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  1. That's how I feel about Humberto Ramos art. I get that for collectors who grew up reading art in the 70-90s (as I did), the modern/current story lines or characters might not have any significance. I understand that Ramos' style of art is very different from the old school greats. I've had hundreds of pieces of great art pass through my hands from almost every main artist you could think of, but I've never sought after or held on to any other art as strongly as I do for Ramos art. To each their own I know... but I think at some point, older collectors who laugh at me now will figure out that for the last decade or so Ramos has been a major Spider-Man artist. And guys who grew up reading him (like we read kirby, perez, byrne, etc) who may someday become the next generation of OA collectors, will find out that the vast majority of Ramos Spider-Man pieces are owned by a VERY small handful of collectors.
  2. Bump. Hoping my fellow collectors can lend a helping hand I do the same when i can. For interiors, I'm especially looking for the ASM 648 splash w the Avengers or the "death" splash from ASM 700. For covers, anything w Spidey on it. Thanks in advance! P
  3. My Humberto Ramos grail! Full interconnected cover image ASM 797-801: Thanks P
  4. My second cover post from the five cover Amazing Spider-Man 797-801 set by Humberto Ramos:
  5. One of five interlocking Amazing Spider-Man covers by Humberto Ramos: ASM 801
  6. Thanks Andy. I’ve been in touch w Joseph for several years now. I’m trying to connect with collectors who I haven’t made contact with before.
  7. PM me if you have any pieces for sale or trade or have any leads. thanks
  8. I like Tradd Moore also. Definitely a unique style. No arguments there. We all have our preferences. I guess I was thinking also in terms of artist impact/imprint not just artistic ability. Ramos has a huge body of work and has also been part of the creation of multiple characters and the artist on some big story arcs over recent years on ASM.
  9. I’m surprised I’m the only one who noted Humberto Ramos. He’s been the main artist on ASM for many years now and has had stints on multiple titles. He’s a major artist in today’s Marvel. I started reading comics in the 1970’s so I understand why my contemporaries gravitate to the bronze and copper art from books we read growing up. It’s natural. I still prefer art from those eras, but I appreciate more modern art and that it’s all still part of the same overall history. The appeal for me for newer art especially Ramos is that it’s NOT like what I grew up reading. And sometimes I wonder. When McFarlane emerged as a fan favorite in the 90s, were old school collectors at that time as critical of his style as some are with Ramos now? I think probably so. It’s all good though. I’m a true fan of his so I’m glad that I’m able to acquire pieces of his art without having to duke it out w too many competitors.
  10. John Byrne Spider-Man Chapter One Issue 2 variant/T-Shirt Has anyone seen this image published? Thanks P
  11. Thanks for all the pics you’ve shared!