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  1. MustEatBrains

    Official Prize Thread for the 2018 Green Eggs Grading Contest

    My pleasure. Happy birthday brother, enjoy!
  2. MustEatBrains

    Newton Ring Question

    That one is pretty bad.
  3. MustEatBrains

    True Life Secrets 23 CGC 9.4 WP

    Thanks! Definitely some hanky panky going on between those covers!
  4. MustEatBrains

    True Life Secrets 23 CGC 9.4 WP

    True Life Secrets 23 CGC 9.4 White Pages - Classic cover Price: $1300
  5. First in thread wins over any PM discussions. Paypal payment in 48 hrs unless agreed to other terms first. Free shipping CONTUS. Overseas shipping message me first. Returns ok up to 30 days after receipt. No one on any naughty lists please.
  6. MustEatBrains

    Polonsky Feedback Thread

    Bought a Captain America comics 20 from Lee. Great guy, easy to deal with, super packing job. Great experience all around. Would not hesitate(and hope) to conduct more transactions with him.
  7. I'll take captain obvious over captain d-bag any day. That distinct honor goes to you, since you've been posting since 2004 and all, and you just love to remind people of that fact. Wear your douchebaggery like a badge of honor!
  8. Nice to know there are still some OG scumbags like yourself making themselves feel good knocking other people. Keep up the good work.
  9. MustEatBrains

    This week in your collection?

    New Cap!
  10. I'd figure "complete" would at least include a copy of a bats 1. theres like a dozen comics there very far from complete.
  11. Is this it?
  12. MustEatBrains

    Official Prize Thread for the 2018 Green Eggs Grading Contest

    I'll take prize 78. Didn't even know we were picking today....
  13. MustEatBrains

    2018 Green Eggs Grading Contest -Final Round

    Must be. I thought it was a tear, and gave a 9.0. BIG Congrats to @Azkaban ! Great show as always @thirdgreenham and @sckao Thanks for the memories(and nightmares )
  14. MustEatBrains

    PGM: All-American Men of War #107

    I'm at like a 1.8 on this one. Maybe a 2.0 but I think too many cumulative defects.