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  1. Going to be unloading some really nice books. 7 day auction. All ages mostly CGC with a couple of GA raw lots. Several key books and some rare HTF books. Here’s a link to the items (will start at 11pm est) A preview...
  2. That's what I do. I drink and I know things... Tyrion L
  3. Thanks. I wasn’t aware they hired him. I know some of the back story so assume HA does as well? Sad tale indeed....
  4. Thanks for the info, very helpful. It’s been a few days but will give a couple more prior to reaching out. Thanks!
  5. Just so we’re clear does the buyer have 2 weeks to return once purchase is made or after book is back in hand from CGC?
  6. So I just recently starting creating some sets and adding some of my CGC books. While doing so several came up as being part of someone else's registry, and that a notification will be sent. For the most part many have relinquished the book and it got added ok. There is one however that is still not moved over. I did not receive any sort of email or notification that the individual denied the transfer. Just curious as to how long the wait is for the book to be moved (thought only a few days if request was ignored) and whether or not I would be notified if the individual still claimed as part of his/her set and what the escalation process would be. Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  7. Another smooth big transaction with Rick. He brings the heat in his sales threads. Books arrived quick and packed well. Always a pleasure dealing with him.
  8. Surprisingly this is the first purchase I made from Sharon. Great communicator, incredible packing job, quick ship. Top shelf all around. Thank you Sha!
  9. Whoever used that book as a coaster should be shot.... or kneecapped...
  10. Sellers like it, buyers do not (hefty charges), especially if they win multiple items. They don't combine shipping and buyer pays full freight on each item won. Had a difficult situation with one international buyer who won multiple items.
  11. Top left and bottom left corners of FC are enough for me me to keep from a 9.8. Save your pesos.