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  1. Hi. Looking to acquire pieces from first appearance issues: ASM 194, Marvel Special Edition 15, Savage She Hulk 1 Marvel Premiere 15 Werewolf by Night 32 New Mutants 98 and any other first appearance pieces from key characters Not interested in random first appearances just key characters only Please PM me directly if you have any such pieces, Thanks!
  2. I will agree that cover is not my favorite image he’s drawn either. But in terms of number of ASM issues drawn, number of Spidey verse characters created, relevant stories (even if not part of what most of us read) i think he should be on the list. I also grew up in the 70s and am also a fan of every ASM artist since then with some more than others. But someday, this generation who grew up reading and looking and appreciating Ramos art will replace us after we’re gone. To each his own for sure but i guess if he’s excluded, should it be noted that there is a cutoff for this list w respect to the era from which the artist drew on ASM? Maybe it should read “Rank ASM artists pre 2000”
  3. Hi why is Humberto Ramos not on the list? He's drawn more issues of ASM than multiple artists on the list.
  4. Thanks! Cool page I saw it also, but I should have been more specific. I'm looking for a battle page. I should also change the title because I would be interested in any larsen spidey v venom battle page from ASM 331, 332, 333, 347.
  5. Looking for a Larsen Amazing Spider-Man vs venom pages from ASM 331 332 333 347. I would be interested in any pages or splashes w Spidey and Venom. Thanks, P Heres one that sold on Heritage a while back. P
  6. My top ASM title artists by some combo of volume of work + historical storylines + character creations + unique style imprint; 1) Ditko 2) Romita Sr. 3) McFarlane 4) Ramos 5) JRJR 6) Bagley side note: Happy to see Ramos present in others’ lists
  7. That's how I feel about Humberto Ramos art. I get that for collectors who grew up reading art in the 70-90s (as I did), the modern/current story lines or characters might not have any significance. I understand that Ramos' style of art is very different from the old school greats. I've had hundreds of pieces of great art pass through my hands from almost every main artist you could think of, but I've never sought after or held on to any other art as strongly as I do for Ramos art. To each their own I know... but I think at some point, older collectors who laugh at me now will figure out that for the last decade or so Ramos has been a major Spider-Man artist. And guys who grew up reading him (like we read kirby, perez, byrne, etc) who may someday become the next generation of OA collectors, will find out that the vast majority of Ramos Spider-Man pieces are owned by a VERY small handful of collectors.
  8. Bump. Hoping my fellow collectors can lend a helping hand I do the same when i can. For interiors, I'm especially looking for the ASM 648 splash w the Avengers or the "death" splash from ASM 700. For covers, anything w Spidey on it. Thanks in advance! P
  9. My Humberto Ramos grail! Full interconnected cover image ASM 797-801: Thanks P