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  1. Weird Terror 7 CGC 5.5 Don Heck Cover. psycho burning someone in the furnace cover. Price $1500
  2. Batman 227 CGC 7.0 - Classic cover. I like to call it a poor man's tec 31. Price: $475
  3. Just a couple of books today. First in thread trumps all PM discussions. Payment by check or paypal. (Intl buyers need to use PP) Priority shipping in CONTUS included in price. I'll split the baby on international. Returns cool (at buyers expense) within 30 days after receipt. No Probies or HOS members.
  4. If at first you don’t succeed shill again, and again. I haven’t been following since last week but I guess eBay didn’t take that original down. Jeez not that anyone would buy it but come on pretend to care about shilling eBay.
  5. 100% agree, why should CGC employees get a day off, right? How dare they operate anything but a 24x7 sweat shop. The nerve. On another note, we really need a CGC troll of the year award.
  6. Block and report.
  7. Thanks for all the replies! Learned quite a bit from you all. Here's the books the seller currently has up as FYI. They are listed as unrestored but I was def suspect when I saw the tec.