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  1. Sorry was strictly talking about just the bid price- not including BP. The amount the seller would get back would be close to the 43’paid for it at Hakes
  2. Conveniently bid to the price that it sold back at Hakes not long ago. 🧐
  3. Well I totally agree! Being involved in the hobby is being fiscally prudent. It’s a luxury to participate. If someone likes a piece that comes up for sale usually people try to sell something they are okay parting with. If you happen to win the piece before you can sell - then why not send in your piece for an advance ( assuming you are happy with what they evaluate your piece at)? Not everyone is sitting on a wad of cash - but maybe some art.
  4. I don’t get it. If I want something at an auction and don’t want to spend more money - what’s wrong with sending other pieces, getting an advance and paying for the new art? How is that fiscally imprudent? Selling something to buy something else? If that’s the case - being in any hobby is fiscally imprudent?
  5. Picked up this TMNT splash page from Raphael #1 - first appearance of Casey Jones. Thanks for looking! RB https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1538223
  6. So cool..thx for this! Strange how the stat is attached here but when it was auctioned at Heritage in the early 2000s it was gone. RB
  7. Hey All, i have this piece ending on ComicLink on Tuesday. I haven’t owned it for long but was in a collection for over a decade before I purchased it. Here is the link to bid and I am posting a larger image of the piece. It’s large and measures 19x12 Click to bid Thanks for looking! RB
  8. That’s very interesting Scott. Appreciate providing your insight since you specialize in inking. The page at ComicLink is from 1983 (older than your x-men pages) but no fading or color changes. You would think if no impact in almost 40 years you would be okay. But I get your remark on markers not being stable. Thxx RB
  9. Don’t think it was due to deadlines. This is what he said about using markers: That depends on the artist. It is true that markers -- especially fine point, which are best for the kind of inking we're discussing here -- don't have much "give" and cannot be depended upon to produce line weight variation "automatically", as a brush does, but in my own case I tend to sweep back and forth across the same line several times, when penciling or inking with markers, and this puts in the necessary variation -- with, I might add, a degree of control not possible with a brush. As always, it comes down to "your mileage may vary", but I think it is profoundly foolish for any professional to condemn the use of any tool based on his/her own experiences with that tool. The best advice is always "Find what works for you."
  10. Byrne talks about this on his forum and this is what he said: That depends on the marker used. Sharpies, for instance, are "permanent", meaning if one treats a piece drawn with a Sharpie with the proper respect -- not hanging it in direct sunlight, for instance -- it will last. I have a Neal Adams page from BRAVE AND BOLD that was drawn about 35 years ago, much of it with marker, and not a single line of it has faded or even reddened. So as long as you take care of it (like any other piece of art) you should be fine- his FF marker pages are no different than regular inked pages. It’s just we read marker we automatically think BAD. Not the case for Byrnes FF pages. RB
  11. Hey all, Offering this TMNT page for a limited time. Awesome battle page between Casey Jones and Raphael. This book was the first appearance of Casey Jones. It takes place right after issue #3 and before issue #4. Early TMNT pages are hard to find and especially ones that feature a prime characters first appearance. Thanks! RB
  12. Hey all, Was just posting this. Looking for a Jack Kirby Fantastic Four 2x up page. Please PM if you have one that you are willing to sell. Thanks RB
  13. Hey all. This might be a stupid question but I am looking for Mike Royers contact info. I have gone to his website and filled out the contact form multiple times but never got a response. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!! RB
  14. Yeah I wouldn’t have gone as far as saying that there would eventually be zero substantial lots.. but when you got from 1100 OA items to about 600. I think that is substantial. Heritage has been setting records in terms of dollars in auctions last year - I don’t see the trend continuing with this auction. Oh and hey - just saw an Avengers 1’page posted yesterday! That’s exciting ...😊
  15. My apologies! I did get it backwards... but the point being is his collection was massive and heritage was auctioning his stuff over like 3-4 auctions. So much material. Without that it would have been pretty dry last year.
  16. I think last year we saw at least 2 major collectors unload their art (Robert Ethan and The berk collection) If you take away those collections the pickings were slim last year. I think the market absorbed the material pretty well but without someone dumping a collection - the good stuff will only come up in smaller chunks.
  17. Congrats on the grail.. that’s an awesome piece.
  18. Some people messaged me asking me about this piece as it was for sale for a bit on a prominent dealers website. It didn’t look like this when it was for sale. The piece was fixed up by Robert Dennis and I thought I’d post the before and after picture. He did a great job and happy with it. -removed printer ink, reattached stat, lightened the page up a few tones. RB
  19. I agree with you 100%. Marvel did a good job of picking Chic Stone for all those early Kirby Pin Ups and Masterworks Pin Ups. They are all absolutely fabulous!
  20. Hey all.. happy New Year! I just added my first piece of the year. Incredible Hulk #393 Pin Up - by Herb Trimpe as he revisits Hulk #181 for the 2nd time in his career! Thanks for looking! https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1520846 RB
  21. Thanks! And the piece is a large twice up page. Silver age glory!
  22. Thanks and I agree! I mean he is her creator - can’t get better IMO
  23. Hello all and happy New Years! Thought I’d share this last piece I have added for the yea r. I really have loved the early Kirby Pinups and Masterwork Pinups. They don’t come up for sale often and when they do , they usually cost mini fortune. Thanks for looking and I wish everyone a safe and happy new year! https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1519692