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  1. Frontline Combat 7 CGC 9.8 Gaines File Copy Single Highest Graded (Iwo Jima issues) comes w/cert Price $4500
  2. First in thread wins. Payment via PayPal. Free shipping in CONTUS. Returns within 30 days of receipt. No probates or HOS.
  3. Some great GA CGC Books up for Auction up on the Bay.. Batman 23 7.0 Batman 55 7.0 Batman 73 4.5 Action Comics 101 7.0 Blue Bolt 116 8.5 Blue Bolt 110 8.0
  4. MustEatBrains

    Grading Mistake - I think...

    I see it’s only denoting the top BC was trimmed in the notes. Not sure I ever saw that before, wonder if it got a pass because the FC was not trimmed. Odd one for sure.
  5. MustEatBrains

    Grading Mistake - I think...

    Thanks for posting brother... Wonky as hell to say the least....
  6. Saw this currently up on the bay for sale. Not sure how this got a universal with the cover trimmed... Someone is going to make bank on it though in the blue holder...
  7. MustEatBrains

    Adverts in Old Comics

    This was one of my favorites - Kooba Cola, the drink that never was.... Vincent Fox put the advert in many of his titles in the 40s in the hopes that it would create enough buzz that a manufacturer would actually produce and he would just license the name to them.. Never happened...
  8. Here's a catch-all thread for this... Be very specific though on what you have and what you want to trade for.. It would help if you put in the title "For Trade"
  9. MustEatBrains

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    Is this our long lost Gabe??