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  1. wolviefrk

    WTT(B) 9.0 Marvel Spotlight 5 and 9.0 WWBN32

    I have a 9.2 but it is all cash at 2650 Let me know and i would hold till you can sell your copy if need be
  2. wolviefrk

    THE HULK #181 CLUB

    Still sitting on a few. the ugly 6.0 i traded for got left out of the pic
  3. wolviefrk

    THE HULK #181 CLUB

    Updated my group photo....i love this book
  4. wolviefrk

    Indrid_Cold's Feedback thread

    Hooked me up with X men 12 9.2 and X men 101 9.6. Packed like a champ and shipped in quick fashion
  5. I will take the avengers 4 please