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  1. I am just waiting to see one of these guys grand kids find that short box they tossed in a closet 40 years ago full of af15s and asm1s spread out and dropped on IG like a Kardashian selfie lmao
  2. Can not really tell from the pic......Does this one have the inner well or is this before the fix
  3. the cream page 9.0 he has up i sold to him last week for 5100. If i would have been aware of this i would have sold to someone else . FYI he has the cream page 9.0 up for auction and it is up to 6350 with 5 days to go https://www.ebay.com/itm/Incredible-Hulk-181-CGC-9-0-Marvel-1974-1st-Full-Wolverine-99-No-Reserve/192636032208?hash=item2cda0094d0:g:g0UAAOSwS9Bbf3Af
  4. A buddy of mine never turned in his tags when he cracked and pressed books
  5. I call x men 94 the Red headed step child to GSX1. the cover is not as interesting as GSX 1
  6. Every time i was offered a copy below gpa i took them. I guess i should be selling now ?
  7. I have a 9.2 but it is all cash at 2650 Let me know and i would hold till you can sell your copy if need be
  8. Still sitting on a few. the ugly 6.0 i traded for got left out of the pic
  9. Updated my group photo....i love this book