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  1. Bump Will pay finders fee of $1k for any leads that end with me acquiring the page
  2. Looking to acquire this splash from ASM 700. Will pay a generous finders fee for any leads that result in a sale. Thanks
  3. Looking to acquire this splash. Any leads would be appreciated Will pay a finder's fee if any leads result in me picking up the piece. Amazing Spider-Man 648 splash by Humberto Ramos Thanks P
  4. Happy to add a new cover to our Humberto Ramos collection: Superior Spider-Man Team-Up 1 - cover
  5. Happy to add to our collection: Savage Wolverine 6 cover - Spider-Man, Elektra, and Wolverine by Humberto Ramos Thanks P
  6. New Mutants 100 - Liefeld Anyone know who owns this cover? Sold on Heritage in 2012 If you have any leads, please PM me Thanks
  7. Hi, Does anyone know the whereabouts of the Marvel Team-Up 141 cover? If you have any leads, please PM me. PS I already know about the prelim piece that is on the back of an Art Adams original that is on Mike Burkey's Romitaman site. Thanks!
  8. Vampirella splash now on ebay