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  1. Looking for the cover or interiors from Savage She-Hulk issue 1. If you have any of these or any leads, please PM me. Thanks! P
  2. I wonder what that DD 1 page will go for
  3. Hi All Interested in acquiring this piece from an unpublished Byrne What If Magneto Formed the X-Men book. I asked Jim Warden about it and he said he thinks he sold it 25+yrs ago but can't recall who he sold it to. If you own the piece, or have a lead on its whereabouts, please send me a PM. Thanks, P
  4. btw if one of you guys owns this first app piece (or know who does) can you please PM me? Thanks P
  5. along w Marvel first appearance pieces and Byrne art
  6. Sorry about that! I updated the link above
  7. Nope I still have it :). I just deactivated it and was planning to repost it at a different time but I keep getting sidetracked all day so haven't had a chance to put it back up. Will have it back up in a few.
  8. Happy New Year All! Happy to add this new first appearance piece to our collection. Marvel Team-Up 131 page - First appearance issue of White Rabbit Thanks, P
  9. Looking for this page or any others from Power Man and Iron Fist 58 that include El Aguila. Please PM me if you have any leads. Thanks!
  10. Looking for pages from MTU 121 and MTU 131 by Kerry Gammill. If you have any, please PM me. Thanks P