of service for cards being profitable.
  7. They won't because card collectors neither know nor care about CGC. They know PSA which has been around for decades and they know Beckett which has provided price guides and now grading for cards for decades. I was buying Becket price guides before CGC existed. This new offering is tilting at windmills that will undoubtedly have little to no chance of being profitable. Good luck to them though.
  8. Comics and cards are not comparable for signature series. Comics can be signed by the cover artist, interior artist, writer, creator, actor or actress that portrays one of the characters. Comics have blanks where artists and draw original works of art. A card can be signed by the 1 and rarely 2 athletes on the card. That's it.
  9. There isn't a market, but if there is one, it is very very small. First, someone at a show who cared enough about having their in-person signature authenticated is going to have a ball, photo or jersey signed, not a card. Second, in person signed cards have little resale value. They are fun collectibles for the person who had them signed. Do some people submit signed cards to PSA for after the fact signature verification? Yes.And those cards are encapsulated stating the signature is verified. That makes sense for expensive signatures, it does not make sense for cheap signatures. There is a market for graded cards, but there is not for signature series cards.
  10. If you are talking about witnessed signatures, signed cards are not valuable enough to warrant the service. The signed cards that are valuable are the ones that are signed during production and are limited editions. Those signatures already have the authentication on the card. PSA does provide the equivalent of signature verification for authenticity. That goes along with their PSA/DNA business. There is no market for a signature series witness signed baseball card.
  11. It was likely magic or pokemon in the image. They have rounded corners.
  12. I remember when BGS first came out. I tried them as a kid because it was much easier to submit to them than PSA.