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  1. Golden Age Goodies

    Don't worry, this thread was hijacked long ago...
  2. Please grade this Batman #69!

    Tough one for me, but I'll guess 3.0 - 3.5.
  3. Your Top 3 pick ups of 2017

    Never realized how difficult it would be to pick just 3. I suppose these are as good as any!
  4. What are your comic collecting goals for 2018 ?

    You sir, unlike me are a disciplined collector. I buy whatever catches my eye. Been trying to change my habits but it's been difficult. Maybe there's a 12 step for that . I am trying to focus on getting a full run of Four Favourites together. Been working on it the last couple of years and almost half way there.
  5. Golden Age group shot

    Cataloging some of my 2017 PCH pick-ups and took a couple pics.
  6. DR.X's Christmas Contest 2017 is almost here!!!

    Some things just can't be unseen Burt is just a piece of evolutionary history, when men were men, metrosexuals and manscaping wasn't in vogue. Cut the furry fella some slack.
  7. Amazing Fraud #15 ?

    I'm glad to see you are reading from the beginning. WTTB!
  8. This week in your collection?

    That sure is one purdy book. Congrats on the mega pick-up!
  9. what title/issue number is this?
  10. 2017 Official Holiday Raffle thread

    Here's my prize offering, free shipping worldwide. Planet Comics 23 (cover detached) 2.5 - 3.0
  11. Thanks RM.. Totally agree with your comment about picking up in any grade. @sagii interesting comment you made with respect to "holding up" the 8 rating. Surprisingly there is another 8, FF 20 I believe which I actually have seen quite a few come to market in the last year or so. Think there is a 5.0 voldy sitting on eBay with a fairly reasonable, IMO, BIN of $630 which has been sitting there for quite a while now.
  12. Hey fellow ACE fans! Here's another 2 I've added to the run. I'm extremely happy with both but the 26 I'm especially happy about. Gerber 8 with no photo available in the journal. Also the highest on the census and from the Berk Collection. (I think this one was originally an 8.5 and subsequently got bumped up to a 9.0.) I'm still a ways off from completing the run but slowly making progress towards this goal.
  13. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    That STT 11 and Underworld 7 are off the hook! Great books!
  14. Mistake

    Thank you for coming to the CGC confessional to confess your grave sin. What shall the penance be to absolve this lost soul of his transgressions?