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  1. .. thanks for providing your nonsense free of charge .. it’s definitely entertaining.
  2. Yup he sure is. And going far out there with no proof of anything. Just ramming is opinion down peoples throat and make fun of anyone who disagrees with him. What foolish behavior
  3. Great sleuthing skills.. you got me man.. you figured it all out 😮 🤷🏽‍♂️
  4. A different ID used that same sign-off a few years back..., and I'm glad you're getting your rest, but I hope you haven't broken Board rules by having two IDs That’s great someone else said “gnite” at the end of their message and you remembered this useless information.. And yeah needed the rest after reading all that nonsense. Appreciate you looking out for me - I’ll keep in mind not to have 2 IDs 😉 Oh and because you're my favorite Mitch-flipper (of Miller Sin City "grails"): ...just for you that’s a new one “ favorite Mitch-flipper of Sin City grails” - so you are also accusing me of being a flipper of sin city grails What other fantasies you got?
  5. I talked to Thibodeaux specifically about this piece - firstly - Eastman didn’t draw anything on this piece. Vodou has no clue what he’s talking about (making things up as usual). Secondly, Thibodeaux penciled the monster but Mikey is all Kirby. There is 0 reason for Thibodeaux to lie about this as no one is trying to hide that his health was ailing and there is 0 monetary gain. Did Thibodeaux help make it look cleaner when he inked it? Absolutely Gnite
  6. Lol still going at it weeks later eh?! You seriously can’t get over with someone not agreeing with you ? “Push around the pencil on a piece of paper and make marks” - Vodou‘s excellent display of facts - as usual hahah 😂 .. “Its not Jack and nothing Jack could do in 92 93 94” - still waiting for facts to back up your statements loll And you must be getting slow. Where did anyone saying he was drawing better in that other post? You said he couldn’t draw after 85- i proved you wrong and now your saying the conversation was about him drawing better later in life? Get a life dude
  7. LOL.. nice try on the deflection there bud. I thought he couldn’t trace or draw a straight line at this time? Signature is irrelevant when it shows clearly the man can draw - which was my point. But listen - everyone is entitled to their OPINION. But doesn’t mean you have to sit here and try to convince everyone that what you are saying is true and discredit everyone that doesn’t agree with you. Anyways, don’t have all day and night to go in circles on this. I see where you stand and you know where I stand. Wake me up when there are facts to support what you say. Gnite
  8. Since that was inked piece here is a PENCIL piece from 1987. Not sure what your definition is of not being able to trace or draw a straight line after mid 1980s. Your statements are completely false: https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=721944
  9. Nope I completely disagree with you on that statement. If you were actually there maybe your words would have weight. I’ll choose to believe the historian here. And here is one of his last pieces from the 90s just before he passed away. I talked to Mick and his experience with Jack so your statement above is complete fantasy. https://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=553202
  10. Signing your signature for hundreds of people and doing sketches is much different then signing your name once on one piece . And how am I saying he got much much better? And how did he go from worse to immaculate? These are line for line recreations - you think he couldn’t light box at that time? With his health declining his process changed and had assistants help him - is that so far fetched ? And yeah I’m sure people keeping quiet all this time to protect Sotheby’s from legal action () And not a mistake purchase - I just didn’t like Ayers inks on the piece. Or I would have kept my JIM piece. The piece is now in a well known Jack Kirby collectors collection now. Excellent for him. Your entitled to your opinion and you don’t like stuff from Jack after a certain period - then that’s cool. But you aren’t everyone.
  11. Agree with a lot of what you say here. Wonky to give pause but he put pencil to the page until his death. These pieces in question here aren’t sketch’s but line for line recreations. Is it really that hard to believe he could light box at that time? And had help on the stats? It’s not that unbelievable.
  12. Well Mark saying “no one ghosted for him” in front of hundreds of people at the comic con is far from airy fairy. Would anyone go in front of the same people and say they are fake but I don’t know who did them? Easy to type on a board where we are free to say anything we want with 0 repercussions.
  13. Not just dismissing advice on here. But I don’t think anyone is certain of anything on here. People are just echoing what Greg Theakston came out and wrote this in his book - that Jack didn’t do those and someone ghosted - but I can’t tell you WHO. Okay. To me - just seems like a great way to sell his book. Also, no “expert” on this board said anything before his statements (for about 18 years). And then all of a sudden they are fake because we all say so? I would say in this case that someone like Mark would have a better insight in Jacks final years and his process during this time.
  14. So discrediting Mark and accusing other beneficiaries in selling non kirby art as kirby art. I’d like to see proof of that accusation. Or did you forget to add the word “probably” in front of your statement ? Just like “Probably not even his signature”. Nice water cooler conversation to pass time but it’s nothing more than that. The enemy of truth is blind acceptance - Matthew Arnold
  15. Yep - I’ll believe Mark Evanier over anyone on this board 😊
  16. No one ghosted for Kirby. He had assistants that “helped” him out on commissions. As Mark Evanier said “that later on when he was ailing, Kirby had people who “helped him out a little on commissions — Jack actually had less assistants than anybody else who produced that much work — but nobody was ghosting for him.”
  17. These so called “experts” also have huge egos and they expect people believe their opinions likes facts. Opinions are opinions and opinions can be wrong.
  18. McFarlane and Capullo each worked on both pencils and inks I got the Spawn 26 cover straight from Greg. Not sure where they got that McFarlane worked pencils on the piece with Greg. This piece is like the others - Greg’s full pencils with McFarlane inks. I hope it didn’t go for 19k because of that reason.
  19. Yeah - wouldn’t buy any of those. None of them look like Jack Kirby pieces 🤔
  20. Happy where my 2001 Space Odyssey cover landed.. was a bit worried on the low tracking vs all the other kirby pieces
  21. What’s the funniest is that people post their opinions like it’s fact loll ..bunch of trolls IMO
  22. No you are missing the point dude. The whole reason this started is because someone said the SS wasn’t Kirby. Go back and read page 1 .. jeez
  23. That’s your opinion. Jack had it in his wall so he enjoyed seeing it. It’s his birthday and that’s why I posted it too. And here’s you are talking about ruby shoes - what a rude comment Mitch
  24. Have you read anything ? Mark Evanier confirmed he remembered Jack working on this exact piece. its you guys that are assuming I said it’s 100% jack.