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  1. #1 (black mature readers label) CGC 9.8 #2 both 1st and 2nd prints CGC 9.8 #33 2nd print CGC 9.8 #35 Error Printing CGC 9.8 Paying GPA. Thanks!
  2. I just stumbled on this thread. I sell a bit on eBay, I haven't done anything related to signing up for managed payments, and just sold an expensive book about a week ago, was paid and it went directly into my PP account as it has always done. I'm yet to be billed by eBay for the normal month end fee, but I certainly wasn't forced to change anything and haven't seen any disruption as a result...
  3. Much thanks brother! Appreciate it!
  4. Does anyone happen to know the exact dimensions of the tall CGC return boxes that they use for 10 or so books? Something is floating around in the mail and need this info. It looks similar to the one in this video. Thanks in advance.
  5. Joe picked up a couple of SA slabs in a recent thread I ran. Great communication, quick payment, everything went smooth. Wouldn't hesitate to do more business with this fine gent!
  6. David picked up an SA slab from one of my threads. Paid super quick, great communication, smooth as silk to deal with... Great boardie!
  7. David bought a CGC slab from me. Great communication, paid quickly, a real pleasure to deal with all around! Great boardie!
  8. And then there was one... Catman Comics 16 CGC 3.5 (conserved) $2500
  9. Recap of remaining books. Gonna close this out Saturday night. Feel free to shoot over an offer on anything.. Fight Comics 28 CGC 5.0 $1200 Superman 72 CGC 8.0 Mohawk Valley $1000 Flash Comics 7 CGC 4.0 $1000 Weird Fantasy 9 CGC 8.0 $500 Catman Comics 16 CGC 3.5 (conserved) $2500 ASM 12 CGC 6.5 $475
  10. That's gonna be it for this thread. Will send invoices out tonight/tomorrow. Thanks for looking all!