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  1. Hi. This looks like John Byrne to me but its listed on ebay as John Romita Sr. and signed by him. I'm a huge Byrne fan and this looks like one of his classic poses. Any thoughts?
  2. Anyone know who owns this page from Werewolf by Night 32? Was sold in Comic Link auction maybe 2017 or 2018. I'd like to connect with the owner directly. Thanks! !
  3. Hi thanks yes I heard about that one but haven’t seen it yet. If the owner sees this, I’m hoping they contact me.
  4. Long shot I know. Still, if anyone has any pages or the cover from this issue or knows their whereabouts, please PM me. Thanks P
  5. Thanks vodou. I sincerely appreciate it man. I accepted the gracious invitation because it sounds like fun. I have a lot of respect for the hosts and the show and am honored to spend time with them. I’m happy to share some of my experiences with my fellow collectors. I’m a little nervous and expect some teasing and light jabs so hoping my collecting buds don’t hit me too hard
  6. Happy to share the original cover art to Ninja High School #1 by Ben Dunn!
  7. Interested in acquiring this piece. Please PM me if you have any leads thanks!
  8. My original comment was this: "are you sure thats not just a shrunken Conan head trying to say "CROM..." "
  9. I didn't know how to delete my comment and the prompt told me I had to put something there so I put a dot If just a dot has any meaning other than just being a dot I didn't mean it. James will know I wouldn't comment anything negative